30 July 2014


Do you remember when I a little while did a call out for road testers to test some beauty products on the Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter Blog?

Well, the Road Testers have spoken and the verdicts are in - here are what they all thought of the Salt Body Scrub with Rosehip and Shea; - and to make sure this post doesn't get too long, I've divided the reviews into to two parts, so make sure to check out part two as well..


What Premium Spa Says: 

Buff skin to a satin softness with the combined goodness of organic rosehip, shea butter, natural Australian sea salt & organic chamomile.

RRP: $14.95 (250ml) – Available from Priceline and Big W

What The Road Testers Say:

Thank you for sending me the Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub (Rosehip and Shea) for me to trial. The product comes in a generously sized, practical plastic tub with a safety seal. The scrub consists of salt and sugar crystals, plus a ton of skin-loving ingredients, including rosehip oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, soybean oil and chamomile. It is relatively chunky and grainy, and you can literally scoop out a lump of scrub with your fingers. I loved the fragrance - it smelt clean, slightly herbal and very refreshing.

I used it on damp skin all over my body, gently rubbing in circular motions and after rinsing, my skin instantly felt smoother and looked more rejuvenated. In addition, the essential oils left a light film on my skin which was very moisturising. No need for body lotion at all! After several uses, my overall skin texture improved and I had less ingrown hairs on my legs. I had no reactions to the product despite my sensitive and eczema-prone skin. 

 I thought that the size of the scrub was rather generous for $14.99, though I did notice I had to use a fair amount of the scrub each time to cover my whole body adequately. Another feature that impressed me was that the scrub consisted of completely biodegradable ingredients - fantastic for the environment. Overall, this is an excellent, easy-to-use, budget-priced scrub, however I would have loved to see a recycling symbol on the tub so that I would be able to put it into the recycling bin. Premium Spa's Salt Body Scrub is a welcome addition to my shower caddy - I am already eyeing off the 'Lemon Butter' variant - that's the next one on my hit list! I'd definitely recommend it!

- Jenny Chen



Thanks Premium Spa Australia and Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter for the trial.

This rosehip and shea salt body scrub came in a nice parcel, well packaged with care. The scrub comes in a plastic screw top container with a flat bottom to make it easy to store in the shower area. The only downside to the packaging was that I had to be a bit careful to make sure water didn’t get in the container.

You can smell the rosehip and shea scents and there is almost a soft peppermint scent as well. I quite like the scent. Consistency wise the scrub is normal, not too runny, but isn’t course on my skin either. It’s easy to apply and massage the scrub to my skin.

I have been using the scrub for a couple of weeks now. My skin feels really soft and smooth after I have used the scrub. My skin also feels a lot less dry, as there is a small amount of the oil residue left after washing the scrub off. I can really feel the benefits of the rosehip and shea working. I think longer terms this scrub will keep my skin exfoliated well and the oil will help with any dryness.

I think the price is good. I only need to use a small amount of the scrub each time so it should last me for a decent amount of time. I would purchase again, I looked on the website and there is also a lemon butter salt body scrub that I really want to try too. As I really enjoyed using this rosehip and shea salt body scrub, I will also be recommending it to my friends.

- Jess Jaymes


Thanks so much for including me on this trial team! I am so glad I have discovered this lovely brand.

This salt body scrub comes nicely packaged in a 250g tub with a screw on lid. It has an unusual and rich scent which is possibly a mix of the chamomile and sea salt. I find it to be a very appealing and pleasant fragrance.

I love the moist consistency of this body scrub; it makes it so easy to use and apply. I have used other body scrubs in the past that were too dry and I felt like I ended up dropping and wasting a lot of the product on the floor during the application process. It is a big bonus for me that this is not a concern with this product.

This body scrub effectively stimulates my skin and gives a really thorough exfoliation whilst still being kind and gentle on my skin. After using this body scrub my skin smells divine and feels so soft and smooth. My skin also feels deeply nourished and moisturised. It leaves my skin looking healthier, more radiant and refreshed.

