5 July 2013

Product Review: Hydra Oil

I have only just recently taken to body and face oils. Once I always thought that they would leave my skin feeling greasy, and sticky. Then I realised that was not the case. When I was asked to trial the *Hydra Oil by the lovely and talented makeup artist, Tammerly from Spoilt by Pink Diva, I naturally happily accepted. Here are my thoughts;


What They Say:
"Hydra-Oil is a body oil specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks."

RRP: $16.95 (60ml), $20.95 (125ml), $26.95 (200ml) – Available from Coles.

What I Say:
This formula contains antioxidants and essential oils that aid in evening out skin tone and nourishing mature and dehydrated skin.

Hydra-Oil is a new oil from South Africa that claims to diminish the appearance of both old and new scars. It also claims to help reduce the possibility of stretch marks during pregnancy or weight changes, and diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks. Finally it also claims to help even out skin tone and help smooth, moisturise and tone dry skin.

Very big claims, so I put them to the test. The Hydra-Oil is a body oil, which is dermatologically tested, preservative free and claims to be non-greasy and easily absorbed.

Being over 38 weeks pregnant, it was obvious to start using it on my tummy. So far I have not noticed any stretch marks, but I have also been vigorously applying other creams several times a day for the first many months.

Although not yet having any stretch marks, my tummy does get itchy a few times during the day, and that is when I find that applying a cream is helping soothe the skin, and stop me from scratching it to bits. I consequently started using the Hydra-Oil instead, and just a few drops warmed in the hands and then massaged onto the skin on my stomach, do help calm the itch very quickly. And in spite of it being an oil, it actually, surprisingly, does absorb into the skin rather quickly without making the skin feel or look greasy. So also no need to worry that any residue should transfer onto clothes and ruin it! While the Hydra-Oil does help with the itch, and also makes the skin feel soft and moisturised, as my stomach is obviously still growing, it is unfortunately too soon to tell if the oil is having any true effect on preventing stretchmarks.

I also tried to use the Hydra-Oil on my face as I have a bit of pigmentation, as well as I have some scarring from past acne. However, I very quickly realised that the oil was simply too greasy to use on my face, and it definitely didn’t work under makeup. It simply made my combination skin feel even oilier, and my makeup slide off my face not long after I put it on. And even used at night, I felt I woke the next morning with very greasy skin. Consequently I stopped using the Hydra-Oil on my face.

I did try to use it on my chest where I also have some pigmentation, and while the skin there is enjoying the rich oil, it is again, it again too soon to tell if it has made any difference.

I have also been using the Hydra-Oil on an old surgery scars, but again, I have not noticed any major difference. But this is also a very old scar, and in the end of the day I also doubt that any product can completely remove scars and stretch marks! But Hydra-Oil is also recommending using for a minimum of 3 months to see results, so it is a little too early for me to cast a final verdict.

Used on my dry summer legs after a shower, the oil does quickly absorb into the skin, and leaves it soft and subtle, and after just a few days of use it seems to restore the moisture balance in the skin.

The Hydra-Oil contains among others chamomile oil to soothe and calm the skin, lavender oil to help treat scars and fade stretch marks, rosemary toil to help remove dryness and tone the skin, calendula oil to repair dry and damaged skin and act as an anti-inflammatory. It also contains sunflower seed oil rich in fatty acids to help moisturise the skin, Vitamin A to help fight the signs of aging as well as Vitamin E to help soften appearance of scars and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The Hydra-Oil also has one essential ingredient called Tri Nano Oil, which is to act as a non-greasy emollient and helps with increased skin absorption.

Unfortunately, the Hydra-Oil also contains mineral oil – and it is actually ingredient listed on the packaging, which means that the majority of the Hydra-Oil is more than likely made up from mineral oil. Mineral oil is a common ingredient in many skincare products. It is produced as a by-product of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. And because it is a by-products it is inexpensive – in fact, it is said that it is more expensive to dispose of mineral oil, than to purchase it!

There are those who say that mineral oil is perfectly safe to use in skincare products, and others who claim that it acts as a ‘barricade’ on the skin, difficult to absorb and it clogs the pores, slowing the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. Either way, it would have been nice with the mineral oil had been listed further down the list ingredients, and the Hydra-Oil thereby had contained less of the mineral oil.

The Hydra-Oil comes in a clear plastic bottle with a screw lid, which once removed reveals a dropper inserted into the opening of the bottle, which makes it easy to get just the amount of oil needed without spilling it. I also like that the bottle is clear, so you can easily see how much product is left in the bottle.

The oil is very concentrated, and only a very little is needed, even when using it to moisturise the body. This also means that the large 200ml bottle will last a very long time, making good value for money.

All in all it is good oil for moisturising dry skin, but when it comes to preventing stretch marks, and minimising pigmentation and scars, unfortunately I have not seen any major improvements after using it for about a month.
*This product was kindly provided for trial by Spoilt by Pink Diva, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever heard of Hydra-Oil? Do you use any body oils? Do you have stretch marks, scars or pigmentation? What do you use to treat them with?



  1. I love Hydra Oil, I apply it before I go to bed because the essential oils are so relaxing and it's the only thing that stops my skin from itching, it gets so dry.

    You should try their Tissue Oil Sprays and Body Cream they are wonderful!!

    Jac x0x


    1. I am currently trialling the Tissue Oil Spray and the Body Cream, so I will be reviewing those shortly, so stay tuned..

  2. This looks like a dupe for Bio Oil xx


    1. You're right, even the packaging looks very similar!!!

  3. I love oils too, so the look of this product caught my eye, but it does sound disappointing, why oh why would they include mineral oil when there are so many other inexpensive base oils, such as sweet almond oil etc that could be used instead??? Great informative review, thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Mel!! Not sure about the mineral oil contents, but sadly I think it is pretty common for a lot of products!

  4. Thanks again for your lovely, thorough review xo


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