7 July 2014


Today I’d to share with you my thoughts on the new *CC Cream from Mary Kay


What They Say:
"From instant brightening to protection against future damage to hours of hydration to diminishing the look of blemishes and redness, this silky formula leaves skin looking healthier, younger and more vibrant. Lightweight coverage for a natural, flawless-looking complexion. Easy, out-the-door option without that “made-up” look. Minimal shades cover a wide range of skin tones. Suitable for all skin types."

RRP: $38 (29ml) – Available from Mary Kay

What I Say:

I have only recently discovered Mary Kay, and have loved using among others the Bronzing Powder and Highlighting Powder, the Peach Satin Hands and the At Play Jelly Lip Glosses, and I was so impressed with these products that I was looking very forward to trialling the new CC Cream as well.

The Mary Kay CC Cream claims to deliver eight benefits in one step to leave skin with a flawless finish. These benefits include:
  • Protects the skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays with SPF15 to
  • Brightens and gives the skin radiance and correcting the look of skin discolorations and gives skin a more unified tone
  • Corrects with lightweight coverage that looks natural while smoothing away skin dullness and minimising the look of tired, fatigued skin, so the skin looks healthy and glowing
  • Minimises  the appearance of skin redness
  • Conceals the appearance of blemishes and helps fade the look of marks from past breakouts, while nourishing acne-prone skin and calms troubled skin, and concealing  dark circles and dark shadows
  • Hydrates the skin for 10 hours without feeling oily or greasy
  • Reduces visible signs of aging as fine lines appear less noticeable so skin looks younger, helps to minimise the appearance of pores while visibly improving skin’s texture. Doesn’t settle into fine lines and pores
  • Defends the skin from environmental stressors including skin-damaging free radicals with the included powerful antioxidants, including vitamin E and silymarin extract

All of that sounds pretty good to me. Anti-ageing properties, included SPF, and suitable for acne prone skin. Sounds like it is made for my skin!


So how did it perform..

The CC Cream is available in 3 different shades: Very Light, Light to Medium and Medium to Deep – and while I have a medium neutral skin tone, the Light to Medium shade is suited my skin well, while, as it gets paler during winter will mean that the Very Light shade will be perfect. In saying that, even when my skin is at its palest in the midst of winter, it is never that pale, so I could imagine that those with extremely pale skin might find it difficult to find a perfect match.

The CC Cream has a very light and thin formula and it is very easy to apply and blend giving you a very natural look with a nice radiant glow. It has a light to medium coverage, but it can be built up a little if wanted – and it does cover minor pigmentation and redness, while larger and darker areas do need the help of a concealer.

When used with a moisturiser first, it has a fairly good wear, although my face does get a little shiny by the afternoon and I feel like I need a touch up – but that is pretty standard with foundations on my skin. If used without a moisturiser first, it stays put even longer, and when used with a moisturiser and then a primer first, it stays put nicely all day. Either way, it doesn’t change colour and as promised, it doesn’t settle into the lines on my face.

After having used the CC Cream for several weeks I am still enjoying using it, and like how it makes my skin look healthy and radiant. That said, I am yet to notice any permanent changes in my skin from wearing the CC Cream.


The CC Cream comes in a tube with a pump, which I really like as it makes it so easy to use, and you can get just the amount of cream you need without any wastage.

What I Like:
  • It contains anti-ageing properties that cares for your skin while you wear it
  • Contains SPF15
  • Suitable for acne prone skin
  • Comes in a easy to use tube with a pump

What I Don’t Like:
  • Could have slightly better coverage to cover my pigmentation and marks from past acne
  • Limited colours available may make it difficult for those with lighter or darker skin tones to find a match

Overall I really enjoy using this CC Cream from Mary Kay, as it is so lightweight and it is so easy to get a naturally radiant and healthy and not too made-up look on those days were you are after a casual look. So yet again Mary Kay has managed to impress me with the quality of their products, so if you have not yet tried them, I highly recommend that you do!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from May Kay? Which ones are your favourites? Any recommendations? Do you use CC Creams?


  1. This does sound like it's worth a try - to be honest I don't notice any long term benefits with any CC creams!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    1. I really like these CC Creams - but as with any cream, it takes patience to see any permanent change, and generally I'm not that patient, LOL!


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