21 June 2017


Today I'm going to share with you one of my newest discoveries, VonBlu lipsticks. VonBlu is an Australian brand, with all products designed, produced and tested (but not on animals!!) in Sydney. And what makes these lipsticks even better, is that they are 100% vegan friendly and made using only natural ingredients, free from all the nasty chemicals and synthetics, but still loaded with vitamin e to heel the lips soft and hydrated. 

I love how the name VonBlu originates from a military leader named Gebhard Leberecht Von Blücher, who was best known for the defeat of Emperor Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo in 1815, such a great touch. And this is even further accentuated as the 12 lipsticks in the range are all have Swedish names in homage to Blücher’s first service in the Swedish army. And while I don’t speak Swedish, being Danish, I do have some understanding or what these names mean..

Again, the VonBlu lipstick range consists of 12 gorgeous semi-matte lipsticks, and I put two of them to the test, the Flamma (which means Flame) and the Brasa (which means bonfire).

Flamma is a dark red shade, while Brasa is a brighter and more classic red shade - but both of these are so stunning they are very pigmented and you just need a single swipe for a full coverage of gorgeous semi-matte shade - and while many matte lipsticks often leave the lips feeling dry and uncomfortable, this is far from the case with these. They are so lovely wear, and makes the lips feel soft and smooth. The dark shade also means that they have a good wear, lasting well over 4+ hours, and even when they fade, they leave behind a lovely stain on the lips.

So I've really enjoyed using these lipsticks, as they are lovely to wear, and the colours are so beautiful too, regardless if you're going out, or just want to brighten up your face on a dull day.

I also really love the simple gunmetal grey packaging of these lipsticks. They come in a unique 'pop' tube that you click to open and 'pop out' which means they are more secure in the handbag. The simple white logo branding on the tube looks along with the unique triangle boxes the lipsticks come in looks fantastic, and do make them look very luxe too.
If you looking for a lipstick that is not only beautiful, but also natural and good for you, then you really should check out these VonBlu lipsticks

VonBlu Lipstick - RRP: $29 / 3.6g
Available from VonBlu and select stockists

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