20 June 2014


Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Reactivating Body Serum and Hydrating Body Lotion;

What They Say:
Reactivating Body Serum: This botanically based, pre-moisturising body gel absorbs quickly to help replenish skin's moisture barrier. 

RRP: $57.00 (100ml)

RE9 Advanced Hydrating Body Lotion: Extremely moisturising body lotion delivers antioxidants and vitamins to help nurture skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. 

RRP: $61.00 (200ml)

Available from Arbonne Independent Consultant & District Manager, Natalie Xylas, Ph: 0414 465 944, email: nataliexylas@y7mail.com
What I Say:

You may be aware that I have previously reviewed a number of Arbonne products, including what is now one of my favourite foundations, the Perfecting Liquid Foundation, as well as the RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Crème and the RE9Advanced Regenerating Toner, which are both amazing products targeting anti-ageing, so I naturally happily accepted when I was asked to trial the RE9 Advanced Reactivating Body Serum and Hydrating Body Lotion.  

Truth be told – I am at the age when I start to notice the signs of ageing on my face, and my morning and evening skincare routine always includes serum, moisturiser and eye cream. My body care is a different story, and as long as the body lotion is sufficiently moisturising and nourishing I am fairly happy! But fact is that treating that ol’ body too, certainly doesn’t do any harm.

The Arbonne RE9 range is an anti-ageing range, with products containing a synergy of 9 manor age-defying elements and botanicals that has been clinically proven to start working within 24 hours, with 83% reporting an improvement in skin firmness. And 4 weeks 92% reporting a reduction in wrinkles, 96% reporting a reduction of the appearance of fine lines, 100% reporting refinements in skin texture and smoothness and improvement skin moisturisation.

The key botanical ingredients in the RE9 range is pineapple and papaya enzymes to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, kudzu root extract to improve skin firmness and tone, sea buckthorn to support skin tone and smooth skin, beech tree bud extract to improve moisturisation and smooth the appearance of wrinkles.

The key RE9 Advanced ingredients are among others algae extract to support collagen to help diminish the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, stabilised vitamin C to support skin moisture, Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to remove dead skin cells, reduce signs of ageing and improve skin texture, and peptides to enhance skin smoothness and diminish lines and wrinkles.

Wow, what a mouthful – but sounds pretty good. And what results – 92-100% of testers reporting positive results. Unreal!

So what did I think after using the products for a month…

Let’s start with the RE9 Advanced Reactivating Body Serum is a pre-moisturising body gel that helps to replenish the skin's moisture barrier. The gel also contains aloe leaf, sugar cane and orange fruit extracts – and the first thing I notice is the lovely orange scent, and as citrus scents are my absolute favourites, this immediately ticks boxes for me, and it is a soft and gentle scent, and far from overpowering.

The gel is very light and quite concentrated, so compared to a body lotion, you do not need as much of the serum to cover your body, just a couple of pumps is sufficient. And the gel absorbs into the skin in a split second, leaving it feeling incredibly soft and with a velvety smooth feel. So while the bottle is small for a body product it will last you quite a while.

As suggested, I follow with the RE9 Advanced Hydrating Body Lotion, which also contains avocado, sweet almond and jojoba oil, delivering antioxidants and vitamins to the skin and promises to nurture it and leave if feeling soft and hydrated.

The Body Lotion is quite thick, and I would actually find that the name body cream would be more appropriate, but even so absorbs incredibly fast into the skin, without leaving it feel greasy or sticky, so in that respect the body lotion name is very suitable.

Having just applied the Body Serum, I find that I do not need quite as much of the Body Lotion as the skin is already ‘prepped’ – but again, that is only a good thing, as then the bottle will last you so much longer. And was so happy when I discovered that the Body Lotion has the same gorgeous orange scent as the Body Serum. Me likey!

After using these products for a few weeks, I am impressed to say that I can feel that my skin is feeling so much softer, thoroughly hydrated and smooth. It is simply so silky soft and smooth, that I almost cannot stop touching my own skin, haha.

Both products come in stylish plastic pump bottles, the serum in a peach toned bottle and the body lotion in a bright orange, and both look stylish and luxurious. And as I have mentioned previously, really like the addition of the pumps as it makes the products such a breeze to use.

Having to use two body product is obviously an extra step if you are in a hurry, but the results are really worth it – and I am sure, that you like me, wouldn’t hesitate using both a serum and a moisturiser on your face, so why not take a little extra care of your body too!

The products are a little on the pricey side, but as these are no ordinary products, but premium anti-ageing products for the body, I feel that they are well worth it – and wouldn’t you hate having a youthful looking face and a body that doesn’t match! So if you can afford the splurge, I highly recommend you treat yourself!
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Do you use anti-ageing products for your body? What do you think of a body serum?


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