13 June 2017


With long coloured hair, I know the importance of using good quality hair care products, as I am immediately tell by the health of my hair if I don't. Keune is one of those brands that has been on my list to try for quite some time. My hair dresser has always used it, and I have always loved the feel and look of my hair after a visit, so unsure why I've never actually gotten around to trying any of the products at home… until a very special pack landed on my desk.. 

The Brilliant Color and Shine Color Care pack, is a haircare pack specifically designed to protect and enhance colour treated hair, so hence absolutely perfect for my hair.

The pack contains:

  • Color Care Shampoo, 250ml 
  • Color Care Conditioner, 200ml 
  • Brow Dry Spray, 200ml 
  • Brilliant Gloss Spray, 200ml 
  • Keune Cosmetic Bag 

The Keune Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner both contain Sunflower Seed Extract which protect the hair color, along with Sea Silk protein to conditions the hair leaving it silky and shiny. In addition, the products also have an LP300 color stabilizer to enhance the durability of the color, as well as they are enriched with Solamer UV protector to help prevent the hair from fading in the harsh sun.

The products are intended for daily use, and immediately leave the hair feeling clean, yet without drying it out or making it feel squeaky. My hair also immediately drinks up the conditioner, which is easy to rinse out, and leaves my hair feeling so silky soft, and looking healthy and shiny too. And while it is always difficult to tell the effect of such products, I spend a long time at the hair dresser, and not to mention a good amount of money to get it coloured, so I do love knowing that these products help keep my coloured hair vibrant and shiny for longer.

I also love the smell of these products, a gorgeous floral scent that lingers in my hair for long after my hair is dry.

I admit that I often, and due to time restraints, leave my hair to dry naturally - but when I do use the hair dryer, or any other heat styling tool for that matter, I do what ever I can to keep it from any thermal damage. And the Keune Blow Dry Spray is the perfect treatment to be used in damp hair before blow drying. This spray contains among others flexible styling polymers and silicone to help protect the hair from any dehydrating effects of heat styling, while also reducing the time it takes to dry the hair. And this amazing spray contain helps strengthen the hair, and leave it looking even healthier and shinier, and smooths down frizz for a more sleek and polished look, and all without making the hair feel stiff or weighing it down. It does have a slight alcohol-y scent when first sprayed onto the hair, but once that has evaporated, you're left with that same beautiful floral scent.

Finally, the pack also contains the Keune Brilliant Gloss Spray, which is like a hairspray, but which adds so much gloss to the hair, making it look so incredibly shiny and healthy, and as it is an oil-free formula, it doesn’t make the hair look greasy, unlike many other shine products. And all while helping to protect your locks from UV damage. The Gloss Spray is best used in dry hair, once you've finished styling it, for the final touch, and I like that it feel stiff. It also has a beautiful floral scent which you can only adore.

The products come packaged in a gorgeous marble printed cosmetic bag, which is super useful for both travelling and storing items.

Overall I am really enjoying these products from Keune, and I now fully understand why it is the haircare brand of choice for my hair dresser, and I also think that it is safe to say that I will definitely be looking to top up these products next time I have my hair coloured to ensure that the colour stays bright and vivid for as long as possible. The products are beautiful to use, make my hair feel and look so healthy, and as a bonus, they smell amazing too. And the Keune range is so huge, that there are so many more products now on my wish list to try, including leave-in treatments, hair masks, treatment oils and overnight products.

Keune Color Care Kit - RRP: $82
Available from select Hair Salons

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

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