22 April 2013

Product Review: Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream Formula Rx 121

Sadly having entered the age where anti-ageing products are must-have item, I am forever in the search of products, which ideally can reverse any ageing and damage already done to my skin, and prevent further ageing. Here are my thoughts on the *Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream Formula Rx 121;

What They Say:
"Physicians Formula Ageing Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream is an ultra-rich cream that enhances the skin’s cycle of repair, encouraging healthy cell renewal to leave skin looking younger. With regular use, the moisturiser helps reduce wrinkle length and depth, helps improve the moisture barrier, strengthens skin, and protects collagen".

RRP: $29.95 (48g) – Available from Priceline

What I Say:
As I have combination skin, which I have always struggled with breakouts, and still do, even in spite of having hit the age, where the first signs of ageing is starting to appear and you would think that teenage skin would be a thing of the past, but that is sadly not the case with my skin. So consequently, each time I try a new concentrated anti-ageing product, I am a little worried that it will be too heavy and make my skin congested and breakout.

I have previously used several of the Physicians Formula makeup items, including Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush, Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer, and the HappyBooster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder.

And as I have really liked all of these products, I did have high expectations as well for their skincare.

The Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream Formula Rx 121 is an anti-ageing cream that makes some pretty big claims.

"Look 6 years younger in 4 weeks"
Physicians Formula claims that by using the cream;

Instantly: 100% felt skin looked firmer, smoother and more radiant instantly and long-term 89% saw less fine lines instantly.
2 Weeks: 96% felt skin was more moisturised in 2 weeks, 89% saw an improvement in their skin texture after 2 weeks.

4 Weeks: 93% felt skin appeared lifted in 4 weeks, 71% saw less deep wrinkles in 4 weeks.

It also claims to "target the visible effects of chronological ageing which occur over time and photo-ageing, from sun and environmental damage. It helps to prevent and correct the most common signs of skin ageing: the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation and the loss of firmness and moisture".

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it!!

The Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream contains among others;

5.0% Laminaria Algae Complex, which is to improve skin's ability to recover from environmental damage.
2.7% Alpha Hydroxy Acid, to increase cellular turnover for a resurfacing effect, helping skin appear firmer and more refined.

2.0% Hydrolyzed Pea Peptide Blend, a plant stem cells that create a nurturing environment for collagen.

The cream is also hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved, fragrance free, as well as paraben free, for which I give it a few bonus points.

The actual cream is intended to be used as both a day cream and a night cream – which I have to say I really like the idea of – having a bathroom cabinet which is overflowing with products, there is nothing better than multi-tasking products.

But sadly, it also means that the cream does not contain any SPF, which I feel is a must these days – at least in Australia, where the sun is so strong, and there is the highest rate of skin cancer in the world!! But instead Physicians Formula recommends following with a moisturiser with SP during the day.

Unfortunately I quickly discovered that this cream is too heavy and concentrated for me to be able to use during the day, and it also means that my makeup doesn’t last as long before it starts to slide off. So the thought of having to add another moisturiser with SPF on top, definitely doesn’t work for me.

So consequently I have only been using the cream at night time – and consequently it has been great that it has not contained any SPF, as I do have the suspicion that SPF often contributes to make my skin break out!

The actual cream, which has a lovely pale lavender colour, is thick and creamy, and it does take a little while to absorb completely into the skin. But once it has, it leaves my skin feeling soft, and thoroughly moisturised. And the next morning when I wake, my skin feels soft and is looking healthy.  

It is extremely concentrated, so I only need to use the tiniest amount on my skin, so the jar will last quite a while.

The cream comes in a white stylish plastic jar with purple writing and a silver lid. As some of you may have worked out by now, I do prefer creams that come in pump bottles, as I simply find it easier and more hygienic than having to keep dipping my fingers into a jar. But on the other hand, I think that this cream is simply too thick to be able to be pushed out by a pump, so it would have been nice if had at least come with a small spatula instead.

The moisturiser has next to no scent, which I really like as it is such a nice change from other products which always seems to be over-perfumed!

So how did the cream perform after four weeks of use…

The cream is of course intended to be used both morning and night for the four weeks, and as I have only been using it at night time, I wasn’t quite expecting any major results.

Nonetheless, I am still impressed to say that I have noticed that few lines particularly on my forehead (including a major expression line between my brows, thanks Mum, I think I’ve inherited that one from you!!), have started to look softer in appearance.

In terms of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, I have to admit that I have not noticed any major improvement – but I should also add in that connection that I am currently pregnant, and as a result I believe that I am experiencing a slight increase in my pigmentation, an consequently I didn’t really expect the cream to give me major results, it is after all fighting an uphill battle at the moment!

In terms of moisture, my skin feels deeply and thoroughly moisturised, yet without feeling it is drowning or getting congested – or breaking out – from the intense moisture. Rather it has left my skin feeling and looking soft, healthy and glowing.

So all in I feel that this is a great moisturise, and as it is so concentrated and a jar will last you so long time (although you more than likely will slather it on a little more liberally if you have dry skin), I do feel that $29.95 is good value for money – also considering that I did see some minor reduction and softening in my lines after using just once a day for the four weeks – So I can only imagine the results it could deliver if used twice daily as recommended. Maybe I’ll be so lucky that one day Physicians Formula will bring out a lighter version with SPF more suitable for greasier skin types!
* Products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the skincare products from Physicians Formula? Or what about their makeup? What is your favourite product? And what’s your ultimate anti-ageing cream?


  1. Sounds like an interesting cream. Pretty good for the price too. I'm always trying out new moisturisers because I'm so conscious of getting wrinkles now that I'm headed into my late twenties. I'm a bit like you though, in that some creams make me break out, so it's a case of trial and error.

    Very in-depth review, great job :)

    Amelia @ Ducklingtoswan.com! :) xxx

    1. Thanks heaps for the kind worlds. I agree that its definitely a case of trial and error. But also that prevention is definitely the answer!

  2. Thanks for the review! My local store just stocked shelves and Physician's Formula had 2-for-1 coupons attached - so I had to try it. Before opening, however, I wanted to see how it actually worked for women.

    1. Thanks for the kind words!! I hope you like the cream as much as I do!

  3. I can't find it anywhere now :( please email mail me places to find it. Navarro_BB@yahoo.com


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