28 September 2013

Product Review: ELES Liquid Lustre in Tempest

I used to mainly wear lipsticks, but currently being a stay-at-home mum with our 14 week old son, I have taken a more casual approach to my makeup and consequently been using more lipglosses. Here are my thought son the * ELES Liquid Lustre in Tempest;

What They Say:

"An intense lip plumper and lip gloss that imparts a beautiful sparkle and shine to create sensuous and seriously sexy lips without stinging or tingling. Unique Lip Plumping Peptide Complex instantly reshapes the mouth for dramatic volume while infused diamond particles create a translucent 3D effect. Paraben free and fragrance free."

RRP: $37.50 (5g) – Available from ELES Mineral Makeup Online

What I Say:

I have recently fallen for the makeup from ELES including the Mineral Eye Shadow, the Powder Liner and especially the Mineral Blush, and with this lipgloss the love affair continues.

I love that the ELES is mineral makeup free of heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. The products contain no chemical ‘nasties’ or potential irritants, such as fragrance, talc, oil and dyes, but contain added natural ingredients.

While I do like wearing a brighter coloured lip gloss that with a neutral and casual makeup look to make my lips pop, I also love the look of a god neutral lip. 

The ELES Liquid Lustre in Tempest is a pale peachy-pink colour in the tube, but once on the lips this colour doesn’t show much, rather you can see a lovely sheen and shine – and while I am not overly fond of too shiny or glittery lip glosses (or other makeup for that matter), the ELES Liquid Lustre has just the right amount of sheen, so it also looks great used on top of a lipstick.

The Liquid Lustre lipgloss comes in a sleek square plastic tube with a black lid holding the small brush applicator so it is fairly easy to apply, although it has a slightly thick formula, so I think it would possibly have been easier to apply and spread if it had had a sponge applicator. The lipgloss it is so lovely to wear, feeling very moisturising on the lips but without making the lips feel sticky.

The lipgloss is containing “Lip Plumping Peptide Complex instantly reshapes the mouth for dramatic volume”, but I have to say that I am not quite sure that I feel that it really does give a dramatic plumping effect. But in saying that the nice sheen does make the lips appear a little fuller.

Lipglosses are not known for staying put for long, yet it does have a fairly good staying power of a few hours before it needs to be reapplied, although it has to be reapplied sooner if I eat or drink anything.

What I Like:
  • The sleek packaging
  • That it doesn’t contain any chemical nasties, but rather natural ingredients
  • That it has a lovely sheen without being over the top
  • Fantastic on its own, but also perfect to use on top of a lipstick     

What I Don’t Like:
  • That it is a little pricey
  • Not readily available, it can only available online or through select outlets

At $37.50 the lipgloss is a little expensive, but as I love how it looks on my lips, how comfortable it is to wear, and not least that it is free from chemical nasties, which I feel is worth paying extra for, I feel it is worth the higher price tag.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you tried any of the products from ELES? What is your favourite lipgloss? And what is the most you would be prepared to spend on a lipgloss? And do you prefer bright colours or subtle neutrals?



  1. Love the packaging but expensive !!

    1. Yes, it is a little pricey, but as it doesn't contain any chemical nasties, I feel it is worth it!

  2. OK, I feel like all my comment are the same LOL - I'd love to try it, but it's not available in Slovenia :). But I feel it would work great for me too, since I'm not very fond of sticky or overly shiny lip glosses. And what a pretty shade! Love it.
    Have a great weekend :)!


  3. Pretty color! I usually prefer lipsticks but this lipgloss sounds great. I hope someday they will ship internationally:)

    1. Fingers crossed that one day they will, they make some amazing products.


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