5 June 2014


As you may have seen in my previous post, my little soon to be 1 year boy has been selected to be an official Playgro toy tester, and here’s his second review on the *Playgro Stacking Cups;

What They Say:
Stack them up and knock them down! Little ones will be entertained for hours with these great stacking cups; perfect for the bath, pool, beach or general play time. There are 9 brightly coloured stacking cups, each with a different pattern embossed into the side of the cup in a matte and shiny texture. Each cup also has a different animal character etched into the base of the cup, which acts as a stamp - great for in the sand at the beach!

RRP: $4 –Available from Coles, and periodically from Woolworths

What Oliver Says:
My second toy tester job has me now playing with Stacking Fun Cups, if you didn’t see my first review of the Playgro Bathtime Squirtees, make sure you check it out here.

Mum gave the Playgro Stacking Fun Cups to me when I was crawling around and as soon as I saw the bright colours I was interested. I really love being able to try to stack things but I enjoy even more making a mess and I can knock these, push them and hit them with other toys and they scatter everywhere. I do find it a little difficult to get them back into a neat stack, but mum or dad is there to help me with this. Of all of the cups, I especially like the two small ones, they are always the ones I try to find first. I’m a big boy now, almost one, so I like playing with small toys!


The Stacking Cups are recommended for babies from 9 months, but even though I am bit older, I still have heaps of fun with them. The cups are nice and smooth and this is great as I like to put them in my mouth, I can crawl with them in my hands as I like having things in my hands as I get around the house. Mum showed me that there are animal shapes on the bottoms, so I am learning names like Seahorse, Crocodile, fish and many others. There are holes in the bottom as well so I have thought about these can also come to the bath with me, or when the weather was better we could take them to the beach too.

Mum likes that the Stacking Cups have been designed so that they can help me develop new skills, including my cognitive skills as encouraging me to think, learn and problem solve as I try to stack the different sized cups.

The bright colours stimulate my visual perception, while the various textures to help stimulate my tactile development, and the small animals helps me use my hands & fingers by encouraging small, precise movements by picking them up and stacking them and banging them together. The cups also help my gross motor skills inspiring me to use and control my larger muscles for movement when I crawl or reach for a cup that’s rolled away from me.


I definitely recommend the Playgro Stacking Cups, and I cannot believe that they are only $4 – such a bargain for a toy that will bring me hours and hours of fun.

Thanks again for employing me Playgro, I love this job!

Oliver xx

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*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of these stacking cups from Playgro? What does your little one like to play with?



  1. They look great and I know that the little guy really does enjoy playing with them.

    1. So simple, yet he really loves them - literally hours of fun!


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