26 September 2013

Product Review: Karpati Natural Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Repair

I have very long and thick hair, and when I got pregnant, everyone kept telling me to enjoy that it was so thick, healthy and shiny, as once our baby was born, my hair would take a turn for the worse, and start to fall out… and just the thought of that was pretty dreadful, so I have been pretty conscious in making sure that I’ve been using the best products to care for my tresses. Here are my thoughts on the *Karpati Natural Hair Care Sulphate-Free Shampoo, Silicone-Free Conditioner and Hair Repair;

What They Say:
Sulphate-Free Shampoo: "Effectively cleanses the hair and scalp without the use of sulphates and other harsh chemicals that can strip the hair of its natural oils. Designed to offer nourishment to those prone to dry scalp and any sensitivities including flaking and itching. Suitable for children."
Silicone-Free Daily Conditioner: "Naturally softens and moisturises the hair and scalp without the use of silicones or harsh chemicals. Restores the hair shine and structure without the build up of residue or weighing down the hair."
Hair Repair: "Rich, natural, highly functional leave-in conditioning treatment provides instant repair without the use of silicones or harsh chemicals. With added moisturisers, the hair becomes soft, light and silky. Enhance your hair’s natural ability to prevent split ends and manage brittle or frizzy hair caused by blow drying, chlorine, colouring or sun exposure."
RRP: Shampoo, Conditioner (400ml) $29.95 each, Hair Repair (200ml) $24.95 – Available from Kaparti Online, and selected pharmacies.

What I Say:

A months ago, I trialled the Kaparti Bio-Intelligent Enzymatic Deep Polishing Powder, which is absolutely amazing and so gentle on the skin, that I was so thrilled to also be trialling the Karpati Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Repair as well.

To be honest, it has been quite a while ago I first trialled these products – I had already used them, and then I packed them into my hospital bag when I went to hospital to give birth to my son three months ago….Then I came home with our little miracle, and everything got unpacked days and days later, without further thought, and I forgot all about writing up my review…until now…
And then a few weeks ago we were having a major tidy and clean up when I came across the products, so I thought I’d give them yet another trial…
And my verdict is exactly the same as the first time I used these products. They are fantastic.

All the products from Karpati Natural Hair Care are very natural, in fact the shampoo is made from 98% natural ingredients, while the conditioner uses 97% natural ingredients and the Hair Repair a whopping 99%. And to top it off, the shampoo is also sulphate free, the conditioner and the Hair Repair don’t contain silicone. I love the sound of that, as silicone is what often builds up in the hair, weighing it down.

The shampoo has the most gorgeous fruity scent no doubt coming from the natural grapefruit extract used. As it is sulphate free it doesn’t lather up as much as shampoos containing sulphate, but being aware of this, I resisted temptation and didn’t use more than normal – and after just one wash my hair is feeling nice and soft afterwards.
The conditioner has a medium runny consistency, and quickly absorbs into the hair – actually so quickly that it is tempting to use more, thinking that it is necessary. But it is not. Being silicone free, it rinses out of the hair very quickly, without leaving the hair feeling greasy. And afterwards my hair is quick and easy to comb (even in spite of my hair being desperately due for a haircut). The conditioner has a slight fruity scent, but also a slight hint of coconut.

I follow with the Hair Repair, which is a leave-in treatment that can be used in both wet and dry hair, which I really like, as then I can then also add a moisture boost to my hair on the days I don’t wash it. The treatment helps prevent frizzy hair and split ends while leaving it soft and manageable. It comes in a pump bottle and it is very concentrated – so concentrated that just about a teaspoon full or 4-5 pumps is more than sufficient for my long thick hair, so this one will last forever! And it really does leave the hair feeling soft and rehydrated, without feeling heavy or weighted down. Frizz has been smoothed down, and my hair has a healthy shine.

Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, it has a stronger coconut scent, and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’d know that is my least favourite scent. However, this scent luckily does fade once absorbed into the hair, and although you can still smell it in the hair during the day, it is so faint that even I can tolerate it.

What I Like:
  • That the products are made using 97-99% natural ingredients
  • The products do not contain silicones, sulphates, parabens or other chemical nasties
  • The products are not tested on animals

What I Don’t Like:
  • A little expensive
  • Only available online and at a few select pharmacies
  • That the Hair Repair has a coconut scent (which is not one of my favourite scent, but of course others may absolutely love it!)

All in all, these are fantastic products, and combined these three products leave my hair feeling so soft and looking so shiny and healthy. And I so love that they are so natural and do not contain any chemical nasties. My only gripe is the coconut scent, but given the effectiveness of the products, I can certainly put up with it – and put it this way, I’d much rather put up with a coconut scent, than other products laden with unnecessary chemicals and additives. I will definitely be keen on checking out the rest of the Karpati product range.  If you’re keen on natural products without chemical nasties, I’m sure you’ll love these products too.
* Products were kindly provided for consideration, and have been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Have you ever heard of the Karpati Natural Hair Care? Do you use natural shampoo and conditioners? Which products do you prefer? And where do you prefer to shop for these products?



  1. Aw what a shame it's your least favourite scent! At least you put up with it after having your bub, instead of during pregnancy when it might have made you sick! I really like the sound of that conditioner - I love the ones that absorb quickly but then rinse out just as quick! Some conditioners take ages to rinse out and I hate that, I really don't have the time haha!
    Glad to hear your hair is doing good! :)

    1. I was actually really lucky and had a great pregnancy, and nothing made me feel sick, except the smell of parmesan cheese!!! But yes, these products really are lovely!

  2. I know that feeling when you totally forget about a product, feeling rather "meh" about it, then you re-discover it - hallelujah! :D Sounds like a great hair treatment, but (newsflash) it's not available in our country.
    Have a great day :)!


    1. The products really are great, and I love that they are so natural. Maybe you can be lucky to find them online??


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