This is a very affordable body scrub, this generously sized 250g tub retails for just $14.99. It is currently on sale at Priceline for just $11.19, making it even more of a bargain. I would happily recommend this product to my friends and family. I will certainly be purchasing this product in the near future, for myself of course, but also to give as a lovely pampering present to loved ones.

- Angela Linhart


Thanks so much to Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter blog (Karina) for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their first ever products trial team...I am honoured to be a part.

I was sent the Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub with Rosehip and Shea in a 250g tub. This looks like a great size but when you’re using the exfoliant on your entire body, it doesn’t last too long. I love how the product has the rosehip and the shea incorporated, as these ingredients have been proven fantastic for our skin, so many benefits, including moisturising and hydrating and protecting.

It’s packaged in a hard plastic tub with basic labelling. The scrub inside to look at looks really creamy and the particles look deceiving....they look quite small and harmless but once you feel them between your fingertips you realise how these little grains have some power in them.

I’m 44, with fair skin that now is sprouting a few little skin cancers and spots. I’ve always suffered with super-dry skin and flaky skin and find when I don’t exfoliate then I get a build-up of dead skin.

I worked out a strategy for using the scrub so it wouldn’t get water in it from the shower, I turned on the water and got it to the perfect temperature, then while outside of the shower, I opened the tub and grabbed a handful....then hopped in the shower, dampened myself and then applied the scrub as far as I could. I was pleasantly surprised by the scent...I wasn’t expecting one but there is one and it’s really pretty...not overpowering or sickening.

The first time I used this I used in conjunction with an exfoliating mitt....big mistake, I nearly rubbed my skin raw. I removed the mitt and continued with a washer...even this is quite harsh. I don’t suffer with sensitive skin as such but I did find this scrub quite abrasive, it does leave me looking red but my skin also feels amazingly smooth and soft, which I love.

I don’t use every time I shower as it is too much for my skin, so I use it every 2-3 showers....I probably only have one application left, so out of the tub I would’ve got around 7-8 applications, not bad for the price. With the rosehip and shea in the scrub, I found my skin wasn’t left stripped of its natural oils or left feeling tight and dry. And after the shower and moisturisation my skin looked and felt lovely.

I would definitely recommend this inexpensive body scrub....it does exactly what it’s supposed to. I love my soft skin now!

- Juanita Torr


Hello & Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to review this beautiful product.

On arrival of the product I was so pleased to see how generous the size of the container was!
For $14.99 for 250g I think it’s a great amount considering how well the product works.

The scent is perfect, It’s Rosehip, Shea butter, Chamomile extracts and geranium essential oils definitely give you that calming experience you can pay top $ for at a spa. Not too strong or overpowering but just enough to give you that spa experience at home that people who have a busy schedule don’t often have the time to experience.

It’s a rough texture when applied but that’s what I prefer when using a body scrub as I know it’s exfoliating my skin properly and leaving it smooth and fresh and giving me my desired result with the one product.

When using it you don’t need a huge amount to get the results either, which means a long lasting product so you are able to have the spa experience at home more often without having to race out and buy more after 2-3 goes at it like a lot of products previously used.

It leaves you feeling so soft and clean and your skin definitely shows that its been pampered as it has no rough spots or dry areas and appears very healthy and radiant as opposed to before use of the Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub, So taking into consideration after using it for the past week I've had these results with every use, Long term it will keep my skin healthy and refreshed- Lets face it, Who doesn’t want that!!!

I also let my mum try it out to see how it would work on a different type of skin and she was so pleased with the results she went and purchased her own tub. Being an older lady finding a product which makes her skin feel younger and smooth is a good find in her books.

In using this product there has been a vast improvement in the appearance of my skin and the feel of my skin which even hubby has noticed and commented on so I will definitely be purchasing again and its made it on my must haves list of essential body products - Truly magic in a jar!

Thank You So much again for letting me trial this amazing product!

 - Laura Irvin



  1. I really love using scrubs

    1. Me too, I love the feeling of so smooth skin after I've used it.

  2. Thanks again for including me on this trial team. I am so glad I have discovered this brand and their range of pampering body products!

    1. You are so welcome Angela, - and I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the scrub! The products are amazing and such great value for money, aren't they!

    2. Yes Karina, they sure are great value for money :)


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