22 September 2013

Up and Close with…. Jade from Australia’s Next Top Model – The new ambassador for Colgate Optic White

Are you watching Australia’s Next Top Model and following all the antics in the mansion?

Last week's the challenge on Australia’s Next Top Model was to attend a casting for Colgate Optic White where the prize is a paid national Colgate campaign, where the girls had to dazzle everyone on the set. And to no surprise Jade came out the winner with her positive her fantastic attitude and incredible smile.

I’ve had a chat with Jade to discuss her time on Australia's Next Top Model..

Firstly congratulations on winning the challenge on Australia's Next Top Model 2013 - What inspired you to enter the Australia's Next Top Model competition? Have you always wanted to model?

Jade: I have always had a dream to model, however it also seemed so unattainable to me! After lots of encouragement from friends and family, I took the plunge and auditioned! Never thought I would be even given a chance, but look at me now! This opportunity has fast tracked my dream career by giving me the chance to be in a national campaign for Colgate Optic White!

What it like being a part of the show? And what was the biggest challenge you faced during your time on the show?

Jade: It’s really quite unstable and unpredictable, and we were surprised with new challenges and tasks daily! They wanted to keep us on the edge of our seats, and we were definitely all very nervous and uptight as well as excited and thrilled to be a part of the show. The biggest challenge is definitely having to adjust to a completely different world and daily schedule, even the way I trained and ate changed, and to not have much contact with my family was also very difficult for me and most of the girls.


How does it feel to have been named a new ambassador for Colgate Optic White?

Jade: I cannot even express my happiness in words, being the face of Colgate Optic White is such a brilliant opportunity and I am so grateful to the Foxtel and Colgate Team for giving me the privilege to be their ambassador! I honestly feel on top of the world!

And what are your hopes for the future? What is the ultimate job you’d like to book as a model? 

Jade: I would love to continue on modelling and building my own empire and brand, as well as finishing of my University double degree of International Studies and Law. I believe education is extremely important but I am ambitious and want to make sure I continue to pursue modelling as it is one of my great loves. The ultimate job would definitely be a covergirl for Vogue Australia, but I would also love to walk in The New York and Paris Fashion weeks next year.


What are the best tips you picked up by the stylists or make-up artists working behind the scenes on the show?

Jade: I honestly suck at doing my own hair! When I am at home I just put it up in a pony or a bun. At work, it’s constantly being moulded into a new hairstyle though, so I avoid using heat or products on it when I’m not doing a modelling job.

How do you keep your body in such tip-top condition - do you follow a special exercise regime or eat a special diet?

Jade: I drink LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of tea! I am a tea freak! And I eat clean most of the time! However it is important to allow yourself to have treats (I love chocolate and homemade pizzas!) J I take a multi vitamin and fish oil in the morning also to make sure I am getting all the good stuff I need. I am also a vegetarian so I need to make sure I get all my vitamins and minerals and macro nutrients.

What’s your beauty regime?

Jade: My beauty Regime is pretty minimal, I use organic facial and body products that are free from animal testing and all the nasty stuff that some companies put in their products. I moisturise every day (or try to). The truth is, I don’t really get my nails done weekly and I cannot remember the last time I sat in a hairdresser seat! Should probably go for a visit sometime soon…

Tell me about some of your beauty secrets?

Jade: I Keep it simple and natural! The secret to being beautiful on the outside is definitely taking care of your insides, so I exercise daily and make sure I only put the best foods in my body

What's on your bathroom shelf? And what are your make-up and skincare must haves?

  • Sukin Skin care range – friendly on your skin and to the environment
  • Palmers coco butter moisturizer
  • Paw paw is a must
  • BB Cream
  • Colgate Optic White

    What's one fashion accessory you couldn't live without?
    Jade: A backpack! I take a backpack everywhere with me!

    Do you watch Australia’s Next Top Model? What do you think of Jade’s Colgate campaign?
    Have you tried Colgate Optic White (check out my review here!)? Or what about Sukin Skincare (see one of my reviews here) or Palmers Coco Butter Moisturiser (see one of my reviews here)?
    What are your beauty secrets?
    *Images courtesy of Foxtel, Palmer's Australia, Colgate and Sukin.



    1. I don't watch the show - don't remember when I stopped to watch it, cos its real fun :). Anyhow, the young lady is gorgeous and I wish her all the best in the future :)!


      1. She does look amazing doesn't she - she has such a beautiful smile!


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