20 April 2013

Product Review: Puretopia Whisk Away Rehydrating & Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser

Using a good facial cleanser is an absolute must to keep my combination skin under control and minimise breakouts. Over the years I have tried numerous cleansers, and many have done their job, but nothing more, and nothing less. So I am still in search for the perfect cleanser, so when I was asked to trial the *Puretopia Whisk Away Rehydrating & Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser by the lovely and talented makeup artist, Tammerly from Spoilt by Pink Diva, I naturally happily accepted. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:

"A rich creamy cleanser full of natural oils and rosehip cell strengthening essential fatty acids, gently whisks away all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara, leaving your skin soft, supple & quenched".

RRP: 16.95 (125ml) – Available from Priceline and select pharmacies

What I Say:
Since the Whisk Away Rehydrating & Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser is the first product from the Puretopia brand that I have tried, I decided to do a little research, and I was very excited to see that, Puretopia is an Australian brand, and that all of the products are created, designed & manufactured in Australia. But what’s even better, is that like the rest of the product range, the Whisk Away Rehydrating and Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser hasn’t been tested on animals, as well as it is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, propylene glycol, DEA, TEA or silicones  - and knowing that all these chemicals and artificial additives are suspected of possibly causing cancer and other illnesses – has made me wonder about the harmful chemical ingredients in the rest of the skincare products in my bathroom cabinet!

Rumour has it that often products without all these ingredients do not seem to be as effective or intense as those that do contain them, but that was definitely not the case with the Whisk Away Cleanser. After massaging the cleanser into my dry face, it gently, effectively and very easily removes even my very long-wear makeup and my waterproof mascara. After rinsing off the cleanser, my skin is left feeling clean, soft and hydrated, without feeling dry or stripped for moisture. All dirt and grime is simply whisked away.

The inclusion of the oils of grape seed, rosehip, olive, geranium and rose along with shea butter, means that the Whisk Away cleanser adds nutrition and essential fatty acids for dry skin types as well as those with sensitive skin. And although I normally have combination skin, heading into winter, my mature skin always gets a little confused and has a period of being a bit dry, so this cleanser has been greeted with welcome by my skin.

The cleanser is rich, thick and creamy, and has a lovely rose scent, although this scent is very subtle, and far from overwhelming. I also love the fact that the Whisk Away Cleanser comes in a squeeze tube is designed to stand on its lid, so that the contents drops down as you use it, and you can use every last drop.

The Whisk Away cleanser comes in a 125ml tube selling for $16.95, and as it is very concentrated and a little goes a very long way, I think this cleanser is such fantastic value for money, also considering it does not contain any chemical nasties, and is made in Made in Australia and not tested on animals.

I can certainly recommend the Whisk Away Creamy Face Cleanser if you are looking for a gentle chemical-free cleanser, but do not want to compromise on quality and effectiveness. I will most definitely be checking out the rest of the Puretopia product range as well as purchase the Whisk Away Cleanser again.
*This product was kindly provided for trial by Spoilt by Pink Diva, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever tried any of the products from Puretopia? What is your favourite cleanser? And are you concerned with the chemical nasties hiding in your skincare products?


  1. That stuff sounds great!! I do love me a good face wash. :-)

    1. A good face wash does make all the difference. And I love that this one is free from chemical nasties!


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