12 January 2017


Just over a year ago we moved into our brand new house, which we had designed and built just how we like it. Throughout the house we've endeavoured to keep simplistic lines, and with a monochrome theme (with a few touches of timer thrown in), along with our polished concrete floors. And even a year after moving in, I wouldn’t change a thing. I realise that at some point I may get over this stage, but then the beauty of the white, grey and black theme is that it will work with just about any colour of texture that you add to it, so the options are endless.

But for now, we're loving it, including out black and white kitchen, with the super sleek black subway tiles - and again, when it comes to kitchen décor, we also attempt to keep this simple and classic, and the newest ranges Ladelle have just hit the mark..

The item that I am most excited about is the Ladelle Oliver Utensil Holder & Tablet Stand. This clever utensil holder is truly multi-functional, holding all the necessary utensils, as well as your phone or tablet - so you can have everything you need from spoons and whisks, to the online recipe your using, right where you need it. And not only save on bench space too as your phone or tablet is on the stand, where is both easier to read, but also protects it from cooking spills. And the holder got a small little ledge that ensures that it sits there safely without risk of falling out. It is made from glossy ceramic, and has a simple and sleek design that will fit any décor. In my monochrome kitchen I'm loving the black version, but it is also available in red, stone and white.

And what's better to put into the Utensil Holder than the Ladelle Classic Utensils. These are super stylish utensils, which are made with beech wood handles, and silicone heads, which are heat resistant and wont melt while cooking. They sit well in the hands, and unlike other utensils, the handles don't heat up during cooking due to being made from timber. Unfortunately there are only four different ones available, personally I would love to see a few more including different sized spoons and a spatula too, but regardless, I'm loving the utensils with the white heads as they look stunning contrasting the black utensil holder and the black subway tiles in my kitchen, but they are also available in red, charcoal and stone.

Who doesn't hate the look of an ugly bottle of dish washing detergent, and not to mention an unsightly dishwashing brush! I do, and that's why I think the Black Ladelle Classic Soft Matt Soap Dispenser & Brush Set is so brilliant. This set is a two-in-one, with a soap dispenser and an attached holder for the dishwashing brush. The soap bottle is made from ceramic, but it has been coated, like the rest of the holder, with a soft-touch matte glaze, that makes it feel lovely to touch, and looks amazing too. The pump bottle can be used for anything you like, such as hand soap, though personally I feel it lends itself more to dishwashing detergent, and it is so easy having it right there at the sink, and just pumping out a few pumps, and then grabbing the stainless steel brush from the holder. It almost makes doing the dishes exciting! Almost. But regardless, Ladelle has managed to turn what are ugly everyday necessities into a stylish décor item that you'll want to keep out on display. Like other items, it is also available in red, stone, and white.

Finally, what's doing dishes without a tea towel, but again, why do they always have to be so ugly and 'granny-like', doesn't exactly suit my modern house. Not the newest range of Ladelle Microfibre Glass Cloths. They are made from ultra soft microfibre, which are super absorbent, and leave your glasses and dishes streak free and without any fluff or lint left behind by the towel. They are super simple, just how I like it, with the only decoration being the simplistic Ladelle label, that can also serve as a little hook to hang the towel. They are available in several colours, including black, red, stone and white.

Overall, I am really enjoying these Ladelle items in my kitchen as they are both functional and super stylish, and of such high quality too. I highly recommend that you check them out, and personally I will check out the rest of their huge range in the search for other cool items.

Ladelle Oliver Tablet Stand/Utensil Holder – RRP: $24.95
Ladelle Classic Soft Matt Soap Dispenser/Brush – RRP: $29.95
Ladelle Classic Utensils Range – RRP$12.95ea
Ladelle Microfibre Kitchen Towel – RRP: $10.95

For more information or for stockists call the Ladelle Customer Service team 03 9751 6700 or visit Ladelle Online

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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