24 September 2013

Product Review: Luminesce Advance Night Repair

Once upon a time, using the same moisturiser day and night was sufficient for my skin. But these days, I feel that my skin is needing a little more at night time, and not to mention, day creams these days usually contain SPF, which I don’t find ideal using during the night, as I think it often contributes to my skin breaking out. However, having combination skin, finding the right cream is often a challenge. Here are my thoughts on the *Luminesce Advanced Night Repair;

What They Say:
"The Luminesce Advanced Night Repair works while you sleep. This powerful cosmeceutical is designed to enhance specific metabolic pathways involved in the ageing process. It includes naturally derived ingredients that combat the appearance and signs of premature ageing."

RRP: $79.15 (30ml) – Available from Jeunesse Global

What I Say:
I have recently trilled the Luminesce Essential Body Renewal, and as it is such an amazing body cream, I was excited to be trialling the Luminesce Advanced Night Repair as well.

The Luminesce Advance Night Repair contains among others a blend of vitamins including A, B, C and E to help replenish and rejuvenate the skin with antioxidants. It also contains apple, lentil, watermelon and cucumber extracts to help prevent trans-epidermal water loss by locking in hydration, and Baicalin which promotes new cell growth and allows for easier exfoliation of old cells, creating a younger looking skin surface. Finally it also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps plump and soften the appearance of the skin. And a thing that I love is that it is hypoallergenic and free from parabens.

As mentioned, I have ageing skin with the first signs of ageing starting to show, including fine lines and wrinkles, and what’s bothering me even more, a dull skin tone with increasing pigmentation. And with combination skin prone to breakouts, I am always worried when trialling new cream, especially night creams as they are simply often too rich and heavy for my skin, making it congested and break out in no time.

The Luminesce Advance Night Repair Cream is packaged in a stylish silver jar, - I do normally prefer moisturisers in a pump as it is a little easier to use, and not to mention more hygienic, especially when you as me have combination skin and need to use so little cream that a jar will last you forever. But what I love about the Luminesce Night Cream is that it actually comes with a spatula, such a small thing, yet something you sadly rarely get with moisturisers in jars! Big bonus points.

The cream is concentrated and it spreads so easily that about a pea size of cream is more than enough for my face – so after about a month of use I have only used about a third of the jar, so I expect it to last a good three months.

Unlike other night creams which are often extremely thick and heavy, the Luminesce Night Cream is very light, almost a gel. And it absorbs instantly into my skin leaving it so extremely soft and without that greasy feeling that I often get from night creams.

And with most night creams, often I wake the next morning to a face that is shiny and so greasy, but that is not the case with Luminesce Night Cream – my skin is soft and clearly thoroughly moisturised, yet there is no grease in sight. More bonus points!

The cream has a subtle fruity fragrance, no doubt coming from the cucumber, apple and watermelon extracts – and this scent is so lovely that I’d love it to linger for a bit, but unfortunately , but it quickly fades after the cream has absorbed into the skin.

So how has this cream performed after using it for about a month – well I’m happy to say that it has not caused any breakouts, on the contrary I actually think it has helped minimise them! My skin is so thoroughly moisturised, and fine lines and those annoying frown lines seem to have softened in appearance, and my skin just looks healthier. I am impressed!

At $79.15 for 30ml this is a little expensive, but then again it is in line with similar quality high end branded night creams sold in the department stores.

What I Like:
  • That is such a light gel that absorbs quickly into my skin, and doesn’t leave any greasiness
  • It is hypoallergenic and free from parabens
  • That it doesn’t make my skin breakout
  • That my skin looks healthier and fine lines and frown lines seem softened
  • The stylish packaging and that it comes with a spatula
  • The beautiful fruity fragrance

What I Don’t Like:
  • The price
  • That it is only available for purchase online

Overall, I am really impressed with this night cream from Luminesce as it has really delivered on its promises as I can really see and feel a difference in my skin after just a month of use, - with a baby I am rarely (read no longer!) getting my required beauty sleep at night, but I am convinced that this cream helps make it look like I’ve had more Zzzzzz than I really have -  so I can only imagine the difference and improvement the cream would make with long-term use, and in connection with the other products from the Luminesce Advance line.
As it is so perfect for my combination skin, I can imagine that it would also be suitable for those with more oily skin types, while I am not sure that it would provide sufficient moisture for those with dry skin. My skin is absolutely loving this cream, and if you can afford the expensive price tag, I am sure you will love it too!
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


Have you ever tried any of the products from Luminesce? How much would you be prepared to pay for an anti-ageing night cream? Which anti-ageing night cream is your favourite


  1. I think this would work perfect for me in the colder months - autumn, winter. And I agree, the packaging is so posh :)!


    1. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I always fall for products in gorgeous packaging!


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