13 January 2013

Product Review: Vani-T Powder Blush

The perfect blush makes a massive difference to the overall look of your makeup. So constantly in search of the perfect one, I happily accepted when I was asked to trial the *Vani-T Powder Blush in Tibetan Ochre. Here are my thoughts;

What They Say:
"This ultra fine, satin-like powder blush floats over the skin giving perfect colour to the cheekbones. Triple milled, it provides long lasting colour. Contains light reflective pigments, mother of pearl powder and "nature's own face lift".

RRP: $40.95 – Available from Vani-T Online, and select beauty salons

What I Say:
As soon as I saw the Vani-T blush, I was impressed. It comes in a square shaped jar, which has a large faux diamond in the top of the lid. It will look so lovely sitting in my bathroom or on the bedroom dresser.

Having never previously tried any Vani-T products, I decided to do a little research, and I was so pleasantly surprised by what I discovered.

All of Vani-T’s products are rich in natural and organic ingredients. They contain no mineral oils or paraffins, no parabens, sulfates, talc, bismuth oxychloride. The products also do not contain any petrochemicals DEA, TEA or artificial colours, and they have not been tested on animals. Rather, the products are high in vitamins, active ingredients, natural oils and pure botanicals. The blush also contains Olive Squalene which promotes cell regeneration and cares for your skin whilst wearing.

But Vani-T also believes in preserving the earth for future generations, and does so by using recyclable products for the product packaging, off-setting the carbon emissions from the head office. Vani-T also believes in giving back to the community and assisting those in need and help fund vital research, so each month the company donates to some of the following charities; Australia Conservation Foundation, Anti Cancer Council, Land Care, Greenpeace, Breast Cancer Foundation, Smith Family, Heart Foundation , World Vision and RSPCA. Now how impressive does all of that sound – definitely a company that I feel like supporting.
And Vani-T is not only Australian owned, the blush is also Australian made, how good is that! I love supporting local brands!

Vani-T blush in the Tibetan Ochre colour does look quite dark in the packaging but when you put it on, it’ a warm rose colour. It has a slight shimmer, and I do like that it is only slight, and not over the top as often the case.

The blush is used, by with lid on, tap the container upside down to loosen the product, then turn over and tap product into lid to avoid mess. Using a blush brush pick up the blush from the inside of the lid, dust off excess powder from the brush, and apply to the cheeks using circular and buffing motions.

The blush is quite light and easy to apply. The powder went on very easily, and blended nicely. It is very pigmented, and I only needed a tiny amount to achieve a natural look. As it is so pigmented, my advice is also to be very caution when applying it, you will end up with very bright coloured cheeks. However, if you are after a stronger colour, you can easily build up the colour.

My words of advice is keep the jar on a level surface at all times, to avoid product gathering at the top making it hard to control the amount your blush brush would collect.

The blush has a satin-like formula which easily smooths out your skin for a beautiful finish, and a nice natural, healthy berry glow.

The blush lasts really well throughout out the day, even in during the very hot and humid weather we have been having in Melbourne lately, which is very impressive.

All in all, this is a very awesome blush, and it really ticks all boxes for me, so it has very quickly become one of my favourite makeup products, so I will definitely make sure to check out the rest of Vani-T’s product range. And guess what, this mineral blush, in this exact colour, Tibetan Ochre is also the favourite of Danni Minogue… and how great does she always look!!  

And for those of you in the US…don’t despair, this awesome Australian brand is coming to you shortly too! See here for more details..
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
Have you ever tried any of the products from Vani-T? What’s your favourite blush?



  1. I love how subtle the color is. It's just a few pinches notch away your natural skintone which is of course a very pretty color to use for both day and night. I agree that the right blush can do magic in completing a look too

    1. It really is gorgeous. I really wish I had come across the Vani-T brand earlier!!

  2. I've never tried Vani-T before. I'm wanting to move to more natural products (one of my new years beauty resolutions) and this is a brand on my wishlist.

    1. Using more natural skincare and makeup has been on my wishlist for a long time, and im slowly introducing more and more, and loving it!!

  3. This looks really nice :) the colour is perfect for every day!

    1. Yeah, it is really gorgeous, and im loving the colour!


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