31 July 2014


And here are the second part of the Road Testers review of the Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub with Rosehip and Shea. If you missed part one, you can see it here. 

What Premium Spa Says:

Buff skin to a satin softness with the combined goodness of organic rosehip, shea butter, natural Australian sea salt & organic chamomile.

RRP: $14.95 (250ml) – Available from Priceline and Big W

What They Road Testers Say:

First thing I noticed on opening this product was a lack of fragrance. It has a Natural aroma, completely devoid of any overpowering, artificial and sometimes sickly scents found in body scrubs.

I used it while in the shower, applying it after my skin was totally moistened by the water.
Using a small amount at a time and working well onto the skin, concentrating on areas more in need of exfoliation, then rinsing off.

The combination of sea salt and sugar makes this a milder scrub than salt alone and I didn't have any stinging or irritated reddening of the skin. The granules were of a good size, not too large and abrasive, nor were they tiny and dissolving as I scrubbed.
The granules washed off effortlessly without sticking to the skin and although there is a warning on the packaging, I was pleased to find my shower recess not turning into a slip'n'slide after using!

I gently patted myself dry with a towel after and found my skin not needing to be moisturised as it's left with a nourishing residue of shea butter and rosehip and sweet almond oils.

After using this product 2-3 times a week, I've found my skin to be smoother and softer. The plastic tub is practical with a large easy open screw top lid and the labelling is clear and easy to read.

I love the natural ingredients in this product and pleased that it's free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycol, Sulphates, Detergents, Synthetic Filters, Polybeads as well as not tested on animals.

The $14.99 price for 250g is reasonable and affordable and I would purchase this product again (would like to try the lemon butter and frangipani & coconut too) as well as recommending it to friends and family.

- Karen Crotty


At the time that I was given the Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub to trial, I had a terrible cold, which had left without a sense of smell, so I couldn't smell the product (and to date, I still can't). However, my husband did comment on how nice the body scrub smells, "lovely without being too overpowering" is how he described it.

I have been using the body scrub, and must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I have noticed a difference in my skin, especially in the areas where I am prone to dryness, like my elbows, knees, arms, and legs.

The product has a really nice texture; to me it actually feels like snow! I love how it really promotes circulation underneath my skin. I massaged the scrub into my skin, and the salt-like granules exfoliate my skin, before melting away and leaving my skin hydrated, somewhat oily, yet not greasy at all.

There was no need to apply an extra moisturiser after showering, as I felt the body scrub was moisturising enough, and left my skin with a lovely glow.

I only applied a small amount of the product every time I showered, but it goes a long way, making it great value for money. I had little bumps on the outer parts of my top arm area, and they have all cleared away since using this product, so I am really pleased about that.

I believe that the product is very reasonably priced, and would happily recommend it to others, especially if your skin is prone to dryness as mine is. The packaging is good, easy to use, and easy to apply.

I would purchase this product to use again as I have been really happy with the results. Usually in winter, my skin becomes scaly and very dry, but this year, I haven't had that problem as I have been using the body scrub.

The only thing that I didn't like about the scrub was that it made my shower surface rather slippery, which could potentially be a danger, but it does mention this on the packaging so I was aware of it, but if someone wasn't aware that it can cause slipperiness then it could be hazardous to users.

That would be my only fault, as apart from that, the product for me was very, very good. Being Australian made and SLS & Paraben free were the icing on the cake for me!

- Michelle Vamvas



The lovely awaited package arrived and with excitement I was looking forward to tonight’s shower. Upon opening the jar I was surprised to see the contents were white in colour. For some reason, knowing it contained Shea Butter I was expecting a honey colour. It is easy and soft to scoop up with your fingers but I was surprised at the size of the large granules. My first thought ‘This will hurt’. But no, it left me with a gentle massaging effect.

The scent, well I’d describe it like a salty cucumber scent; marine like, not overbearing but very pleasant.

The scrub takes only 1-2 minutes to apply to your whole body. The granules wash off very easily leaving a very soft, shiny sensation to your skin. You can feel the moisture layer that it leaves on your skin. Upon drying with a towel your skin remains polished and moistened, leaving a lovely moisturised sensation, on your face also.

If I had a qualm it would be the colour of the scrub. Personally I would prefer a colour more relating to the ingredients contained – honey colour like shea butter or pale pink representing rosehip.

Also the fragrance, even though very appealing doesn’t seem to relate to the ingredients. A marine fragrance dominates, rather than rosehip or shea butter, that I expected it to be.

