10 June 2014


So you want to try some beauty products…. Well you’re in luck as the Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter is looking for some Road Testers…

The first product to be trialled is the Rosehip & Shea Salt Body Scrub from Premium Spa…

The Premium Spa Rosehip & Shea Salt Body Scrub is suitable for dry & sensitive skin and contains natural Australian sea salt and certified organic rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and shea butter as well as a blend of soothing essential oils to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate lymphatic circulation and boost the elimination of toxins.  

Sounds pretty good, don’t you think…

To be in for a chance to be a part of the BLH Road Tester Team, and trial this Rosehip & Shea Salt Body Scrub from Premium Spa you need to answer the following questions – you will find the answers to these questions on my blog, which should be easy-peasy for those who regularly read my blog…
… And if you don’t, here’s your time to get acquainted – and its well worth your effort as this time I am looking for 10 Road Testers so chances high..

But before you apply, here are the requirements:
  • Your review needs to be submitted to me via email to no later than the 1st July 2014
  • Your review must include details on smell, consistency, how does it feel on the skin, results after use, and packaging, pricing, what you like/don’t like about the product, would you recommend this to friends, and would you purchase this again.
  • So a little more than a two-sentence review is required, so if you are not up to the task in providing a thorough review, please do not apply!
  • Failure to submit a review according to the above guidelines by the due date will mean you will not be eligible to a part of future road tests, while those submitting a detailed and thorough review will be in with a favourable chance for future Road Test call out.
  • Your review will be published on the Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter blog and may also be used by Premium Spa.
  • Note that this is open to Australian residents only.

Now on to the questions... Simply leave the answers in the comments below – and MAKE SURE to leave your first name and your email address, so I can contact you if you are selected.. and make sure to leave your reply no later than 3pm on Monday 16th June 2014. If you are selected, from contacted, you will need to respond within 24 hours with your address details.
  1. Which country do I come from
  2. What is the name of my little boy
  3. What is my preferred scent (hint, you’ll find the answer in one of my Premium Spa reviews)
  4. Finally, tell why you’d like to trial this Body Scrub from Premium Spa

Good luck everyone, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter Road Tester Team…



  1. Which country do I come from? DENMARK :)
    What is the name of my little boy? Master Oliver :)
    What is my preferred scent? Citrus scents - especially tangerine and lime.

    Hello there :) i am a fellow toy tester and would love to join in on this wonderful opportunity , i love all things beauty and when i find a product i love i rave about it and would love to trial some new products to fall in love with! I enjoy spendong my free time writing reviews and would love to expand and trial something just for mumma!
    My email address is laura_irvin123@live.com.au and my name is Laura :)

  2. Hi Karina, your answers follow;
    1. You come from Denmark.
    2. Oliver.
    3. You prefer Citrus scents.
    4. I am 44 and have suffered with super-dry skin all my life. I also seem to shed my skin a lot and even after showering, I can find minute pieces of skin kind of balling up as I dry myself with the towel. So I think a good body scrub would be the answer to exfoliating all of these dead skin cell hanger-ons. I have not used the brand and love discovering new beauty brands. I also love to tell everyone when I find a product I love.

    My name is Juanita and email address is - nita_torr@live.com.au

  3. 1. Denmark
    2. Oliver (he's almost a year old!)
    3. Citrus Scents
    4. I'm a sucker for Body Scrubs and have become quite the connoisseur of late! It's not unusual to have quite a few of them in my bathroom cupboard, rotating their use. And I love nothing better than thoroughly trialling a product and giving my honest opinion!

    1. And my name!
      Karen and email is kcrotty@tpg.com.au

  4. Thanks for the opportunity Karina to possibly join the trial team, I hope I'm successful. In answer to your questions:-
    1 - Denmark
    2 - Oliver
    3 - Citrus scents
    4 - I'm a big fan of body products, especially brands like Lush, MOR & Philosophy. I'd love to try Premium Spa, it's an Oz brand that's affordable & also offers natural & deliciously scented body products. Ticks all the boxes for me with regards to what I truly love using. I'm confident doing a detailed & timely review, I am often doing beauty trials & reviews for Beautyheaven, Primped, DDGD & Rescu, plus Lancome & L'oreal.

    Linda Vesinger

  5. My comment just disappeared when I tried to publish?? How weird?! Here I go again!
    1. The lovely land of Denmark
    2. Darling Oliver is a cutie
    3. Tangerine & Lime Zest sounds divine!
    4. I've heard and seen only great things about this product floating around on blogs and YouTube videos - my favourite ways of getting beauty news! I like that it's simple in ingredients (no nasties, yay) and packaging design so it'll be a life saver in the following months when the harshness of winter takes full force on my skin. Oh how I love shower time in winter!!

