12 July 2014


I am a giant perfume collector, and have way more than I can count. I love them, and do not believe in a signature scent. There are simply too many gorgeous fragrances out there to be explored, so I like to rotate my fragrances and wear a new one every day, depending on my mood, outfit, and of course the occasion. So I happily accepted when I was asked by FacialCo to trail the perfume, *Aura by Swarovski. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:

Inspired by the luminous vibrations of a perfect crystal diffracting light, Aura by Swarovski Eau De Parfum is an incandescent floral, fruity fragrance that beguiles and inspires. At the heart of the fragrance, a fusion of amber, benzoin and white musk blend together in a prism of energy, casting an undeniably sensual, mysterious, majestic glow of femininity about the wearer. The spray bottle is set with a pure, genuine Swarovski crystal, specially cut and faceted to represent the intense, luminous energy of the fragrance.

RRP: $72 (30ml), $120 (75ml) – Available from FacialCo

What I Say:

Before I start telling you about Aura, let me just introduce you to FacialCo Australian based that sells all the major high-end beauty products that you can think of – in fact, they stock more than 60 brands, and often with fantastic discounts of up to 40% Beauty Store Online – and if you happen to find the product cheaper somewhere else, well fret not, they also have a ‘Price Match Guarantee’ so they will match the price! And don’t despair if you are not living in Australia, as FacialCo ships internationally too!

The products are carefully packaged, and comes with a copy of the
newest FacialCo magazine full of great beauty tips!

Some of the other fantastic benefits from shopping with the FacialCo are that you have 30 Day to return the products if you change your mind, and they have a great rewards program where you can earn your way to Gold or Diamond status and many added extras. And then there’s the free samples you get with every order (check out below what I got!), and shipping is not only quick with same day dispatch, but it is also cheap with standard shipping for $5 flat rate or free for orders over $120, while Gold Members have free shipping with a minimum spend of $49, and Diamond Members always get free shipping.

The perfume along with the samples, as well as
sweets.. What a sweet thought!

Now on to the Aura by Swarovski perfume…

The perfume is made up from the high notes with shades of litchi fruit elements combined with floral notes of roses, while in the heart of the fragrance is pure white tuberose that emphasises femininity, and the base notes are made up from pink pepper, amber, benzoin and white musk, making it warm, woody, mysterious.

And thanks to the white tuberose and roses, it is fresh and fruity, yet with a hint of spice and warmth due to the pink pepper, amber and white musk.

The perfume has a quite good staying power, and although it does fade during the day, but still a nice scent lingers on the skin, and even in the end of the day, I’ve had comments on how nice I smell!


Not the biggest fans of musky and spicy fragrances, but I really like Aura, as I mainly pick up the fruity yet powdery scent from the rose and tuberose – and the freshness from the litchi. It is the perfect perfume for day time casual wear, as it is not too heavy and spicy like some musky fragrances can be.

The actual bottle is so stunning and elegant, and is made from a combination of glass and metal, in a cylindrical in shape and that has been topped with asymmetrical pure Swarovski crystal – it simply looks so luxurious. 

I also like the fact that the bottle is refillable, as obviously a lot of the cost is due to the bottle, and inside the box there are clear instructions on how to refill it. 

The perfume comes in a simple white and silver box, and it has a nice side opening, like a door, which on one hand I really like, as it make it easy to view and take out the perfume. However, on the other hand, the ‘door’ is only sealed shut with a tiny piece of ‘rubber glue’ which is already starting to lose its stickiness, so I can imagine that it will soon stay open all the time, and therefore quickly get bend – something that does concern me, as again, I have a lot of perfumes, and like to store them in their boxes, as it is easier, as well as I believe it preserves their lifetime, if they are kept in a cool and dark place.

What I Like: 

  • And nice floral fruity scent with a slightly spicy and musky undertone
  • Nice staying power
  • Stunning and luxurious looking bottle that would look so lovely on display on your dresser

What I Don’t Like:

  • How the box it comes in opens as it quickly loses it stickiness and the box will hereafter stay open
  • A little pricey for just 30ml, but again, I think some of the cost is due to the bottle and the Swarovski, so you can purchase a refill when the bottle is empty 

Overall a gorgeous perfume, that not only looks stunning, but smells great too, and has a good staying power. If you like floral and lightly musky scents, then I highly recommend that you check it out!

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this Aura fragrance from Swarovski? Do you believe in a signature scent or do you swap every day too? And ever heard of the FacialCo?



  1. Replies
    1. It is absolutely stunning, elegant and modern at the same time!

  2. I like to wear a signature scent and I always get excited when the perfume bottle runs out so I can go and buy a new one! I don't know if I would go for a refill bottle like this, while it's a good idea it's not the same as getting a new one :)

    1. I agree, although I do have several perfumes that I've repurchased several times because I've loved them so much, - and this may very well be one of them!


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