6 June 2016


Every few years Marc Jacobs releases a limited edition Splash collection, and this year a new range has just been launched with the theme to recapture the essence of summer. I purchased Kumquat a few years ago, which was part of an earlier Splash collection, unaware that it was a limited edition range, and have been loving it so much that I have been forever regretting not getting a few of the other varieties as well at the time. So I was very excited with I heard of the new Splash Collection 2016 being launched.

The Marc Jacobs Splash Collection 2016 includes four light and fresh scents, each presented in a sleek heavy duty glass bottle, that oozes style. 

This time, the Marc Jacobs Splash Collection 2016 includes;  
  • Rain
  • Cucumber
  • Pear
  • Cotton
I've tried Pear and Cucumber, and absolutely love both, and find it difficult to pick a favourite!   
The Marc Jacobs Cucumber contains;   
  • Top Notes; Watery Cucumber, Lotus Leaf, Crisp Bamboo 
  • Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Linden Blossom, Dutch Freesia
  • Base Notes: Frosted Musk, Blonde Woods
The scent is such a fresh, crisp and refreshing green scent, and it is the epitome of summer. It is so refreshing and calming, and absolutely stunning, and reminds me of long summer days with lots of fresh food, including a good steak on the BBQ served with a fresh salad straight from the garden. It comes in a pastel green box, and the actual fragrance also has a light green tint to reflect an inviting summer garden.
The Marc Jacobs Pear contains;  
  • Top Notes: Pear, Bergamot, Lemon Peel 
  • Heart Notes: Gin Accord, Juniper, Freesia
  • Base Notes: Teakwood, Musk, Soft Amber
The Marc Jacobs Pear is a sweet summer scent that captures the essence of delicious and juicy fresh ripe fruit. It is such a light and refreshing and sweet scent, yet without being too sweet or sickening, and I absolutely adore this one. Again, it is the perfect spring and summer scent, but now in the midst of winter here in Australia, I will continue to use it, to reminiscence over long gone warm and sunny summer days, and bring a light touch to the heaviness of my winter wardrobe. The Pear fragrance comes in a warm yellow box and the actual fragrance itself has a warm golden tint to convey the juiciness of ripe pear.
Overall, as I expected, I am really enjoying using these two new fragrances, - I am usually preferring light and fresh fragrances, so these are right up my alley. I've been using them extensively the last few weeks, and I know I will continue to reach for them again and again - and knowing that it is a limited edition range, I'm very keen on getting my hands on Rain and Cotton as well to complete this year's collection..
Marc Jacobs Rain EDT - RRP: $69 / 100ml
Marc Jacobs Cucumber EDT - RRP: $69 / 100ml
Marc Jacobs Pear EDT - RRP: $69 / 100ml
Marc Jacobs Cotton EDT - RRP: $69 / 100ml
The Marc Jacobs Splash Collection 2016 is available for a limited time only from selected Myer and David Jones stores. For stockists, please contact 1800 812 663.
* Some products may have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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