20 January 2017


It is once again time to call upon my two little boys assist with reviewing new toys, and today its all about the Brio World Family House.

My boys have already put a few other Brio toys to the test, including a Plane, Train Station and also Fire Station, and common for all the toys are that my boys love playing with these toys. So needless to say that they couldn't contain their excitement when they got the Brio World Family House..

The Brio World Family House differs a little from the Fire Station and the Train Station in that you can actually design the layout of the house yourself. You can make the house a single story throughout, or maybe just have the balcony on top, or perhaps two rooms downstairs, and two on top - as the not only the rooms, but even the walls are removable, you can build the house just like you want it. 

The play set comes with a massive 46 pieces, including two males and two female characters, but also lots of house accessories such as table, chairs, couch, bed, kitchen, book case, even a toilet!! And in addition there are walls, pillars, doors and windows, as well a ladder, made in a combination of timber, and white, green and red plastic which can be snapped together to design just the style of house you've always dreamt off. The rooms can be anything you want them to be, from family room, kitchen or bedrooms, and the rooms are open to one side, so it is easier for the kids to play inside the house with the characters. 

Initially I had put the house together for the boys to avoid chaos, and the loved it, but it didn’t take Mr. 3.5yo very long to realise that he could move things around, and not long after that, that things could be pulled apart and re-built. "I am a builder, building our new house" he declared.  

As with all other Brio toys, it is made from quality sturdy materials that you can trust will last, even through children's rough play, also surviving drops to the floor. I also love that it is it is gender-neutral in the colours, so perfect for both boys and girls. 

Overall my boys LOVE this Brio Family House. Even the 1.5yo is into it, and together they move characters in and out and decide what rooms are, clearly sparking their imaginative role play - and again, as they can build it just how they want it, it will take a very long time before they get tired of it.

And then, Brio has already thought about the next step, as there are extension kits available, as well as heaps of other play sets that matches up, such as ice cream shop, and playground etc.

So overall this Brio World Family Home is such a winner with both our boys, keeping them entertained and excited, and making them play longer at a time with this toy than any of their other toys, and they both continue to go back to playing with it again and again throughout the day, so we definitely highly recommend this. Yet another winner from Brio!


Brio World Family Home 33941 - RRP: $119.95
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