11 July 2014


Have you been following my journey through HYPOXI? If not, I suggest you check it out here and here.

As most of you would know, I finished the ‘course of treatments’ just over a week ago, but a house move and not being able to connect to the internet has sadly delayed my final post with the final results a little…. But before I reveal, let me just quickly run you over what exactly HYPOXI is…


HYPOXI is a targeted body shaping program which works to increase blood circulation, accelerating fat metabolism and detoxifying the connective tissue especially targeting stomach, hips, legs and buttocks, - or in other words, those areas women are always complaining about.

You do the treatments in high tech looking workout machine, and due to a sore foot, and not wanting to put too much pressure on it, I’ve only been using the L-250 where you basically lie down pedalling, while your lower half to be enclosed in an airtight vacuum alternating pressure chamber during the exercise. In this chamber, the therapy is applied to stimulate circulation in the problem areas, in order to remove fat and toxins from the stimulated tissue. The result is slimmer legs and a more tuned buttock!

The L-250

And in spite of being quite unfit, not having done any exercise since before getting pregnant, and now only going for walks with the pram and the dogs, the 30 minute exercise is easy as, and while I do manage to work up a little sweat, it is in no way strenuous.

I did a total of 14 sessions, although 12 is the recommended minimum to achieve some results. I’ve been doing on average of three 30 minute sessions per week, and throughout the course you are measured and weighed to ensure you are on the right track.

In the tight scuba style skirt that creates the vacuum
effect when you're in the machine..

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am aware that I have not had a lot of weight to loose, getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight about 8 weeks after giving birth, and now back in my old clothes sizes 6-8, so consequently I have not been expecting to see huge results and loss of weight and centimetres. What I was hoping to see was a more toned buttocks area, something that years at the gym hasn’t managed to shift..

After the first three sessions, I had lost a total of 4.5 centimetres from my thighs, bum and stomach… Wow!! After sessions I’d lost a total of 10.5cm, and after 9 sessions I was down 12.5cm.

And how did I the final results look… well, they really seemed to accelerate in the final week, so while I did not lose any weight - but again didn’t really expect to, but actually I seemed to gain 400gms during the course - but as you know, muscle actually weighs more than fat, so it may just be that I've actually built up a bit more muscle tone too during the treatments (that's my excuse anyway, LOL!). And in spite of this small weight gain, I've actually lost a massive 20.5cms. WOW.


The breakdown of my final results are:

Weight:              +400gms
Waist:                -2.5cm
Stomach:           -4.0cm
Hips:                 -2.5cm
Bottom:             -3.5cm
Legs:                 -4.0cm
Relaxed leg:       -1.5cm
Contracted Leg: -2.0cm
Knee:                -0.5cm

Total centimeters lost: 20.5cm

I was quite happy with my body size and shape before starting the HYPOXI, knowing well that I shouldn’t complain having been so lucky to lose all my pregnancy weight, and without really trying or exercising to achieve it. But to lose 20.5cms of those dreaded areas in just over a month is just so much beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I can both see and feel the difference, and my clothes just sit so much nicer. And this result was achieved without making any major change to my diet, as I am fairly healthy as it is (apart from when the 3 o’clock cravings set in!), and I did not do any other exercise during the program apart for the usual short walks with the pram and the dogs.


 A course of 12 HYPOXI sessions is unfortunately a little expensive at $690, but when you see results like that, it proves that it really is an efficient and sure way of toning your body and finally once and for all shift those love handles and the saggy bum and floppy thighs.

And the owner Janna and the lovely Alicia at Berwick HYPOXI made the whole experience so much fun and enjoyable. I wish I could continue with these treatments for further results, but sadly my income as a stay-at-home mum (read lack of!), sadly means that it is a luxury that I cannot afford. But while my derriere is still tight, I say bring on summer so I can show off my new body in some skimpier clothes..

For more information, make sure to visit the HYPOXI website, where you can also book in for a free trial session…

*These HYPOXI sessions were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. 

What do you think of Hypoxi? Keen on trying?


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