29 July 2013

My Beauty Book Haul..

I haven’t been spending much money on myself lately, it has been more fun buying things and clothes for our little boy. Things have settled and we have started going out, and even had a trip to the big shopping centre, Chadstone on our own, where he behaved really well.

But this last week and a bit I haven’t left the house. It’s been a horrible week to be honest...  

Last week we too our one of our beautiful Labradors to the vet as we found a lump on her foot. The vet was pretty sure that it was cancer, and the following day, Thursday, she went in for a biopsy, and then we had the long wait until Monday for the results. And with her front leg completely strapped in, I had to stay home to watch her to make sure that she didn’t attack the leg and undo the bandage and the stitches, which she had already done while she was waiting for us to pick her up at the vet, so they had to be re-done.

Monday we got the results, which confirmed that it was cancer, - stage two – so could have been a lot worse, but it could of course also have been a lot better. But at least it was good news as it meant that that they could remove the tumour, and didn’t have to amputate her leg. And the following day, Tuesday she went in for the surgery, we just wanted it done as soon as possible. She came home the same night, groggy and with the whole leg strapped in. But she has been so brave, and in spite of clearly being in pain, she has not once whined or whimpered.
Yesterday she has had all the bandages removed. We had hoped the stitches would go too, but unfortunately they are not being removed until next Sunday. So now with the leg and all the stitches exposed, we have to watch her like hawks to make sure she doesn’t start attacking or even licking the area on her leg too much. And she is such a clever dog, sometimes going up to the other end of the house where we can't see or hear her, just to lick at the leg, that clever little bugger!

But it also means that I best not leave the house for too long this week either, as I simply don’t trust her to leave her leg alone!!

Anyway, back to my haul…. Reading through the weekly junk mail I noticed that Aldi was selling Rae Morris and Napoleon Perdis beauty books last week. And at the bargain price of just $9.95 each! What a bargain… these books sell for least double that price on Amazon!

But what does a girl do when she has a newborn and is also forced to stay at home to care for her sick dog…..send hubby of course. So I asked him to get the two different Rae Morris books pictured in the catalogue – but knowing Aldi, and how quickly they sell out of these things – also because I knew hubby wouldn’t be able to make it to the store until the end of the day – I really didn’t expect to get any of the books at all!

But surprise, surprise – hubby came home from work that night, with not only the two different Rae Morries books, but also the one from Napoleon Perdis as he thought that I’d enjoy that one as well. What a sweetie!!
These are the books I got...

Napoleon Perdis - Forever Flawless

This book does promote the Napoleon Perdis products through some product photos, but regardless it is full of useful tips throughout, including how to do eye colour and contour, how to make thin lips appear larger, how to make large lips appear smaller, how to apply liquid liner,  how to apply foundation, blush and how to contour (see picture).
This is a great book, and I am happy that hubby got if for me as well. I will enjoy reading it. And really, at $9.95 it is not far from the same price as a monthly magazine such as Marie Claire or Vogue, and I will enjoy this book for much longer!!

Rae Morris - Makeup The Ultimate Guide
This book has some amazing pictures, and it shows among others step-by-step how to great a variety of looks from natural eyes, sultry eyes, smoky eyes, and Grecian Eyes (see picture), how to apply blush and contour.

And another thing I really like is that it shows the best makeup looks for the Over 40s…which is (sadly) also of huge relevance to me… So a fantastic book, that I will enjoy looking through again and again.

Rae Morris – Timeless Makeup

Like The Ultimate Guide, Timeless Makeup is full of beautiful pictures and it shows you how to create classic makeup looks though step-by-step guides. It also contains eye colour charts with the colours best suited to your eye colour (see picture), which I find very useful and fascinating.
And wearing glasses I really like the section on wearing glasses and make-up and which makeup you should wear and which glasses best suit the shape of your face. It also teaches how to apply eye makeup, contour, how to make your nose smaller or larger, and a range of makeup looks such as the Beach Babe Look (see picture). Another great book with a lot of useful tips.


What do you think of these books? Did you snap up any of them too? Or maybe you already have some of them? Do you have any other beauty books? Can you recommend any good beauty books worth buying??



  1. These books look great and its good to have a reference handy for when your trying out new make up looks, I always see things in magazines and think yes ill try that next time but then I can never remember how to do it! These books can be like your bibles and refer back to them when you need to :)

    1. I love they as reference books as well, unlike magazines that you don't tend to hang onto for that long! And I love all the how-to guides as well!

  2. Hmmmm...there's an Aldi in my town, but I never shop there. I might have to pop in there and see if they have any of these (I live in a pretty rural town, so the odds of them selling out quickly are pretty slim). I've been wanting to get a beauty book, but I'm always turned off by the high price tag.

    1. I agree, they usually are quite expensive. I went to another Aldi today, in a busy shopping centre, and they still had quite a few books left, so if you haven't been already, you might be lucky that your local store still has some left too..

  3. I really want the Rae Morris books ... I went to my local Aldi and they had none. Please let me know what areas you are from if you have seen some? Thanks

    1. Oh no, maybe try a store in a not so busy area.... I saw some in Aldi in Southland shopping centre late last week...maybe they still have some, and its near you?


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