22 June 2014


As you may have seen in my previous posts, my little 1 year boy (it was his birthday Friday, how time as flown!) has been selected to be an official Playgro toy tester, and here’s his third review on the *Playgro Grip 'n' Stack Soft Blocks;

What They Say:
Entertain baby with this fun set of stackable soft blocks. Each block offers a unique feature from a rattle to a bell and crinkle sounds for auditory stimulation. Whilst silky ribbons and peek-a-boo flaps are great for developing fine motor skills. Each pack contains four blocks that are ideal for stacking up and knocking down!

RRP:  $19.95 – Available from Baby Bunting

What Oliver Says:
My third toy tester job has me now playing with Playgro Grip 'n' Stack Soft Blocks, and if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve checked out first review of the Playgro Bathtime Squirtees, or the second review of the Stacking Fun Cups.

When Mum gave the Playgro Grip 'n' Stack Soft Blocks I was instantly drawn to the bright colours and the cute animals printed on the different sides of the blocks. I like to try to stack the blocks up myself, although I sometimes miss – and I love when Mum or Dad does it for me, so I see them all fall down when I knock them all down.

The blocks have a good size, and even though I still only have small hands, they are easy to pick up, also thanks to the little edge around the block.

I love that each cube is different, and there is two animals on each of them. One has a lion and a turtle, one has a zebra and an elephant, and there’s a giraffe  and a panda on one and a hedgehog and a duck on the last one.

There is also a number from 1 to 4 on each of them. On another side there is a letter on the alphabet, so there is an A on one block, and a B on another one and so forth.

There are also different shapes on the different blocks, so one has a star, while another has a square, one has a triangle and the last one a circle. This is all very educational, and will help me one day remember all the new words.

Each of the blocks have different features, and thee of them have bells inside, but they all sound slightly different, and the last one has a crinkle sound, so they all stimulate my auditory development.

Some of the blocks also have 3D features, as the lion has ribbon tags as its mane, the giraffe ribbon tags with knots as its horns, and the elephant has a ‘fabric flab’ as its ears, that all help keep me engaged and entertained, and stimulate my tactile development and my fine motor skills as I use my hands and fingers to grab the small items.

And of course, there is also always the Playgro manufacture tag on one of the blocks – and I love those tags, I can spend forever flicking through it like a little book – which Mum thinks is great as it helps make my little fingers work and help also develop my find motor skills, while I build up strength in my hands from grabbing the blocks. I like having one in each hand, and one in my mouth too, as I think they may help (or maybe distract me a little) when my teething gums are sore.

According to Playgro, these blocks are suitable from 9 months, but I still enjoy playing with them although I’m almost one, and I also think that someone at 4-6 months of age would have just as much fun playing with them.

A lot of my toys are quite noisy and have music, so Mum and Dad also loves that these are fairly quiet when I play with them – and they also love that blocks do not make any more dents and scratches on the coffee table than what I’ve already managed to do with my other toys.

The blocks are also washable, which is great, as when I’ve had them in my mouth for a while they do tend to get a little grotty.

I definitely recommend the Playgro Grip 'n' Stack Soft Blocks, as they will keep you entertained over and over.

Thanks again for employing me Playgro!

Oliver xx
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And of course, for more information make sure to visit Playgro as well as like them on facebook to be kept in the loop with all things Playgro including great offers.

*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

What do you think of these Grip 'n' Stack Soft Blocks from Playgro? What’s your little ones favourite toy(s)?



  1. Oh these ones look cute! We got the house blocks which are similar (havent reviewed them yet).

    1. I haven't seen or heard of the house blocks before, so I look forward to seeing your review.


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