14 March 2013

Product Review: Bangstyle Volumizing Mousse

I have very long hair, which is also very thick. And regardless of what I seem to put in it, it seems to be flat, simply because it is so long and heavy. And to be honest and admit that I rarely use mousse or any other volumising products in it – but I still dreaming of a more voluminous hairstyle, here are my thoughts on the *Bangstyle Volumizing Mousse;

What They Say:
"This rich foam creates luxurious volume while leaving hair soft to the touch. Perfect when used as a "prep" for blow drying, this mousse maintains body and structure with a memory hold".

RRP: $26.95 – for stockist call Ozdare on 1800 104 204

What I Say:
I have to be honest and admit that I have never ever heard of Bangstyle before, so consequently I did a little research into the brand.

I discovered that the Bangstyle hair products comes from the streets of Los Angeles. This new range of independently produced artisan hair products has been developed by artists for stylists and trendsetters worldwide; providing inspiration for individuals to create their own unique look with a variety of specially formulated, no-nonsense products.

"The range was created by Bangstyle as a simple, high quality approach to easy, liveable hair". Unwilling to accept the status quo, the Bangstyle group presents a revolutionary take on styling tools and with the mantra "we promise to leave your hair better than we found it", how can you resist?
"If Bangstyle was in a vintage record store, it would be filed under 'indie-alternative'," says Bangstyle Founder and Creative Director Geoff Nelson.

From the streets of Los Angeles a group of like-minded independent artists came together to create a new community. Their common goal to share ideas and inspiration led to a global phenomenon where hundreds of thousands of artists and hair stylists interact weekly. Bangstyle’s huge success as THE hub where music, fashion, photography and hair converge makes it the fastest growing culture site in the world! There are currently over 40,000 salons and 200,000 stylists registered with Bangstyle.com and this it continues to grow every day.

How unique and exciting does that sound??

For more information, visit Bangstyle Online.

Now on to the actual Volumizing Mousse  - it comes in a tall grey-black can, which a purple logo, and it looks very simple, yet stylish and elegant.

On the back of the bottle it lists the ingredients as well as styling instructions in various languages: "So thick you’ll be tempted to eat it with a fork.. (uh-oh Lawyers are freaking out) FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY." I love that, such a refreshing chance to see a brand with a bit of humour!

The bottle also has a little print at the top of the bottle saying "no friggin' parabens" – which I really like, as the less chemicals we use, surely the better it is!
The Volumizing Mousse is foamy white, thick and creamy and has a floral fruity scent, which is very nice and pleasant, without being too overpowering.

It is very concentrated, so even in my long and thick hair, only a little is required. If too much is used, I found that it did make my hair a little stiff and sticky, so less is definitely more, which is a great thing, as it makes the can last longer!!

The bottle does actually not specify if it is best used in wet or dry hair, so I tried both, and both with the same good result. Sometimes when a product is designed for wet hair, and is used in dry hair, it results in the hairs sticking together, and becoming stiff and greasy looking, but that was far from the case.

After giving the can a good shake, it is easy to get just the amount of mousse you require, without wasting any product. I put a small amount of mousse into my hair, concentrating on the roots, I hair dry it and style it as per usual. Afterwards, my hair is smooth, shiny, and I can clearly see that it is more bouncy and has volume than normal. Not a lot of volume, but I also didn’t expect that with my very long and heavy hair.

The volumizing mousse is long-lasting and really great at keeping my hair in place, and taming all annoying those flyaways around my face, without leaving my hair feeling sticky or greasy.

I usually wash my hair every second day, and it usually (unless it has been extremely hot and humid) still looks good the second day without looking too greasy. But I did find that when I used the Volumizing Mousse that my hair looked a little greasier on the second day, although it was no more than a quick spray of dry shampoo couldn’t fix.

All in all, this is a great products, that really does add volume, but more importantly keeps my hair a little better under control and tames those annoying flyaways, all while still making it look healthy and shiny.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever heard of Bangstyle before? Which products do you use to add volume to your hair?



  1. Hahaha "no friggin parabens" made me laugh!

    1. Me too, I love it when brands have a bit of humour, such a refreshing change!

  2. Haha love the slogan on the can!


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