5 January 2017


Today I'm going to talk a little about hair removal. I am lucky that I don’t have facial hair to struggle with, but I still hate the feeling of hairs on my legs, under arms and in the bikini line. And for different areas, I use different types of products…

For my legs, I just cannot go past an epilator, and I have been using one for as long as I can remember, literally decades. And the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa is my current fave. The Silk Epil 9 is a 4-in-1 model that works both wet and dry, and it has pulsating active vibrations to stimulate the skin for a more gentle epilation. It also has 40 micro-grip tweezers to catch even more hair, even very short hair as short as 0.5mm, while the head of the shaver rotates to adapt to the body's contours. It also comes with two exfoliation brushes, a blue one for deep exfoliation to help avoid those dreaded ingrown hairs, and a purple exfoliation head for more sensitive areas, and for a more refined and silky soft skin.
But that's not all - there's also a standard shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency cap and a sensitive skin contact cap included, a total of 6 extras. The shaver has two speed settings for your personal preference (if you're new to using an epilator, the lower setting may be a little less 'painful", and it takes only 1 hour o fully charge, and then it has up to 40 minutes of battery life, which is more than sufficient to shave both legs.
Compare to other epilators I've used over the past decades, I really love that this one is a wet/dry one, as I find it even quicker and easier to use in the shower, not only can I easily wash away all the small hairs, but I also find that the warm shower helps open the pores in my skin, so it is not only quicker to shave, but also less painful. This really is the ultimate shaver for super-soft hair free skin!

For the bikini line I like using wax - I know I can use the epilator, which also comes with a special cap for sensitive areas, but once upon a time an epilator grabbed my skin as I was shaving, and it hurt like nothing else, which has scared me off, so I always either use an old fashioned blade or wax. Now speaking of wax, I also have to admit that I am not a huge lover of using wax and for the one reason that I've had some pretty bad skin reactions in the past after using it - but luckily that has not been the case with the Marzena, which is also designed for sensitive skin.

The Marzena Large Wax strips are super easy to use. The strips are covered in wax, and you simply warm it up b y pressing your warm hands onto the strips on the skin, and then peel off, and the same time removing all the unwanted hair. The strips are made with aloe vera and essential oils and have a gentle fresh scent, and after the initial slight redness, my skin is left soft and smooth for weeks, and without further irritation or reactions.

Alternatively there's the Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion, which is my favourite. It is a hair removal lotion intended specifically for sensitive areas, including the face, bikini line, and underarms. It has a gorgeous fresh scent and is also made with aloe vera and vitamin E, as well as it also contains a unique growth inhibitor that helps reduce the reappearance of body hair. To use, you simply apply a generous layer to the clean dry skin, and leave it on for 3 minutes, and check on a small area if it has removed the hair, and if not, leave on for a further 2-3 minutes (but no longer than 6 minutes in total), and clean off with plenty of water. And voila, you're left with the softest, smoothest skin. And this time without any redness, and with no irritation or skin reactions. I am yet to see any reduction in hair growth, but I like how this Hair Remover Lotion make my skin softer and smoother than using a shaving razor, and I find that the re-grown and stubble is less noticeable.

Under my arms, I rarely use anything but the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor. What I really like about this shaver is that shaving head that it comes with, is surrounded by a large block of skin moisturiser infused with coconut milk and sweet almond milk. Often in a rush in the shower, I used to 'dry shave' using shower gel, but since using this razor, the skin in my armpits haven't been healthier. The moisture block makes the shave easier, and prevents the skin from drying out, and also the skin from getting nicks and cuts. The razor also has four blades for a closer shave, and has pivoting head following the contours of the skin, to make it even easier.

Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa - RRP: $299
Available from The Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones and selected national retailers

Marzena Large Wax Strips - RRP: $10.59 / 20 strips
Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion - RRP: $8.99 /
Available from Priceline, Coles and selected pharmacies

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor - RRP: $12.69 / kit including handle and two replacement blades
Available from Priceline, Variety Stores, Coles, Woolworths and select pharmacies

* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.


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