26 June 2016


For as long as I can remember I have been using anti-ageing products on my face, but for some reason, when it comes to body care, I have kept that more simple with more basic products, well knowing it was time to step up the game. So when the Stem Cell Body Serum from Mesoestetic landed on my desk, needless to say that I was very excited. 

Starting with the name of this body serum 'stem cell' The Mesoestetic Stem Cell Body Serum sounds pretty high tech - and it is. It is a body treatment hat has been designed to help protect existing skin cells by stimulating the skin's natural self-repair process: stem Cell.

The serum has been made with nano-encapsulated plant stem cells extract to help combat advanced signs of photo-ageing and repair skin damage caused by intrinsic factors, skin stress, or environmental exposure. That the plant stem cell extract are nano-encapsulated, means that they have been encapsulated in liposomes to enhance ingredient penetration into the skin and thereby achieve more optimal results.

The Body Serum also contains Chronosmart peptide to detect what the skin needs at all times and of providing it with exactly what it needs acting on the cellular biorythms - in short this means that during the day, stem Cell body serum protects skin structures for younger, firmer looking skin, and night it activates skin rejuvenation, heeling and renewal and provides the skin with intensive nourishment, boosting its energy reserves - speak of being high tech!!

In addition, it also contains Retinol to help stimulate cell renewal and Rosemary extract to improve micro circulation, promoting drainage and a consequent anti-cellulite effect.

All in all, the Stem Cell Body Serum promises to moisturise, firm, and help redefine the figure, providing a complete anti-ageing treatment by helping to increase body metabolism, stimulate cells and tone tissues. Phew!!

I've been using the Body Serum for just over a month, every morning after my shower, and also most nights, now and I am nothing short of amazed at the results.

The light cream comes in a white tube, and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin, without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky, but rather it feels incredibly velvety soft and smooth, and the skin stays feeling like that for hours after applying it. In spite of being so light, you can however tell that it provides intense moisture, and even dry patches of skin immediately feels so soft again with just one application. It is also worth mentioning that the Body Serum has the most divine floral scent that lingers on the skin for long after it has been absorbed, -if you're sensitive to strong scents you may not like this, but personally I absolutely adore this scent and can't stop smelling my skin.

So how did it perform... Well, after two pregnancies, where I gained 15-16kgs each time (which I've luckily all gotten rid off again), needless to say that the firmness and elasticity of my skin is no longer what it has been. And at my age, neither is the tone of my skin, which is clearly uneven and sun-damaged. But I am impressed to say that i feel my skin feels both softer ad smoother and without a doubt more firm too - Where I can see it the most, is on my arms and décolleté, which is also where I've been most meticulous in applying the serum - the skin here simply feels so much softer and smoother, and in particularly the skin on my décolleté, where I've also got a fair bit of pigmentation as well as the skin has started to age, seems to be both softer and smoother, with fine lines appearing minimised, but also the skin also feels firmer as well as the skin seems to be more even in tone.

At $120 this is not a cheap body treatment, but if you're if you're serious about looking giving your face the best of anti-ageing care, really you should do the same to your body. Personally I am hooked, and do regret not using more 'intense' body products sooner, but better late than never - and here honestly admit to only using this beautiful and luxurious body serum on my upper body to make it last that little bit longer! Definitely highly recommended.

Mesoestetic Stem Cell body Serum - RRP: RRP $120 / 200ml

Mesoestetic is available from Advanced Cosmeceuticals and select stockists
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