22 July 2013

Product Review: Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion

Since giving birth to our beautiful son a month ago (I can’t believe our little boy is already one month old, you can see some pictures here!!), I have definitely realised that the days of spending as much time in the bathroom are over. But at the same time, I hate the thought of not caring for my skin and body, and that’s when multi-tasking products come in handy. Here are my thoughts on the *Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion for very dry skin.

What They Say:
"The Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving a nourishing and caring coating on the skin’s surface to give your skin the moisture it needs."

RRP: $7.99 – Available Mid-August from Priceline, select pharmacies and supermarkets

What I Say:

I love Nivea! I have grown up using their products, and they are always so efficient, and come at such a good price, so I am always very excited when I hear of new Nivea products being launched.
Even though I haven’t got particularly dry skin, I always use a body lotion when I’ve showered. Regardless of how moisturising a shower gel is. So I was very intrigued by this new In-Shower Rich Body Lotion from Nivea.

The instructions on the back of the bottle recommends first using your normal shower product and rinse that of. Hereafter you apply the in-shower body lotion while still in the shower and rinse it off, dry yourself and then get dressed.
The formula has been designed for wet skin to absorb the caring formula, and claims to leave the skin silky and soft when stepping out of the shower, with no need to apply a normal body lotion.

Following the instructions of first using a normal shower gel, I hereafter used the In-Shower Body Lotion, and I was surprised to see that the formula and consistency was basically like any other Nivea Body Lotion. It is easy to smooth over the body, but I do have to admit that I felt I used considerably more than I would a normal body lotion.

The In-Shower Body Lotion is easy to rinse off, and as I am drying off from the shower, my skin does feel quite noticeably softer, but also a touch greasy, as if I’ve just used a shower oil!! But once completely dry, this greasy feeling disappears and my skin does feel quite moisturised – actually sufficiently moisturised for me not to feel I need to use my normal body lotion. And as the day went on, my skin continued to feel moisturised, and I did not feel the need to have to apply body lotion.

The In-Shower Body Lotion comes in (Nivea) blue bottle with a blue flip-top, which is easy to use in the shower with wet hands, and I like that it has been designed to stand on its lid so the cream drops down in the bottle as you use it.

In-Shower Body Lotion has a nice subtle scent, the very typical Nivea scent that we all know!! And once you’ve dried off from the shower, this scent more or less fades completely. It contains almond oil to soothe, relax and soften the skin.

All in all this is a fantastic innovative product that will no doubt save some time in the bathroom (although time in the shower, and hence also water use will increase slightly). Although it comes in a large 400ml bottle, I did find that I used more than I would a normal body lotion, but still it will last a long time. Regardless, it is a fantastic alternative for those days when I’m in a hurry, cannot be bothered applying body lotion, or have a crying baby needing my attention! It is such a handy product to have at hand! I will definitely be buying another one when I run out!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of this new product from Nivea? Do you like the idea? Do you use body lotion every day? Which one is your favourite?


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