17 September 2013

Product Review: Clarins Age Control Hand Lotion SPF15

They say hands are one of the first areas to show age. And no wonder, they are always exposed to the environments, be it cold winds during winter or the harsh sun during summer. And then there’s the constant washing them. I have somehow managed to more or less always get hubby to do the dishes (he says I don’t do them very well!!), but having two dogs, who love to give you ‘kisses’ licking your hands, I do wash them frequently, and especially now that we have a 12-week old son. And then there are all the diaper changes too, which are always followed by a hand wash too. Needless to say that my hands are always crying out for some TLC, and I go through lots and lots of hand cream. Here are my thoughts on the *Clarins Age Control Hand Lotion SPF15;

What They Say:
"A lightweight lotion formulated specially to lighten the appearance of dark spots whilst protecting the skin to prevent future ageing. Imbued with Mulberry and Grape extracts, Clarins Age-Control Hand Lotion SPF15 works to seal in moisture and prevent damage caused by UV rays, helping to comfort and heal dry, red, patchy skin whilst strengthening nails."

RRP: $38 (100ml) – Available from August 19, 2013 from department stores, select pharmacies and Clarins counters

 What I Say: 

The Clarins Age Control Hand Lotion SPF15 claims to be ideal for maintaining smooth, soft, youthful looking hands that are also well-hydrated. Perfect for daytime use, the lightweight, non-oily texture is quickly absorbed. It veils the hands in an invisible, satin finish that enhances the prettier-looking hands and nails instantly.

And the lotion really is lightweight and absorbs into the hands instantly, without any need to massage it in. and hands are really left with a lovely soft powdery satin feel, without feeling greasy or sticky. But this also means that in regards to the claim of leaving the hands well-hydrated, I have to say that while I am sure the cream provides the right amount of moisture, but it may not feel like it. In saying that, I do like that I can apply this hand lotion, and get on with my day immediately, I can tough my son, the keyboard on computer or the steering wheel in my car, without leaving behind greasy residue.

I have some pigmentation and brown spots on my hands, so I love the fact that the cream contains ingredients to help reduce these and protect from future ageing. But how has the cream performed after using it for about 3 weeks….

Unfortunately I have not seen any major improvement in the appearance of the pigmentation, but as these marks have developed over a long time, it would also be a big ask to see them vanish within such a short time. But I can say that my skin does look nicer and I dare say slightly more even-toned, and my nails, including cuticles are no longer feeling as dry, having clearly benefited from the daily use of this lotion.

The hand lotion contains SPF15, which is a nice but also required when you live under the harsh Australian sun, but unlike most other hand creams that contain SPF and often leave behind greasy fingerprints on everything you touch, the Clarins Age Control Hand Lotion – Clarins has truly mastered the dry-touch sunscreen!

As with all Clarins products, the hand lotion contains a variety of plant extracts, but unfortunately it also contains a few chemical nasties including parabens and added fragrance, which I personally would prefer to see gone. Regardless, the hand lotion smells amazing, a subtle floral scent, which also lingers on the hands for long after the cream has absorbed into the hands, and as I really love this scent, I can’t stop smelling my hands.

The hand lotion comes in an up-side-down simple white tube with a screw lid and the iconic Clarins red writing on the tube.

At $38 for 100ml, this is not a cheap hand lotion, but it is very concentrated, and considering that this is a luxurious high-end anti-ageing product, I still find it is worth it.

What I Like:
  • It absorbs instantly into the hands without leaving behind a greasy residue
  • It leaves the hands with a powdery satin feel
  • It contains ingredients to help minimise and prevent the signs of ageing
  • It contains SPF15
  • It has the most gorgeous gentle floral scent

What I Don’t Like:
  • It could be a little more moisturising
  • It contains among others parabens and added fragrance
  • The price - It could be a little cheaper!

Overall, while the hand lotion doesn’t feel very moisturising, I still really like it, especially for use during the day – and then I can resort to using a thicker cream at night before going to bed. I love that it contains SPF protecting my hands from future damage, and that it contains ingredients that help minimise and prevent the signs of ageing. If you can afford the splurge, and are looking to prevent your hands from showing the signs of ageing, then I’m sure you’ll love it too!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
What do you think of this Age-Control Hand Lotion from Clarins? How much would you pay for an anti-ageing hand lotion? Do you use anti-ageing hand creams?


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