9 April 2013

Product Review: Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash and Hydrate-Me.Rinse.

With very long hair, that has countless times, and not to mention stressed out by daily sessions with the hairdryer and straightener, although still in fairly healthy condition, needless to say that it, due to its length, does have some dry and split ends. I know that a good shampoo and conditioner can make a huge difference, so I am always on the lookout for new great products, so I also happily accepted when I was asked to trial the *Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash and Hydrate-Me.Rinse. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:

"Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash, infused with vitamin-rich Kakadu Plum, delivers an instant moisture boost to lacklustre locks. Hydrolysed Silk Extracts instantly smooth the surface, sealing in moisture to hair, while Vitamins A, E and C lock in that moisture to create that supermodel shine and a just-gotta-touch-it silky feel".

"Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Rinse contains micro algae for radiance and Kakadu Plum to help maintain hair's lustre and elasticity. With instant hydrating and detangling properties from Evening Primrose Oil, which infuses the hair with moisture and gloss, this is the ultimate conditioner to keep your hair looking supermodel-shiny, and feeling so silky soft you can't help touching it".

"Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash  and Hydrate-Me.Rinse have been developed for normal to dry hair".

RRP: Wash (=Shampoo) $32.95 (250ml), or Rinse (=Conditioner) $33.95 (250ml) – Available from Select Salons, and from Adore Beauty

What I Say:
I recently tried the Kevin Murphy Born.Again.Masque, and absolutely loved it, and consequently I also had very high hopes for the Hydrate-Me.Wash and Rinse.

The Kevin Murphy products are a salon only, professional, range of hair care products created by Kevin to meet his needs as a hairstylist.

According to the Kevin Murphy website, some of the key ingredients in the Hydrate-Me.Wash are among others;

Kakadu Plum, which has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C of any known plant. The Vitamin C stimulates production of Elastin and Collagen, which in turn helps to maintain hair’s lustre and elasticity.
Hydrolysed Silk Extracts to smooth the surface of the hair to lock in the moisture.
Vitamin A, an antioxidant and cellular renewal ingredient, which smoothes the texture of the hair shaft and increases elasticity.
Vitamin C, which helps to maintain colour whilst preventing the loss of hair and premature graying. Vitamin C is also natural detoxifier and aids in improving scalp circulation
Jojoba Esters, which is an excellent emollient for adding moisture to the hair, making hair more resilient to tangles, which helps avoid damage and split ends
Shea Butter, to deliver moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, protecting and repairing against dryness, weather damage and brittleness. Shea Butter also absorbs quickly and completely into the hair and scalp to rehydrate, without clogging the cuticle.

Citrus Aurantium, which Restores lustre to damaged hair.
Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit, which is a natural source of Vitamin C and an antioxidant that balances hair and scalp.
Evening Primrose Oil, high in Omega 6, to hydrate and soften hair. It contains Phospholipids that are hydrophilic, meaning they are moisture loving and are attracted to water. They suck the moisture from the air around you and draw it onto the hair.

In addition to the above, the Hydrate-Me.Rinse also contains;
Micro Algae, a stress manager for the hair with outstanding energising properties to supply the cells with energy. Micro Algae makes the hair appear more radiant and adds luminosity. Micro Algae also stimulates the energy of the cells deep into the cortex and basal layers of the scalp, improving the overall appearance and health of the hair, allowing it to hold onto the moisture.

Vitamin B7, which is found to be beneficial for hair growth and overall hair health, as it strengthens both the hair follicles and the hair shaft.
Sunflower Oil, a natural sunscreen for the hair, it contains the antioxidant Omega 6 that helps to mop up free radicals that cause damage to the hair. It also contains Tocopherals, which are oil soluble antioxidants (Vitamin E) and Cinnamic Acid which is a natural UV protector.

I usually wash my hair every second day, and rarely do I feel that I need to wash it more than once. Often when shampoos do not contain sulphates, I find that it can be a little difficult to lather up properly, and that I consequently use more shampoo than I really need to try to get it to lather up, but that was not the case with the Hydrate.Me shampoo. It easily lathered up into soft foam. And just one shampooing is sufficient to leave my hair feeling clean, and without making it feel stripped for moisture, but rather it already felt soft before the use of the conditioner.

Afterwards I used the Hydrate.Me Rinse, which has a rather thick for a conditioner – it is almost like t is a hair masque!! In fact, it is so thick that I did have to really squeeze the bottle to get the conditioner to come out. But once in my hair, my hair instantly absorbed the thick and rich conditioner. I straight away thought that it would be difficult to rinse out, like one of those conditioners where you keep rinsing and rinsing and keep feeling there is residue left in the hair. But not with the Hydrate.Me Rinse, it was quick and easy – also showing that my hair had thoroughly enjoyed and completely absorbed the treatment. And afterwards, my hair felt so soft and was easy to comb without knots or tangles.  

Once my hair is dry, it feels so silky soft and I can’t help but keep running my hands through it. It simply looks shiny and healthy, and without being weighted down – even in spite of the thick concentrated conditioner.

After having used the wash/shampoo and rinse/conditioner for a few weeks, my hair both looks and feels so healthy. Moisture seems to have been restored in my summer dry hair, even in the dry ends and it just looks healthier and shinier, and any frizz I had before has been dramatically reduced, so I no longer need to overload my hair with other products to combat this.

Both the wash/shampoo and rinse/conditioner come in purple square bottles with a flip lid at the side at the bottom. Compared to other shampoo and conditioner bottles on market these are so unique and different which I really love. And I love that they have been designed to stand on their head, so that the products drop down the bottle as you use it, to make it easier to use up every last drop of product in the bottle. The wash/shampoo comes in a pale purple bottle, while the rinse/conditioner comes in a darker purple, which I also really like, as it makes it so easy to distinguish between the two in the shower when I am not wearing my glasses (obviously!!).

Both have a nice natural and pleasant scent, no doubt coming from the natural ingredients used in the products. And personally I find that this is a nice change from the often artificial perfumed floral scents used in shampoos and conditioners. And once my hair is washed and dry, my hair still has a nice yet very subtle scent.

At $33.95 and 32.95 each for a 250ml bottle, the shampoo and conditioner are at the more expensive end, but as I really enjoy using the products, and feel that they make my hair look so nice and healthy, I find that they are well worth the price.
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Kevin Murphy? What is your preferred shampoo and conditioner brand?


  1. Great review! I have tried the Angel range from Kevin Murphy and I really like the conditioner - so hydrating. I do find the shampoo is not quite clarifying enough and my second day hair requires dry shampoo to ease the greasies. I wonder if this line would be better....

    1. Thanks heaps!! I have heard of the Angel range, but not tried it. I love this range, very hydrating, yet without weighing my long hair down. I dont have any issues with my hair geting greasy the second day, which is great at it is so long and takes forever to dry afte it has been washed!

  2. Never heard of this product but I love the bottles. They look super cool. I love the side caps. So cute.


    1. Maybe Kevin Murphy is not available in the USA, but maybe you could get them online?
      And yeah, I love the bottles, such a nice change, both with the shape and the colours too!

  3. Maybe this could be a working miracle cure for my hair :) Because my hair is very sensitive and every other than thick ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


    1. The Kevin Murphy products really are fantastic, and I love how they have restored moisture in my hair without weighing it down.


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