12 June 2016


Rimmel London has really been on the ball lately with new releases, including the newly launched contouring kit, which I continue to enjoy. And today, I'd like to share with you some further launches, The Volume Colourist Mascara and the Colour Precise Liners.

Starting with my favourite of these new launches is the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara. Mascaras are being launched faster than you can keep up these days, and they have more and more features and benefits included. But as a first, I believe, this new Volume Colourist Mascara not only provide instant volume and of course tint to the lashes, it also has an inbuilt lash tint that slowly tints lashes over time, so that your lashes will appear darker, even when you're not wearing mascara! It simply contains a semi-permanent lash tint that gradually and progressively blackens the bare lashes every single time you wear the mascara with the promise that with daily wear, after two weeks the lashes will look darker from root to tip! How brilliant!

Now already have quite dark lashes, although I do have the odd few lighter ones that must have been bleached by the sun, but it does mean that it is not that easy to see any permanent change from using this mascara, or at least not as easy as for those with very light or blonde lashes, who might notice a permanent change very quickly. Also, as I don't wear makeup every single day, any permanent change is also difficult to determine.

That said, I really like how this mascara quickly and easily builds up both extreme volume and length with just a few coats, leaving the lashes long and feathery as it is very separating too. No clumping in sight. And it lasts well throughout the day too without running or flaking which is great for my sensitive eyes too. So even if you disregard the permanent tint that it can give your lashes, I am really enjoying using this mascara so will definitely recommend that you check it out!

Next up are the Rimmel Colour Precise Liners. These liners are available in Black, Blue and White, and I have tried the Blue one, which definitely has taken me a little out of my comfort zone, not usually one for wearing coloured eye makeup!

These eyeliners have a very fine felt tip that makes it so quick and easy to create that perfect winged eye with a very crisp line from everything from a very fine line to a thick bold line, that is intensely saturated with colour. And it stays put all day too without fading. While the blue shade has really been trending on the catwalks lately, I am still a little conservative and prefer either a very dark brown or a black liner, so I will definitely make sure to get hold of one of those! 

Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara - RRP: $18.95
Rimmel Colour Precise Liners - RRP: $13.95

Available from Priceline, variety stores and select pharmacies, and supermarkets

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