12 March 2013

Product Review: Cedel Dry Shampoo

Although I have to admit that I prefer washing my hair properly with shampoo and conditioner, I do admit that it is handy having a bottle of dry shampoo floating around. Just for those days where you just cannot get out of bed, or when you are suddenly in a hurry. Here are my thoughts on the *Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair;


What They Say:                                                                    
Cedel Dry Shampoo is a waterless shampoo that instantly refreshes dull, greasy and lifeless hair between washes. The special formulation removes dirt and excess oil leaving your hair looking, feeling and smelling fresh. Cedel Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots and adds lightness and volume. Specifically formulated for dark hair, the formula ensures that no white, powdery marks will be left on the hair.

RRP: $7.99 (70g) – Available from Priceline and Select Pharmacies.

What I Say:
I have really taken to the dry shampoos, as when using them, I only have to wash hair every second day, saving me some much needed time in the mornings or when I am in a hurry.

The Cedel Dry Shampoo claims to remove dirt and excel oil at the roots, while adding volume to the hair.

With the Celdel Dry Shampoo I really am able to skip a hair wash now and again. Just a quick shake of the bottle and a spray, leaving it to do its work for a few minutes before working through the dry shampoo with your hands. And afterwards your hair is notably cleaner looking and smelling, but sadly, as with all other dry shampoos, I also find that it makes my hair look a little matte and dull. And the results are lasting, as the oil from the roots of my hair is kept at bay all day.

The Dry Shampoo has a fresh floral scent, which is quite subtle, yet it does stay behind in the hair so you can tend to smell it all day, which I don’t mind – although other fans of the Cedel Dry Shampoo will know your ‘little secret’!

And being a formula specifically designed for dark hair, it does not leave a white powder residue on your hair.

In spite of claiming to also add volume to the hair, my hair is very long and heavy, so I must admit that I didn’t really notice if that was the case. But in saying that, I am not using the product for its shampooing effect, if I was wanting to add volume to my hair, I would use other products more specifically designed for that purpose.

The Cedel Dry Shampoo, which comes in a nice looking turquoise spray can, is easy to use, and it is very concentrated, so the can, in spite of not looking very big, will actually last you for quite some time.

All in all it is an efficient product, that does what it says, and it is such a time-saver when you are in a hurry, so convenient to always have at hand. And as an added bonus, Cedel is a Silver Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, donating part of each sale of the Dry Shampoo.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


Have you tried the Cedel Dry Shampoo? Do you use dry shampoo? Which one is your favourite?



  1. This sounds like a nice product!

    Kimberley x


    1. It is great, such a time-saver, and at a bargain price too!

  2. I am obsessed with dry shampoo, whilst there is nothing better than freshly washed and dried hair, this stuff is a lifesaver xx


    1. I agree, nothing will ever beat freshly washed hair!!


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