I would also find it beneficial to have instructions on the jar stating how often its usage is recommended. And for anyone who’s like me, I’m very conscious of soft products for the delicate face area, so it would be handy if it stated clearly if it is recommended for the face.

Overall, this product is a very nice product, certainly offering a very thorough, moisturising scrub for your body. I would recommend it to my friends and would be happy to pay around the $15 mark – but I would be even more keen to buy this product if the scent was more subtle.

- Rachel Kriss-Newell


The moment I opened the container, I know I would want to use this body scrub again and again, The smell of Shea Butter and Chamomile is so aromatic and relaxing. I love that it gives you this soothing feeling while in the shower and I just wished the smell was strong enough to last in your skin the whole day.

It feels like a normal salt scrub when you first touch it but once you scrub it in your skin, the magic starts to work. I was very surprised that it easily dissolves but it's like the skin automatically absorbs that natural goodness of this product. It's hard to explain how it really works, but, it's like scrubbing yourself clean while moisturising your skin at the same time. It doesn't lather but I'm perfectly okay with that as it's not your normal salt scrub where you feel like your scratching yourself. You do have to use a lot since it dissolves easily but your skin will definitely thank you for using a lot!

While still in the shower, you can easily feel the softness and smoothness of your skin. For me, the true test of any body scrub is after the shower. I must say I think this is the Holy Grail of body scrubs! My skin stayed soft and smooth all day long. In fact, I don't have to use a lotion after my shower! That's how good this product is! I usually have dry elbows and arms and can even get flaky if not moisturised properly. I have to use a good lotion or body oil every day if I don't want to end up with itchy skin and for me to experience all day skin softness is honestly a first! I have used this every other day since I received it, and every time, I didn't use a body oil and the results are still the same! I cannot be any happier!

Another reason to love this product is the affordability. This is only $14.99 and it comes in a good sized container that can last you for a long time. I was actually expecting this to be more expensive considering the quality but I'm very happy that anyone can easily afford it without breaking their budget! This is something I will definitely buy again and again and I've been telling my friends already about this wonder body scrub. This is the kind of product that definitely deserves to be praised and I hope that they'll be able to sustain the superb quality.

As much as I love this product, I do have a little bit of problem about this scrub and that is the packaging. The container is too big for our shower rack and I have to put it in the shower floor. The lid can be slippery to open and you have to make sure you put the lid back after every use to keep the water from going in the container or the scrub will harden or lose the correct consistency. Also, because it dissolves easily, I have to kneel down countless times to get a handful for every body part. My shower time more than doubled so I have to suggest that you use this if you have extra pamper time or during weekends to enjoy your spa experience. It will be nice if they will come up with a flip top bottle for this range as I really love it and will definitely be one of my body scrub favorites, if not already!


- Very affordable price for $14.99
- Calming and soothing smell
- Warning on the tub advising shower floor can be slippery
- Moisturises your skin while cleanses your body at the same time
- You can feel the smoothness of your skin right away
- Skin stays soft all day long
- No need for after shower lotion


- Lid can be slippery to open
- Will prefer if it's in a bottle than in a container

- Mia Howard - Smiling Filipina Blog




I have no idea how I ever lived without a body scrub before this! This product is simply divine, smells fantastic and leaves my skin feeling so nourished and smooth. It is quite coarse which is perfect for me especially in winter and I feel it ready does slough off all the dead skin - I used it on my feet too and it worked really nicely.

It leaves an oily film on your skin which I love as I don't feel the need to moisturise afterwards. The packaging is nice and sturdy, though the jar is prone to getting wet and when that happens, I just keep it near the heater or on a bench near the sun so it dries up again (it's important to keep the scrub dry or it'll dissolve away).

It's easy to just scoop out the amounts needed, I use about a 10c coin per arm, 20c coin on the torso + back, and 10c per leg, 5c on each foot. I predict the scrub should last 20 applications, I don't use it daily so it should last a nice 2 months.

The only thing I don't like is because it's so oily, it makes the bathtub slippery but a quick rinse down with water and body wash mixture fixes everything.

For the $14.99 price tag, I think it is worth it for the 250g tub as there are no nasties, just nourishing skin-loving ingredients. I have already purchased it as Priceline are currently having 25% off, I could not just sit there and let the opportunity slip by. My friends all know about it, some picked it up during the sale and my sister tried mine plus fell in love so there you go!

- Elizabeth Phan



  1. Oh this sounds really good and I love the affordable price point!

    1. They really are lovely, and so are the hand cream and the citrusy body wash.


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