    Thanks hun, I'd love to review products to say thank you for the chance to try them! :)


  6. Mia of smilingfilipina@gmail.com

    1. Dazzling Denmark
    2.Future blogger Oliver
    3. Citrus scent that I love as well!!
    4. I would like to be a product tester as I love giving opinions about products I have used. I also love body scrubs and I use it every other day to keep my skin soft and radiant. I absolutely love trialing new products and I've tried several products with shea butter and I love how it gives me a relaxing feeling afterwards.Natural or organic products are a plus for me as we're consuming too much chemicals already and Premium Spa seems to be a brand that I can easily love! :)

  7. 1. Denmark
    2. Oliver
    3. Citrus scents
    4. I would like to trial this body scrub from Premium Spa because I use body scrubs regularly and I love discovering new products that I can add to my regular beauty routine! I will do a thorough review as I am regularly trialling different products from various beauty sites.
    My name: Angela
    Email: missangela101(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to be a reviewer!
    Now, the answers are:
    Denmark, Oliver, and citrus scents,
    I would like to be able to try and review this Premium Spa body scrub because my skin could seriously use some TLC! It sounds like a beautiful product with quality ingredients, and I would love to see how it treats my sensitive skin.
    Thank you,
    Michelle (kookla123@yahoo.com)

  9. Denmark! Oliver! Citrus scent!
    Love to trial this product as I've got very dry flaky skin. Being able to try this product will not only benefits me but for me to share my review on this product to people who is having similar skin situation as me. A plus point for all the ingredients used which is source from natural and organic which makes this product with good quality and makes me excited. Love the fact this product will be able to stimulate lymphatic circulation and boost the elimination of toxins which is great on my dull skin. Hope I will be able to join this trial. :)

    Thank you.

  10. Denmark!
    Citrus scent!
    Love to trial this product as I have dry flaky skin which is terrible especially during winter. Being able to trial this product will not only benefits me but also for me to share my review of this product to people with similar skin situation as me. With dull dry skin it's really a great to hear this scrub does not only remove dead skin but also stimulate lymphatic circulation and boost the elimination of toxins. Product with source of natural ingredients it's alway top on my beauty product criteria as I know not only it will benefits me but towards the environment too. So this scrub from Premium Spa ticks all the criteria that I'm searching for. Hopefully I will be able to try out this product and share the Love. :)

    Thank you.

  11. Hello! I'm Sarah here.
    You're from Denmark. Your little boy it's Oliver! You Love Citrus Scent!
    Winter it's here and I need a Great product to get rid of my dead skin as well as get away from Toxins from me.
    Love to try out new product and think it's great to be able to share my thoughts. Heard a lot about the benefits of Rose hip oil and shea butter it's an old time favourite of mine!

  12. Which country do I come from - Denmark!
    What is the name of my little boy - Oliver
    What is my preferred scent (hint, you’ll find the answer in one of my Premium Spa reviews) Citrusy ones :)
    Finally, tell why you’d like to trial this Body Scrub from Premium Spa My skin is definitely in need of some TLC now that it's warming up...I'd love to try the scrub and see if it helps me look my best for sundress season! And I love products with shea. :)

    I'm Michaela- yousoldtheworld at gmail dot com :)

  13. 1. Denmark
    2. Oliver
    3. Citrus Scents
    4. As an busy everyday mum I am always experimenting with beauty products to find the most cost effective, beneficial and most effective skincare. I have tried so many products over the years and feel my experiences with skin care are relevant to the everyday mums out there. Wanting to combat the damaging signs of the sun, reduce those fine lines and improve the overall quality and appearance of our skin. Us girls work hard with our families and need the most effective products we can find. We also need to find products that aren't too time consuming to use. Premium Spa has a great reputation and to trial the body scrub would be terrific. I tend to use a face scrub but forget about the rest of my body - it's about time I give myself an overall exfoliation, spoil and transform my body. My review will be guaranteed to be honest and thorough.

    Regards, Rachel

  14. 1. Denmark.
    2. Oliver
    3. Citrus scents
    4. I love rosehip and shea products and this scrub sounds excellent for me. I have dry and sensitive skin in winter so need to use products like this to keep my skin in good condition.
    I have written reviews on many products before and I am happy to go into lots of detail about the product and how it worked (or did not work) for me. My reviews are honest, and provide constructive criticism if I feel that somehow needs to be improved. I can also submit the review by the deadline.

    Jess - jessy7723@gmail.com

  15. 1. Denmark
    2. Oliver
    3. Citrus scents
    4. I often use body scrubs and I believe that I will be able to provide honest and valuable input for I myself have tried different products, from different brands, and with various ingredients. I am thorough and detail oriented, and love giving helpful feedback to other product consumers. I am especially excited to review the body scrub because of its natural and organic ingredients, as I would love to see how it will fare with other body scrubs that I have previously tried

    Name: Elaine - esatrillano@gmail.com

  16. One: Denmark
    Two: Oliver
    Three. Citrus fragrances.

    I'd love to trial this product because I am a Body-Scrub-Aficionado, I have sensitive skin and I adore rosehip oil! My skin is temperamental at the best of times and it gets flaky and dry, particularly during the winter season. A gentle, nourishing scrub is exactly what my skin needs! In addition, am currently using rosehip for my face and have seen excellent results - I'd adore to try rosehip on the rest of my body too ;)

    Reviewing beauty products is definitely right up my alley - I love to get my paws in the newest product on the block and give others my honest opinion. I haven't ever tried products from Premium Spa, but the natural and organic ingredients look rather delectable and that's why I'd love give this product scrub a whirl! Thank you!

    Name: Jenny
    dripping_paper (at) hotmail (dot) com

  17. cathy van leuveren16 June 2014 at 14:26

    1. Denmark.
    2. Oliver
    3. Citrus scents

    I am a new liker to premium spa products, have used their foot products and fallen in love...don't usually use a body scrub ..but love trying and sharing new products..and this one looks delectable

  18. Denmark
    Citrus Scents
    I would so love to be a tester for you I would give an honest opinion of the product and I also love body scrubs

  19. Fingers crossed, I would love to try it!

  20. I received the body scrub today and it looks and smells divine! I am really looking forward to trying it out.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know. I glad to hear you love it too! Enjoy xx


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