29 June 2017


I admit it, I love a good coffee, and I actually find it hard to wake up in the mornings and function properly without a strong dose of it - but when it is cold, I reach for teas, and one of the amazing brands that have recently come to my attention, is 90degrees Tea. 

90degrees Tea is an Australian brand, with all teas and herbals blended by hand locally, using organic ingredients where possible, and of course no added 'flavours' or preservatives.

The unique things about 90degrees Tea is also the way the teas have been blended, with minimal exposure to air throughout the whole process, to ensure the freshest tea of the highest quality.

All the teas come packaged in gorgeous matte black bags (and if you follow me, you'll know that I particularly love monochrome, including black and simplistic design), which are simply elegant and super stylish.

Even their special square metal canisters are matte black, and also have a stunning golden logo.

90degrees Tea has a large selection of blends, including classics such as Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea, though personally I prefer herbal, fruity or floral teas - but they are a part of the range too.

I put a couple of different teas to the test, including 'Hers', which contains among others, Organic raspberry leaf, Organic hibiscus, Organic calendula flowers, Organic rose petals, Safflowers and Wild yam root.

It is such a pretty tea, looking almost like pot pourri, (which you could almost use it as too, as even un-brewed, it still smells incredible) - and once brewed, it gives you a gorgeous red'ish floral tea, that is just gorgeous, and somewhat refreshing at the same time.

I didn't mention above, that I also love how 90degrees Tea also include, not only the ingredients, but also the brewing instructions on the back of the packets, including how much tea to use, how long to brew, and the ideal temperature.

I also love that 90degrees Teas are aware that picking a tea can be tricky, and consequently they also sell samples, and very cheap too at just $1.50 per single serving sample - and that's with free shipping - so you can test out a few before getting a bigger bag. 

I also tried a couple of samples, including a Chai, Smooth and Oasis. I always love a good chai, though do prefer them at café's, but think that's probably just because somehow a cuppa always tastes nice when someone has prepared for you, right!. But this one is gorgeous, and the perfect option for when you're at home, with all its herbs and spices. The Smooth is a very simple tea, containing just two ingredients, Organic Cinnamon Chips and Organic Peppermint Tea - and as Peppermint is one of my fave blends for mornings, this is a lovely spicy change. The Oasis contains Organic Himalayan Green Tea, Organic Rose Petals< organic Calendula Flowers and Corn Flowers, and is a beautiful green floral tea.

All in all these teas are really lovely, and truly of such high quality and with such lovely taste. I can't actually say which of these blends is my favourite - all I can say is that if you're a tea drinker, do go check these out, you'll absolutely love them!!

90 Degrees Tea Hers - RRP: $10.95 / 50g, $15.95 / 100g
90 Degrees Tea Samples, Single Serves - RRP: $1.50
90 Degrees Tea Storage Tin - RRP: $9.95 

Available from 90degrees Tea and select stockists

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