18 January 2017


My skin has always played up and been prone to breakouts, even now that I am at the age where anti-ageing products should take up the shelf space in the bathroom. So when I was offered to put some products from the Qsilica Naturally Clear range to the test, I happily accepted.

I received the Qsilica Naturally Clear Skin Cleanser, Spot Gel along with the Skin Support tablets - however, as I am currently breastfeeding, and was advised not to take these tablets.

The Qsilica Naturally Clear range, is based on products which are made from naturally derived ingredients, including topical mineral silica, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and without the use of parabens, sulfates or petrolium based ingredients - all with the philosophy of promoting beauty and health inside and out.

Although I didn't try out the Skin Support Tablets, let me quickly tell you about them. Their purpose is to internally detoxify, cleanse and purify the blood, and contain a range of ingredients and nutrients, including vitamin A and zinc to help support a healthier hormone balance and protect the cells from free radical damage and oxidative stress. I would have love to try these, but that will sadly have to wait a little longer..

Then there's the Qsilica Naturally Clear Skin Cleanser, which helps cleanse, refresh and clarify the skin thanks to vitamin E, jojoba and mineral silica, which helps balance and tone the skin. This cleanser is to be used morning and night, by gently massaging it into damp skin, concentrating on the areas prone to breakouts and acne, before rinsing off with plenty of water. And afterwards the skin feels so clean, yet without feeling tight or dry, or stripped from essential oils, which many other cleansers targeted at problem skin do - on the contrary, this cleanser is very gentle, and is hence also suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. The blue gel cleanser has a lovely refreshing scent, which is kind of a mix between peppermint and lavender, and it also leaves a slight cooling sensation on the skin.

The Qsilica Naturally Clear Spot Gel, which is topical gel made from naturally derived ingredients including willow bark, salicylic acid, Canadian Willow herb, Mineral Silica and Tee Tree extract, as well as aloe vera to soothe, and cucumber to calm irritated and red skin. It is to be used morning and evening after cleansing the skin, on areas prone to breakouts, and blackheads by dotting a small amount onto the affected area, avoiding the sensitive eye area. The thick gel is easy to apply to the skin, and you only need the smallest amount. It absorbs quickly into the skin, and without either greasiness or without drying the skin out, so it is also perfect for use under makeup. The Spot Gel has a very subtle scent, which is a nice change from other topical blemish treatments which often have a very chemical scent.

So how did these products fare… overall I've really enjoyed using these products. I love how the Cleanser is so gentle on my skin, yet clearly gives my skin a very thorough clean. I've been using my regular makeup cleanser first to remove all my makeup, and then using it as my second cleanse, and sometimes with my Clairsonic too. My combination skin usually becomes a little oilier during the warmer months, and as a consequence also tends to break out more - but I am happy to say, that it actually feels like the oil production in my skin has somewhat normalised a little, as my skin does actually feel less greasy, and the few breakouts that I've had, haven't been as big. I also put that down to the Spot Gel which I've been using as soon as I've felt a pimple in its tracks, and I think that has not only helped reduce the size of breakouts, but also speed up the healing process. And without any flaking peeling skin afterwards.

So all in all I've actually really enjoyed using these products, and am quite impressed, and can see myself incorporating them into my skincare routine as I love the fact that they are so gentle. The products are very well priced too, so definitely worth a try if you are struggling with breakouts or acne.

Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Support Tablets - RRP: $29.95 / 30 tablets (15 days supply)
Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Cleanser - RRP: $24.95 / 100ml
Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Spot Gel - RRP: $17.95 / 25ml

Available from Priceline, select pharmacies and health food stores, and Qsilica Online
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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