6 January 2013

Product News: Anna Sui Launches Drama Queen Collection Spring 2013 Collection

New year and changing of the seasons, and new makeup collections are launched. Anna Sui goes all glam and theatrical for her spring 2013 makeup range. The new collection is named Drama Queen, and imitates the glamorous life of the 1920s Hollywood stars.

The Drama Queen makeup collection features new bright shades of lipstick, lip liner, and loose pigments, and it has everything from creamy and shimmery colours to matte shade finishes, all in a new and very glam packaging.

The lipsticks and lip liners come in a beautifully signature tubes with rose ornaments, while the Loose Pigments are housed in new decorative pots with colourful lids.

Drama Queen Lipsticks

The lipstick range includes 5 shimmery “Dazzle Base” finish lip colours, and 17 shades with a “Vivid Base” finish, for long lasting colours. The colours range from pitch black to gold to delicious pinks.

Drama Queen Lip Liner
This Lip Liner comes in 5 longwearing colours in hot pink and caramel brown semi-matte finish.

Drama Queen Loose Pigments for Eye/ Face/ Lips – Limited Edition
Available in 5 colours.


The collection is set to launch in the US in January 2013. Again, for those of us Down Under, let’s hope we will be able to get our hands on this collection soon as well.

*All images courtesy of Anna Sui.

Personally I love the look of the rose adorned lipsticks, only issue would be picking a colour.
What about you? What do you think of this new Drama Queen Collection from Anna Sui? Do you plan on buying anything?



  1. Anna Sui packaging is always so gorgeous!
    I'm really in love with the Drama Queen Lipsticks packaging.

    1. Im the same, those lipsticks just looks so divine that its a shame to hide them in a handbag!!

  2. I don't own any Anna Sui products but they have the cutest packaging! I'm eyeing some of the shades of their lipshades!

    XO Jenny @ beautykissxo

    1. Im eying off a lipstick (or two!!) as well....would look so great on the dresser..

  3. Hey hun where can you get Anna Sui in Australia?

    1. David Jones in Chadstone shopping centre used to sell it, and im pretty sure they still do, and I also think that David Jones in Melbourne CBD sell it....but im not sure about WA, maybe check DJ's there..

  4. Stunning collection. I love Anna Sui.


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