23 June 2017


Having two kids, we are forever trying to keep them entertained, and they are now starting to be at an age where they think family games are lots of fun. And lately we've all had so many giggles over the new Toilet Trouble.. 

I am not sure if it something about they yukky-ness with it being a toilet, or the mere fact that you get squirted with toilet water, but my two boys love this game so much, and I love hearing them laugh hysterically because they think it is so hilarious. 

This game is the perfect game for the whole family, and will literally make everyone laugh. The game is suitable for kids aged 5+, but our 4 year old absolutely loves it too, and have no issues playing and understanding the rules, and even our 2 year old loves it too, and you just need to be a minimum of two players to play.

Toilet Trouble is a suspense filled game, where the players take turn to place the toilet bowl immediately in front of them, open the toilet seat/lid, spin the toilet paper roll, and flush the toilet hoping they wont get squirted with water.

The rules are simple, so perfect for little kids too - and it simply says that the number that turns up on the toilet roll spinner dictates how many times each player must flush the toilet. And of course, the more times you need to flush, the bigger chances of getting sprayed. It's all about which flush will cause the gush…. and if you're sprayed with water, then you're out.

When you hear the flushing sound and no water squirted, then the player is safe, and the next player is up. And you simply continue to take turns spinning the toilet roll and flushing the toilet until the last player has not been sprayed, and that's how wins the game.

The game does need to be assembled before you can play, but it is quick and easy to do - the only thing is, that once the toilet is put together, it is a little tricky to be pulled apart (I didn't want to risk breaking it), and sadly it doesn't fit into the box once assembled. The actual toilet looks like a miniature version of an actual old-style toilet and the flushing sound is also very realistic. To make the flushing sound and spray, the toilet does require a coupe of batteries, but they are included with the game to get you started. You then put clean tap water into the toilet bowl up to the line, and then you can let all the toilet troubles begin..

So much fun, so highly recommended if you're after a different and fun game to play with the family.

Hasbro Toilet Trouble - RRP: $29
Available exclusively from Target

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