7 January 2017


If you regularly tune into the BLH Blog, You'd know that I by now have put quite a few products from Arbonne to the test (you can check them all out via the Product Directory), and common for all, is that they are really great products, so when one of their newest launches, the Arbonne Genius Ultra Skincare Device landed on my desk, I was naturally excited. I put it to the test using the Arbonne RE9 intensive Renewal Serum and the RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream and the RE9 Age-Defying Neck Cream.

The Arbonne Genius Ultra Skincare device is using a gentle ultrasound technology to support the application of Arbonne skincare products, to ensure even better results compared to using the products on their own applied with you fingers.

Arbonne claims that products, when applied with the fingers, is applied unevenly, thanks to the unevenness of the skin, but with the Genius Ultra, the gentle sound waves and the tip that warms up slightly, helps push the skincare more evenly into the skin layers, and this  ismaximising the performance of the products.

The Arbonne Genius Ultra features among others;
  • 300,000 waves per second, to help skincare absorb better into the skin
  • It has an automatic time shut-off after one minute, but has been designed to be used for 5-6 minutes of continuous use
  • It has three different levels of warmth (32C, 34C or 36C), along with gentle vibration for a customised personal comfort
  • It has a patent pending tip that makes it easier to reach difficult areas such as inner corner of the eye and corner of the nose.
  • It is gentle on the skin, and gives a soothing sensation
  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • It is dermatologist tested
It is recommended to use the Genius Ultra after applying serum and eye cream, and a minimum of once per day, but can be used as much as your skincare routine suggests. It is also suitable to be used with all types of skincare, with the exception of those containing sunscreen or acne formulations, as it may irritate the skin as a result.

I put the Arbonne Genius Ultra Skincare Device to the test using the Arbonne RE9 intensive Renewal Serum and the RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream and the RE9 Age-Defying Neck Cream.

First a quick rundown on the products..

The Arbonne RE9 intensive Renewal Serum is a concentrated serum contains among others ingredients that promises to support the development of collagen, as well as help the skin retain moisture, all while visibly firming and lifting the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, thanks to containing among others algae extract, vitamin C and sea buckthorn oil.

It also contains 2% AHA/BHA which helps soften the skin, and also give it a gently buff away the dead skin cells on the skin's surface. With my combination skin prone to breakouts, I always fear that intensive serums and creams will make my skin congested and make it breakout, but that is not the case with this serum. In actual fact, I feel that the added AHA/BHA has helped clear up existing breakouts, and keep my skin clear, and keeping it more even toned and glowing. I love that the serum has a very light consistency, that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

The Arbonne RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream promises to help the eye area look firmer and tighter, and the skin also more plumb and with fine lines minimised, due to the added vitamin C, algae extracts as well as peony root and sea extracts, tri-peptides and sea buckthorn oil. The eye cream has a very light consistency, yet it feels very intensely moisturing, without feeling too heavy around the sensitive eyes. I love it has almost no scent, as my eyes are very sensitive and overly fragranced products around my eye area often makes my eyes water. I love how it absorbs immediately without any greasiness, so it is also great for use under makeup during the day. It comes in the cutest little 'Tiffany-blue' jar with a floral design on the silver lid (you'll see the same pattern on the box that holds the jar).

Finally, the Arbonne RE9 Age-Defying Neck Cream is a rich and very intense moisturiser intended for the neck and décolleté, promising to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the richness of the cream, it does take a few moments to absorb fully into the skin, but once it has, it does leave the skin feeling velvety soft and smooth, and my neglected décolleté is clearly enjoying the intense TLC, quickly looking more plumb and youthful.

Overall, I have enjoyed using these products from Arbonne, and generally I feel they've made my skin feel soft, smooth and generally looking healthier, more glowing and radiant, and also younger looking, as fine lines really do appear reduced, in particularly around my eye area, but also on my forehead as well as that annoying frown line between my brows. But I used them in combination with the Arbonne Genius Ultra, so it is naturally difficult to say how the products would fare on their own, or how the Genius Ultra has improved the products efficacy.

I found the Genius Ultra very easy to use, and I generally used it morning and night for a few minutes in combination with the three products above, although I must admit that if I was in a hurry, I did skip using it on my décolleté and neck, as the larger area, naturally does mean that the process takes a fair bit longer than if using it on your face only.

Once turned on, I can set the warmth level, and generally I preferred the medium setting (34C), and then used it by massaging in the serums and creams in circular motions until they were fully absorbed into the skin. The Genius does switch off automatically after one minute, but you simply need to turn it on again to continue with remaining areas.

And I have to say that after now having used the Arbonne Genius Ultra for over a month, that it has definitely made my skin more glowing and radiant, but also softer and smoother, and in general more rested and youthful. Again, unsure if it is the skincare products on their own, but I chose to believe that the ultrasound waves, the gentle vibration and the heat helps the skin absorb the products better and are hence more beneficial for the skin. So overall I am really impressed with the Genius, as this really is a genius way to applying your skincare products for maximum results!!

Arbonne Genius Ultra - RRP: $566
Arbonne RE9 intensive Renewal Serum - RRP: $68 / 30ml
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream - RRP: $80 / 15ml
Arbonne RE9 Age-Defying Neck Cream - RRP: $129 / 49ml

Available from Arbonne

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.
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