17 June 2014


I was so excited when I heard that the UK brand Anatomicals had finally arrived on Aussie soil, after having heard so many rave reviews about the products. Here are my thoughts on the *Anatomicals Peppermint and Lemon Hand Soap, Citrus Body Scrub and Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Cleanser;

What They Say:
Whatever you look like, whatever shape you’re in, we only want you for your body. We don’t want you for your money - our bodycare is only $8.99 and handcare is a steal at $7.99. In summary?  Well, we only want you for your body. Truth is, we’ve only wanted you for your body for quite a few years now. We’ll continue to only want you for your body many years hence. We’ll only want you for your body when most of it has gone south and dropped faster than underperforming tech stocks. In fact, we’ll still only want you for your body when the only other people who’ll want you for your body will be medical research facilities.

Hand Soap: $7.99
Body Scrub: $8.99
Body Cleanser: $8.99

Available from Target, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

What I Say:
I instantly feel in love with these products from Anatomicals, even before trying them or smelling them –their brightly coloured packaging is just such a refreshing change, and they look amazing in the bathroom. Next is the quirky and cheeky witticisms and in some cases also illustrations on each of the products. I love!

But let’s start from the start….

The Anatomicals Peppermint and Lemon Hand Soap comes in a gorgeous green square bottle with yellow pump, and aside from the name, it also has the text ‘Silly twits ignore their mitts’.
And on the back of the bottle the text ‘You wouldn’t leave the toilet before washing your hands, would you? You wouldn’t take out the rotting garbage, then neglect to wash your hands, would you? You wouldn’t treat someone’s gaping wound without first and after washing your hands, would you? You wouldn’t change a baby’s soiled nappy and fail to wash your hands, would you? You wouldn’t prepare food and forget to wash your hands, would you? Oh, you would? Then, you wouldn’t mind if we decline you dinner invitation, would you? Sorry, we’re washing our hands that night? We only want you for your body’ Hahahaha – how cool – and so very true is that!!

The creamy soap, as the name suggests, has a quite strong pepperminty scent, although, unfortunately, I cannot detect the lemon (my favourite scent) – but as the peppermint is so nice, I don’t mind. And being one of those to wash my hands a lot during the day, due to changing nappies!! – it is such a nice refreshing scent, and different to the floral scents that usually found in hand soaps. The soap froths up easily and leaves the hands feeling soft and without being dried out. I like, it makes it such a joy to wash my hands, even for the 30th time in a day!!

The Citrus Body Scrub comes in a cute lolly pink tube with a yellow flip lid, and as well as the name, it has the text ‘The buff stuff’ on the front.
On the back of the bottle it has the following writing ‘If you had enuff of your skin being all ruff and your epidermis is as tuff as a Scotsman called McDuff (when it really should be as soft and as smooth as a delicate cream puff), then this is no salesman guff or marketing fluff, you, my dear, need the buff stuff’. And it also has a cute picture like this..

And this stuff smells aaaaaahmazing. Yeah, I know, as I may have mentioned once or twice (ok, maybe a few more times!), I love citrus scents – and this one is so lovely and zesty, and just so refreshing. Perfect to give that old body a jump start in the mornings, when a strong cup of caffeine just wont do it. And it has just the right amount of pumice scrubbers in it without being too rough, and it leaves the skin feeling almost as soft as a baby’s bottom (OK, maybe not quite), but it is so soft and smooth,. And once rinsed off, my skin smells divine. Oh man, I love this stuff!

Finally, the Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Cleanser, also bears the text ‘Shower to the people’.
It has the following writing on the back ‘the battle against authoritarianism leaves hardly any time for getting fresh and fragrant. However, radicals have to cleanse themselves sometimes. Not of their romantic views of idealism and utopianism, but of the sweat and grime that goes hand in hand with protesting and fighting to overthrow maniacal depots (who shower in their Italian marble palaces of steam) and oppressive right-wing military juntas. Which is why this socialist gel is endorsed by the membership of the WRP (washer’s Revolutionary Party). We only want you for your body.
This body cleanser comes in a square bottle like the hand soap, and has a gorgeous lime green colour, and again, with the trademark yellow pump, which makes it easy and fuss free to use in the shower. And as the name suggests, it is another zesty lemon scent, that I’ve fallen in love with instantly, and as I use it, it fills my shower and bathroom with such a lovely refreshing scent. It leaves my skin feeling so lovely, - the only problem is that my husband has also taken a liking to it, so unfortunately I won’t get to keep this one to myself!

All the Anatomicals products are paraben free which is a great bonus, and on the back of each product it also says that ‘Is it a bottle? Is it a tin can? Is it a cardboard box? No, it’s Recycleman. And if you don’t recycle all our packaging, he’ll track you down and recycle you’. Haha, I love that, what a great way of trying to encourage that the packaging is recycled.

There are 15 products available in the Anatomicals product range, which include two body scrubs, four body cleansers, three body lotions, three hand soaps, and three hand creams – all with mouth-watering ingredients and scents. And priced at just $7.99 and $8.99 they are so budget friendly too, that I will definitely have to try out the rest of the products in the range – and get backups of the Citrus Body Scrub and the Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Cleanser for when I run out, as these two products have made it straight to my Holy Grail list!

And I know that there are more products available in the UK including lipbalms, haircare, and face masks, so I really hope that these will become available to us Aussies in the not too distant future to!
*These products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Ever heard of Anatomicals? Tried any of their products, or keen on trying? What scent is your favourite? Can you keep your beauty products away from your other half?


  1. Only came across these products today on fb and will look out for them in my local priceline. I too am smitten with the bright and easy to read packaging and love the names and the 'fine print' sounds quite novel.

    I love citrus and keen to try the hand soap with grapefruit and mandarain "whole lotta shakin' goin' on"!

    Their website's pretty cool and funky too - made me laugh!

    1. I'm definitely keen on trying out more products too as I love the ones I've tried so far. And I agree, everything from their packaging, the writing on the packaging and their website is just so fresh and fun!

  2. Oh how cool is the packaging?! I love the sound/look of these products, rushing off to try them...I want it all :)

    1. Hahaha, you and me both....lucky the products are so well priced!

  3. Replies
    1. Very cute indeed - so happy that they have finally arrived in Australia after hearing so much about them from overseas!


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