9 June 2016


Today I am excited to be sharing with you a brand which is new to me, Mia Höytö. Well, the brand is not exactly new, it was launched in 2012 in Finland, but only just recently been made available exclusively in Australia from the Natural Supply Co.

The Mia Höytö skincare products are all organic and Ecocert-certified. Today I'd like to talk about the Mia Höytö Kaunis Facial Gel, the Lempeä Uni Intense Repair Skin Therapy Multivitamin Oil Serum and the Unelma Intensive Moisturising Cream.

Starting with the Mia Höytö Kaunis Facial Cleansing Gel is a clear cleanser is a very cleanser that gently cleanses the skin from dirt, grime and makeup, leaving the skin soft and hydrated, and without being dried out or irritated. This is a very lovely cleanser, and I particularly love using it with my Clairsonic, as I feel it works perfectly with that. It has a slight scent that is a bit difficult to describe, I don't particularly love it, but it is so faint that I can certainly put up with it, but considering that it does have added perfume, I wish that it had been a nicer scent! The actual name of the cleanser, Kaunis means 'beautiful' in Finnish, as the brand thinks that you are at your most beautiful without makeup, bare faced with glowing skin, and the skin needs to be fresh to look and feel beautiful! 

Next up is the Mia Höytö Lempeä Uni Intense Repair Skin Therapy Multivitamin Oil Serum, which is a treatment serum, containing calming oxidants and multivitamins to prevent the signs of ageing by protecting the cells and helping to waking up the skin and brightening the skin tone.

Some of the key ingredients in the serum are Vitamins A, B, C and E to regenerate the skin and improve the elasticity for a softer, more hydrated and smoother complexion.

The serum comes in a convenient glass pump bottle, and unlike the cleanser, I actually like the scent of this one, reminding me a little of a mild fresh olive oil! The serum is best used morning and night before moisturiser and a single pump is more than sufficient of this concentrated serum to cover my full face. After just a few days of using this, I could feel that my skin was regaining moisture, feeling soft and very hydrated, and hence looking very healthy and radiant.

Finally, the Mia Höytö Unelma Intensive Moisturising Cream is a quite light cream, yet it is also a very rich cream made to rehydrate dry skin, and as I have combination skin, I simply find this too rich for my skin, especially during the warmer months where my skin is even greasier, but as we head towards winter my skin generally gets a little dryer so it will come in handy then, especially used as a night cream. 

The cream comes in a handy plastic pump bottle and has next to no scent, which I really like. It does absorb fairly quickly into the skin, but again, sadly it just seems way to rich for my skin, especially after a few hours.

All in all I've enjoyed getting to know the Mia Höytö, and I do love the fact that the products are organic, and have a very simplistic approach to skincare. I also love the simple white bottles with the black writing and gold edging, which makes them look luxurious.

Unfortunately the moisturiser wasn't for me, but I did enjoy using the serum and the cleanser, and would definitely consider purchasing especially the cleanser again.

Mia Höytö Kaunis Facial Cleansing Gel - RRP: $28 / 30ml
Mia HöytöLempeä Uni Intense Repair Skin Therapy Multivitamin Oil Serum - RRP: $109 / 30ml
Mia Höytö Unelma Intensive Moisturising Cream - RRP: $45 / 15ml, $95 / 50ml

Available from The Natural Supply Co

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