4 January 2013

Product Review: Stayfree Ultra Thins + Giveaway

I know it's uncommon, and probably one of those taboo subjects to discuss on the world wide web, but If you are lucky enough to be a woman, then you are more or less forced into using them for a good part of your adult life, so I thought that I’d jump right into it…  Normally I don’t put a lot of thought into sanitary pads, so when I was asked to trial the *Stayfree Ultra Thin Wings pads, I wasn’t exactly excited, but then I thought why not…..so here are my thoughts….and keep reading, as you too will have a chance to try a couple of pack….probably not the most beautiful prize you’d hoped to win, but hey, then you don’t have to buy them yourself, and can save you hard-earned cash for something more beautiful..

What They Say:
"Stayfree® Regular Wings pads feature a soft cotton quilted cover, which is soft and gentle on skin, and fast lock pockets to lock away moisture, leaving you feeling comfortable throughout the day. The pads also feature 18 anti-leak channels to help prevent leakage from every angle, as well as a Thermocontrol™ cover to help keep you dry. Stayfree® Active odour neutralisers help neutralise odours before they start".

RRP: $4.99 (pack of 20 pads) – Available from supermarkets, Priceline and chemists

What I Say:
I honestly never really give much thought tho the pads that I have to buy… well that is, I hate spending my money on them, and I for one would much rather spend my money on something more fun, but such is life!! Either I like a certain brand of pads, or I simply don’t, and well, if I like them, I tend to keep buying the same ones again and again, at least then I won’t be wasting my money on some that I don’t like!!

My body and needs have changed over the years, and technology has meant that pads have gotten better and more comfortable to wear over the years. I don’t remember the brand I started using decades ago, but I do remember that it was a lot thinker and more uncomfortable to wear – definitely didn’t want to wear tight-fitting clothing in those days!
The Stayfree Ultra Think pads are fantastic for so many different reasons…
Unlike other brands, which have a plastic layer on top, the Stayfree’s are made of cotton, so that your skin is touching cotton the whole time, which makes them so much more comfortable to wear.
They are so thin and flexible, so they move with your body without bunching up or moving around, making you feel protected the entire time.

And extremely important, these pads are also incredibly absorbent, and they keep you feeling drier for longer.
The pads have a quilted core, which has a “fast lock pockets to absorb moisture instantly and lock it away in an advanced anti-leak core”. In fact, Stayfree claims that the pads have “the best ever leakage protection”.

The pads also have active odour neutralisers to provide a delicate hint of freshness to keep you feeling clean and fresh during the day.

Finally, the pads also have Thermocontrol covers, which is designed to draw moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.

The pads are wrapped in individual wrappers making them easy to carry in your handbag, without smudging or mutilating them.

Overall, I have to say that I'm really like them I can't see myself switching or trying a new brand any time soon.
*This product was kindly provided for consideration, and it has been reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

Let me know what you about the hygienic items we keep stashed around our home so that no one will figure out that we are just like every other woman out there? What you do prefer? Have you ever tried the Stayfree Ultra Thins? I'd love to hear your views on this touchy topic!!

Free Sample

And by the way, if you haven’t already done do, you can request a sample of the Stayfree Ultra Thins on their website – but hurry, this offer ends on the 7th January 2013.

Now on to the giveaway… as mentioned above, one lucky winner will have the chance to win four packs of the Stayfree Ultra Thins, with a total value of $19.80.

Entry is very easy, simply follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter form below. Select how you want to enter and do as it says.

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Follow all steps, and you will have a total of forty-two (42) entries. How easy is that!

The giveaway is open to Australia only, and it will be drawn on Saturday the 19th January 2013. The winner will be selected from random using Rafflecopter.

From contacted, the winner has 3 days hours to respond with their address details. Failure to respond within this timeframe will result in a new winner being drawn.

Note, Stayfree will send the prize to the lucky winner. I take no responsibility for lost, misdirected or damaged mail.

Good luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Jenny M for winning this giveaway. Jenny has now been contacted, and as per the rules, she has three days to get back to me with her address details.

To everyone else who entered, thank you so much, and I'm sorry that you couldn't all win!!! But stay tuned, a new giveaway will start very soon..



  1. I currently have U By Kotex and Libra in my cupboard. I have tried Stayfree, and from memory I thought that it was pretty good.

    I love reading reviews and hauls, because I'm nosey like that. :P


  2. This sounds weird but I think it would be fun to review pads ;)
    And I love reading hauls ;)

  3. Thank you for the previous giveaway which I was lucky enough to win - and that was my first ever time entering one of your giveaways!!! <3 I am also Haven Ashley on BH just so you know ;-)

    Anywho - I also HATE spending my money on all that sort of stuff. It's not fair!!! Argh! But, those pads look nice. I like anything with cotton on the top because (apparently) that's more breathable for your bits and overall healthier and more hygienic.


  4. I like that they draw the moisture away!

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    A special look for Australia Day, Valentines Day, etc.

  8. Stayfree Ultra thins are my fav brand already!


  9. Thanks for the giveaway - I'd love to see some MAC reviews in detail.

    dripping_paper (at) hotmail (dot) com


  10. i would like reviews on all different products and application tips and hints a help section on applying and choosing make up and more info on mineral make up as it interest's me thank you for the giveaway as well

    1. jody jamieson jjam8094@optusnet.com.au

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  12. Hey! I would love to see some posts on make-up tips, simple DIY projects and your favourites/regrets.
    Thanks for the giveaway, it's always nice to get some essentials free :)


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  15. All women use them, might as well talk about it lol (:

    I'd love to see a favourites blog e.g. Monthly favourites or favourite from a particular brand or categories!

    Thanks for the giveaway Karina! xx



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