28 June 2017


Today I have a very simple and basic, yet very cool toy to share with you - Flockmen. These cool little timber men are designed to encourage kids to be creative and imaginative, and they can grow with the child, as their abilities develop. 

When they are little, 2-3 years of age, and starting to develop their construction skills, these Flockmen are perfect. And my two year old is so into building towers as tall as possible at the moment, and these little men a cool way of helping him learn balancing and coordination skills, along with more precise hand and eye coordination and a more controlled body movement. At this young age, the Flockmen are also great for basic numeracy and learning to count.

As the kids get older, they start to build more complex construction projects, which my 4 year old is a clear testament to. If we had more Flockmen, He'd be sure to use them in one of his elaborate constructions. But at this age they are also fantastic to use for more advanced numeracy, and create various games, and of course role playing too.

But between them, my two boys have thought of countless other things they can do and games they can play with the Flockmen, such as;

  • Building towers of various shapes 
  • Domino game, lining them up in a row and see then all fall one after one 
  • Game of seeing who can use the most in a tower 
  • Counting and maths 
  • Coming up fun names for them all 
  • Using them as little people playing with various other toys they have

The Flockmen are made for Baltic Birch, so they are extremely durable, but as they are made from timber, it also means that the men may look slightly different due to the natural colouring of the wood, but personally I just find that more charming. Being made from timber also means that they are not only strong, but also very durable, being able to resist drops to the floor etc.

Their raw look also means that you can personalise them, but drawing on them, colouring them, or even making clothes for them, but personally I prefer their natural look. 

The Flockmen are 50mm wide, 70mm tall, 15mm thick, which also means that they are large enough, for it to be almost impossible to swallow, so they are also a safe toy for little ones. They also come in a gorgeous, reinforced natural linen drawstring bag, so it is easy to store them when not in use.

These Flockmen may look basic and perhaps a tad old-school compared to some of the new toys on the market today, but this very basic nature is what makes them so unique and what helps inspire kids and trigger their imagination for new and fun ways of playing with them, and all while learning new and important developmental skills.

Flockmen Baby Set - RRP: $39.99 / 16 pieces
Flockmen Preschool Set - RRP: $59.99 / 32 pieces
Flockmen Classroom Set - RRP: $149.99 / 100 pieces

Available from Flockmen with free shipping and 30 day returns

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