28 July 2014


It is seriously cold at the moment, a recorded 3 degrees in Melbourne yesterday. Brrrrrrr…. You wouldn’t think that I’ve grown up in Scandinavia which can have temperatures down to minus 10, or even minus 15 degrees some nights during winter. So really I should be kind of acclimatised, or feel like the current cold chill is like a heatwave, but sadly not so. I have never felt colder.

And how bad is this cold weather for your skin. My otherwise combination skin is definitely feeling it, and is a lot drier than it usually is.

And well, to help get your skin back on track and into optimum health, the lovely people at Thalgo has kindly sponsored FIVE Thalgo 'Allies against the Cold' Gentle Winter Kits each containing a Delicious Comfort Cream, (50ml), and a Melt-Away Mask Instant Comfort (50 ml tube), which has a combined value of $75 each.


The products contain powerful Shea Butter and Omega’s 3 & 6 to provide your skin with the essential elements to ensure your skin is soft, supple and free of dryness in no time. It is seriously divine, and smells so lovely too.

The Delicious Comfort Cream is a highly nourishing cream is enriched with moisturising and restructuring Shea Butter. A real treat for your skin, as the moisture boost instantly restores suppleness and comfort, leaving your skin soft and glowing.

The Melt-Away Mask Instant Comfort is enriched with Mango and Shea Butters that melt over your skin to offer it a truly nutritious immersion. Perfectly nourished, your skin regains its suppleness and softness. Sensations of tightness and discomfort are instantly eased away.


How great does that sound??

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Prize packs will be sent directly from Thalgo Australia, Thalgo or I will take no responsibility for damaged, lost or misdirected mail.

Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. horrid cracked lips and itchy skin,
    This is why I need to win,
    Fix my ailments with Thalgo,
    Make my skin flourish and glow!
    GFC - Narelle Rock

  2. Canberra is very cold and we tend to get a few seasons in one day, I need all the skin fighting protection I can get

  3. Winter chills leave my skin weathered and dry
    Gone is the smoothness on which i rely,
    But don't despair, can this be true?
    Thalgo will come to my rescue!
    With your butters and creams, my skin feels alive,
    No nasties can hurt me, my skin is revived!!! :)

    Cheryl Gibson - Facebook Name

  4. (Sung to Frozen's 'Let It Go' - I dare you to sing along !!)

    Let it go, let it go
    My dry skin needs Thalgo for my pores
    Let it go, let it go
    Chase away rough skin, restore
    Winter time is harsh, my skin's totally rough
    I need some loving care
    Thalgo could restore my glow, hip hip hooray.

    (bloglovin - bonnie-kate.....GFC - rm.newell)

  5. My Lips, face are dry, my hands are cracked, they looks like a tortoise on the back. This chilly weather is giving me the blues, my skin needs a Thalgo pamper to feel renewed, nourished and moisturized is what I need to restore my skin to optimum health you see. Follow on GFC Cathy Stone, Blog Lovin Cathy Stone, Facebook Cathy Stone

  6. I need some Thalgo goodness to rub away those flakes of dry skin on my face!

  7. I would love it for my skin as the cold wind and airconditioning dries my skin out. I need to keep ontop of the moisturising daily! I love products that actually do as they promise.
    Lea Anita Black F/B
    Anita Black GFC
    Lea Anita Black Bloglovin

  8. Melbourne weather has left me shivering and wrapping up half my face in scarves whenever I go out (even to check the mailbox!) It is really wreaking havoc on my skin and I would love this Thalgo goodie pack to cheer up my skin and lift my spirits!
    Michelle Vamvas (kookla123, MichVee)

  9. This would be awesome to rid myself of the dry scaly lizard looking things that used to be my legs.
    GFC- Joanne Kennedy FaceBook Jo Kennedy

  10. Thalgo promises results and I need results jessica ashbrooke .

  11. Winter tries to make my skin dry,
    I use the best products money can buy,
    nourishing my skin from within,
    with Thalgo my skin would surely win!

    Following on Bloglovin (username Ange33)
    Following on GFC (username Ange L)
    Following on Facebook (Ange Linhart)

  12. Bloglovin' user name: missysld
    Facebook user name: Sarah Dean
    With this freezing Winter my skin is so dry and flaky every time I try and smile, I swear I can hear my face cracking. Please help me Karina and Thalgo from looking like a miserable, peeling mess!

  13. My skin is extremely dry in winter. If I forget to apply moisturiser, it will be very tight like drumhead and tough like sandpaper. Even I don't wanna smile because my dry skin makes more wrinkles on my face. Please save my skin, because my baby loves kissing my face, which has soft and smooth skin.
    GFC/Facebook: Melissa Jones
    Bloglovin: melissajones5

  14. gfc nassep

    because it looks good

  15. I don’t mind winter, but my skin doesn’t like it.
    Dry and flaky, it needs a lot of extra TLC to keep with hydrated and soft.
    I could use some products that do this, and a Thalgo comfort cream and a mask will have me ready for Spring in no time.

    Following facebook/GFC – Jess J

  16. My skin in Winter is so dry,
    its so depressing I often cry.
    A product I have yet to find,
    thats moisturising and kind.
    Thalgo looks like a perfect blend
    to give me hydration, the perfect trend!!

  17. My skin is tight, a little dry, definitely from this cold winter weather.
    Some moisture and hydration is needed, to ensure my skin is rosy for spring next month

    Followed on facebook, GFC and Bloglovin as Ariane Bowie

  18. Thalgo will restore the moisture lost
    And help protect my face at all cost
    As air-con and cold winds leave their mark
    I trust in Thalgo to restore my spark <3

    FB - Juanita Torr
    GFC - Juanita Thorn
    Networked Blogs - Juanita Torr

  19. I wonder who the lucky winners were...

  20. Just found out I was one of the winners...thanks so much, I can't wait to try these lovely products! :)


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