8 June 2016


Some people are just born with long and full lashes, including my two little boys, I'm so envious! I guess I used to also have longer and fuller lashes, but guess ageing, as well as years of using mascara, and probably rubbing it off at night has simply taken its toll. And as for my brows, well, once in my younger years, very thin brows were in, so that's how mine looked, and years of over-plucking them, again has meant that they today are simply thinner and more sparse than I like them to be! 

So when I heard that Medik8 had brought out the Full Lash & Brow Due, a product that contains ingredients to help strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows, I was naturally excited. The clear formula is designed to both lengthen, thicken and enhance to provide healthier and fuller looking lashes and brows.

The Full Lash & Brow Duo further promises to: 

1. Provide a lengthening and thickening effect to the eyelashes and eyebrows 
2. Address visible signs of eyelash and eyebrow ageing
3. Improve flexibility, moisture and shine
4. Nourish, condition and protect
5. Enhance appearance of natural eyelashes and eyebrows 
6. Condition benefits for healthier-looking, more luxurious eyelash and eyebrows

The Full Lash & Brow Duo contains among others a peptide complex to enhance the eyelashes and eyebrows with a lengthening and thickening effect. It also contains a Soybean/Wheat Extract Complex to help helps maintain healthy eyelash growth and prevent premature hair loss.

* Panthenol moisturises and conditions the eyelashes and eyebrows
* Vitamin E helps protect the eyelashes and eyebrows from free radical damage
* Moisture Magnets™ a trademarked blend of humectants that significantly increases the level of hydration.

The Full Lash & Brow Duo is a double ended product, with the eyelash side featuring a fine brush making it easy to apply directly to the lash roots. For the eyebrows, there is a short mascara wand that you use to apply the serum directly onto the eyebrows. Both need to be used on makeup-free lashes and brows, twice daily, and if needed, they can be worn under mascara and brow products. 

The serums are very gentle so they do not irritate the eyes, not even my very sensitive eyes that easily water.

After having used the Full Lash & Brow Duo for a few weeks, I have to admit that I am yet to see any massive changes, although I do feel that my lashes in particular look more voluminous as well as softer and shinier than they have before, so I am very optimistic that long-term use will being with it some fantastic results.

So overall, Medik8 has yet again managed to impress me with their products, and I really love that you are also able use these under makeup, hence giving your lashes and brows a dose of nutrients throughout the day. 

Medik8 Full Lash & Brow Duo - RRP: $79 / 2 x 3ml

Available from Active Skin, Adore Beauty, Ry, Advanced Cosmeceuticals and select stockists

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