18 September 2013

Product Review: L’Oreal Paris NutriLift Gold Anti-ageing Serum Foundation

Over the years I have tried a lot of different foundations, and best as I have found my perfect match, it is often discontinued – don’t you just hate it when that happens!! After moisturiser, foundation is for me the most important makeup item, making such a huge difference to your look. Here are my thoughts on the L’Oreal Paris NutriLift Gold Anti-ageing Serum Foundation; 

What They Say: 
"NutriLift Gold Anti-Ageing Serum Foundation is the first foundation by L’Oreal Paris that offers a concentration of powerful anti-ageing ingredients stabilised in a beautiful foundation formula. The revolutionary formula provides the immediate and visible correction of signs of ageing combined with long-lasting anti-ageing effects. On application, the formula’s pigments plus pure gold micro particles provide ideal coverage and amazing radiance. Lasting anti-ageing benefits are provided by the formula’s 30% precious oils and anti-ageing actives - including Pro-Xylane which stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin – which offer intense hydration and a smoother skin surface long-term."
RRP: $39.95 (25ml) – Available from department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and Priceline. 
What I Say: 
The NutriLift Gold Anti-Ageing Serum Foundation contains six anti-ageing ingredients, which include Pro Retinol, Pro Lastyl, Hyaluronic Acid, Pro-Xylane, Vitamin C and Collagen. Together these ingredients, stabilised in a serum foundation claims to long-lasting benefits including reduced imperfections and wrinkles, smoother and more radiant skin. 
Having ageing skin, I was very excited to trial this foundation, but with combination skin, also worried, as many anti-ageing products are simply too rich or heavy for my skin, leading to congestion and skin breakouts. But I didn’t need to worry, as I experienced no breakouts whatsoever. 
I was lucky to trial a few different colours; Creamy Beige (150), Rose Beige (160), Beige Glow (170) and Golden Beige (180) – and of those, Rose Beige, Beige Glow were both perfect matches for my medium beige and winter pale skin.

Left to right: Creamy Beige (150), Rose Beige (160),
Beige Glow (170) and Golden Beige (180)
But in spite of the foundation being available in seven different colours, and the colour Creamy Beige is the second pales colour, I can imagine that those that are very fair would struggle finding a perfect match. 
I have a fair bit of pigmentation (not exactly helped by my recent pregnancy), as well as I have some dark spots and scarring from marks from past acne, but the NutriLift Gold Anti-Ageing Serum Foundation has a medium coverage and does an amazing job at covering everything up, while still looking natural and not caked on.
According to L’Oreal, the foundation contains pure gold micro particles, which did make me worry that the foundation would be too glittery and shiny, which is not great on ageing skin as it is only highlighting fine lines and wrinkles. But again I needn’t worry, as the foundation simply gives a nice, healthy glow and radiance, which is subtle and very natural looking. 
The NutriLift Gold Anti-ageing Serum Foundation is easy to apply, and blends quickly and easily using my fingers, although I still feel that I get a much nicer and more even look when I use a foundation brush. 
The foundation is very moisturising, another great feature for ageing skin, and yet it wears very well, without changing colour, or settling into fine lines or wrinkles. With combination skin, I usually have to touch up my lunch time, but when using a primer underneath, I can wear this all day, without the need to touch up. And that is without using a powder on top to set it with, as I find it such a shame to hide the beautiful radiant glow. 
Some long wearing foundation are quite difficult to remove, but using my regular cleanser, and double cleansing as I always do, I find it easy to remove the foundation. And once the foundation has been removed, my skin feels so extremely soft, smooth and moisturised, clearly having benefited from the included anti-ageing serum in the foundation. 
The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which I really love, as it is so easy to get just the amount of foundation you need without any wastage. But I am yet to see how easy it will be to completely empty the foundation, I have my fingers crossed that there won’t be too much wastage. The glass bottle does make the foundation feel a little more luxurious, but it does make it a heavy, especially if you’re planning on carrying it around in your cosmetic purse in your handbag. And of course you will need to be extra careful of not dropping it on the bathroom floor!
The NutriLift Gold Anti-ageing Serum Foundation has a nice gentle scent floral scent, which quickly fades once the foundation has been applied to the skin. 
I also love that it contains SPF20, although I am not sure why this fact can only be seen by tiny writing on the label on the back of the bottle. 
At $39.95 for 25ml, this foundation is a little more expensive for a drugstore foundation, also seeing it only contains 25ml as opposed to the (I think) standard 30mls of most other foundation. However, considering that this is an anti-ageing foundation, which is always more expensive than regular foundations, and as this one also has the added benefit of being a multi-tasking products doubling as a serum, I still find it great value. 
What I Like:
  • That it has anti-ageing properties through the added serum
  • It contains SPF20
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It contains anti-ageing properties
  • It wears well, even on my combination skin
What I Don’t Like:
  • I really don’t have any negatives to say about this foundation!

Overall, this is a fabulous foundation, and I love how it gives my skin a good coverage and a nice glow, while still looking natural and cares my skin at the same time. What’s not to love, so I think I’ve found my perfect foundation, so I will without a doubt purchase this again! If you too have mature skin, I’m sure you’ll love it too! 
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
What do you think of this NutriLift Gold Anti-ageing Serum Foundation? Do you use anti-ageing foundations? Which foundation is your favourite? How much money do you usually spend on a foundation?



  1. Gold particles sound interesting) I am quite satisfied with my Maybelline foundation, it's better than some high-end products I used in the past. I think I would try this one too...

    1. Luckily you cant really see the gold particles, as I don't like too shimmery foundations.

    2. I bought and used this product in Luxembourg. I can safely say that no other product comes even close second to it. The radiance it endows is unbelievable . I actually have had people asking me for my new beauty therapist . I love this product .

  2. That was really helpful, since I'm on a hunt for a new foundation. I was thinking the ones from Jouer, but maybe I'll get this one too :D!


    1. Thanks Gita. I have never tried anything from Jouer, so if you do get one and review it, let me know as I'd love to hear how they perform.

  3. I heard the sunscreen in this product is not a good one & that it is not broad spectrum either- unfortunately. To be truly anti-aging sunscreen is key. I think this foundation is lovely as well, however I would use a broad spectrum sunscreen 30+ ( Neutrogena has a good facial one I use) underneath the foundation.

    1. I think it is a must that foundations have SPF, but even so, I always use one underneath anyway. And I agree, the facial one from Neutrogena is great, and comes at a good price too!

  4. If you have tried Loreal True Match, how would you say this compares? I am interested in this foundation and wonder if it would be more suitable for my skin. i have combination skin which around the mouth and nose gets dry, but with a slightly oily forehead. Does this foundation emphasis dry spots? Also which shade suited you the best, and if you have tried Loreal True Match, which shade suited you in that? Sorry for all the questions, im just really curious. :)

    1. Dont apologise, I'm happy to help whenever I can, but unfortunately i haven't tried True Match so I can't compare. But this one works very well with my combination skin. As it is anti-ageing formula, it is very moisturising, so I'd say it is fine with the dry skin, but not sure if it would be too much for the oilier parts. Maybe you can try to sample a little on your skin in Priceline..

  5. I've just purchased this today and thought I would check out the reviews. All good news so far. Will let you know how I got on.


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