20 March 2013

Product Review: Lancome Baume in Love in Rose Macaron

A while ago I told you about the new Lancôme spring/summer2013 In Love collection fronted by the lovely Emma Watson. The collection intended for the European summer has a vibrant mix of spring inspired pastels including coral, violet, fuchsia and orange hues. A part of the collection is the Lancôme Baume in Love, here are my thoughts;

What They Say:

"Baume in Love is a limited edition in 4 neon translucent shades. This comfortable new texture enhances lips' natural beauty providing a "just bitten" look effect, perfect to suit all lip tones".

RRP: $36 – Available at Lancôme Counters

What I Say:
When I first saw the Lancôme Baume in Love in Rose Macaron, I was a little chocked. It was a neon pink lipstick. No way that I was ever going to wear that. But then I remembered that Lancôme described it as a translucent neon lip balm, so I figured that being translucent it surely couldn’t be too bad.

And as soon as I applied it to my lips I was in love. It is such a contemporary take on lip balm, since the element of surprise is the translucent neon bullet. It is so bright in the tube but does not translate that way on the lips, making it ideal for daily use. Lancôme claims that the Baume in Love is sheer and will give a ‘bitten lip effect’, but the colour payoff is very minimal. Even when applying several layers, you only get a little colour.

I like the fact that the formula of the Baume in Love is filler-free, as well as its high content of light oils delivers a very smooth, thin and gliding film on the lips that provides a comfortable, lightweight feeling, and adds shine to lips. The lip balm contains shea butter, which provides a naturally moisturising effect and leaves the lips feeling soft.

The sculpted metal packaging, which is nearly identical to the Rouge in Love lipsticks, clicks closed securely, so it’s safe to keep in your pocket or handbag, without risking that it will pop open.

The Baume in Love has no scent or flavour, which I actually really like. Sometimes I just feel too old for a flavoured and sweet scented lip stick!

In the end of the day, this is not a lipstick, it is a lip balm, and although it cost a fair bit more than a lot of the other slightly tinted lip balms currently on the market, this beautifully packaged lip balm is fantastic for those on hunt for the best luxurious tinted lip balm in bullet form for daily use.

The conditioning effect lasts throughout the day, while the shine lasts for about an hour before you will need to reapply. I also found that the lip balm worked perfectly on top of other lipsticks, giving them the nice moisturising effect and shine as well.

All in all, in spite of being so sheer and giving my lips so little colour, I really like this as a lip balm. It is great quality, and it moisturises my lips well, and leaves them feeling soft, hydrated and comfortable, while giving them a nice shine, which is still subtle.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this new Baume in Love from Lancôme? Keen on trying it? What is your favourite tinted lip balm?



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, it is such a lovely colour. And so not what I expected when I fist saw it.

  2. Oh wow, the colour has come out really nicely on your lips and looks really hydrating too. Looks like a nice balm but at that price I would opt for a less pricey alternative which still gives colour gloss and added skin benefits. Tammerly @ spoiltblog.com

    1. It is so lovely and feels so nice on the lips, but I agree, it is a little pricey - which does make it feel very luxe!

  3. I love it! I want to try the coral shade.

    Jodie x

    1. It is such a gorgeous lipstick, and well worth its price tag!


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