18 July 2014


I love perfumes. I am not one of those to believe that you have to have a signature scent, there are simply too many lovely fragrances available, and constantly launched, for me to be able to select just one. So I have a whole collection or them, so I can swap and change every day depending on my mood and the occasion. Or should I say a wardrobe of perfumes, as that is where they are stored. So I was naturally excited when I heard of the new Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Eau De Parfum*

Bright Crystal Absolu is being described by Donatella Versace as "the absolute of everything, intense, vibrant, sensual and glamorous. The packaging has the absolute elegance and luxury of the most vivid crystal. Most of all, Bright Crystal Absolu is absolutely Versace."

It is Absolute sensuality. Absolute transparency. Absolute brightness. An absolute temptation.

The essence of the well-known Bright Crystal is enhanced to the extreme. A fragrance made even more intoxicating by its enhanced olfactory concentrations and prolonged persistence. For a woman who entrusts her femininity to the timeless seductive power of Bright Crystal, in harmony with Versace glamour.

A fragrance with intensified character, becomes Absolu. The opening notes in the fragrance is made of vibrant Yuzu, and Pomegranate seeds making it fresh, and fruity. The heart notes contains Raspberry, Peony Magnolia and Lotus flowers, while the final notes are Amber, deep Acajou wood, bright and vibrant Musk.

The fragrance is fresh and fruity with a hint of sweetness from the raspberries, the instant you apply it, and shortly after it develops into a lovely fresh floral scent with a slight mushy and woody undertone.

I was lucky to be sent a small sample of the Bright Crystal Absolu, and let me tell you, it is absolutely divine. And while I am not personally a fan of too musky or woody fragrances, this one is so light on those notes, and rather the feminine fresh fruitiness shines through, just how I like my fragrances. It lasts all day without the need to re-spray, and comes in a stunning pink bottle with a large pink lid that resembles a large pink diamond. I will definitely be adding a full sized on to my wish list!

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Eau De Parfum will be available from 3rd August 2014 from Myer, David Jones and select speciality stores.

RRP: $80 (30ml), $100 (50ml), $140 (80ml)

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this new fragrance from Versace? Which type of fragrances do you prefer?



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