14 June 2016


Today I'd like to chat about a new, well new to me... nail lacquer brand, Smith & Cult. Smith & Cult's Nailed Lacquer, as they are also called, have been designed for premium performance in mind...

The Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquers are indeed of a very high quality - and you don't even have to try them on your nails before you just know - that unique heavy short round glass bottle with the hammered gold top, is simply stunning and screams luxury. I don't normally keep my nail polishes out on display, but with these, I feel very tempted to!

And getting back to those hammered lids, they actually sit extremely well in the hand, with the indentation perfect for where you'd hold the lid with your thumb, very clever!!

Now onto the actual formula, - and I really love that they are a non-toxic formula, free from all the chemical nasties including Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Camphor, all of which don't exactly have the best of rumoured effects on your health!

The polishes are very pigmented, though two coats are necessary for the perfect look of the pale one, but surprisingly, just a single coat of Lovers Creep gives a very nice finish that you can get away with on its own, while of course, an additional coat never hurts. The brush and the handle both seem a little shorter than in most other nail polishes that usually come in taller bottles, but I actually really liked that, and not being a pro at applying nail polish, I actually found that I have more 'control' over this shorter brush, which in turn helped me get a more professional look. And the polish really does apply streak-free finish and with a high gloss. They also wear very well, - to really test the nail polish, I tried them without base or top coat, to get a true feeling for the polishes, and it wasn't until day 5 that it started chipping at the edges, which I think is a really good result.

I tried the shades 'Regret the Moon' which is a pale pastel pink, and one of those shades you just have to have in your collection, as well as the shade 'Lovers Creep', a classic dark rich red shade, that is perfect for the winter wardrobe! However, there are heaps of other shades in the range, 35 in total, so there's sure to be the perfect shade for everyone! 

I'm really enjoying these Smith & Cult nail polishes, with everything from the luxurious packaging to the quality of the polishes, so I certainly wouldn't mind adding a few more to my collection, and I highly recommend you try them out too!

Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer - RRP: $28 / 14ml
Smith & Cult are available from select salons, please call 1300 725 122 to enquire about locations

* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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