29 January 2017


Today I'm going to be talking about Racinne, a brand I've long been aware of, but not had a chance to try, not until now.. 

The item that got me the most excited was the Racinne Lady M Massaging Ion Applicator, which is a new beauty tool that uses massage and galvanic current to boost the absorption of serums and creams into the eye area. The positive and negative ions help the active ingredients in the skincare products absorb better, and thereby improving their functionality. The Lady M also has a micro-vibrating feature that helps promote a firmer skin that is more revitalised.
The Lady M is super easy to use, you simply turn it on, and start moving it across your eye area immediately after applying your eye care products, for just 5 minutes a day. It can be used in several different ways including;
Massaging around the eyes in outwards motions to help lift and smooth fine lines
Gently pressing on pressure points around the eyebrow and eye area to reduce anti-puffiness
Gently massaging the temples in circular motions for a relaxing sensation 
I used the Racinne Lady M in connection with a selection of Racinne skincare products including; 
  • Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum
  • Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Cream
  • Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion
  • Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Mask
Common for the products, are that they contain Korean Ginseng Callus Extract, "Advanced SH-DP-9 Synthesis, Adenosine and active anti-oxidants to help reduce the sings of ageing, while helping to activate collagen and elastin production to reduce the look of fine lines and large pores.
The Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum is an eye serum that is targeting fine lines and appearance of dark spots around the eye area. It come a cute and stylish little golden pump bottle. The serum is super light and absorbs into the skin immediately, which is fantastic, although you have to be cautious not to use more than necessary. Once absorbed it leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smooth, and without any greasiness at all, which I really like, as eye creams can often be a tad greasy, and hence make my eye makeup slide off later in the day. For use during the day, I find that this is sufficient, but do like to use an eye cream on top for use during the night for extra care (Racinne also has an eye cream available from the same range). I also like the floral fragrance, which is still so subtle that I can still use it around my sensitive eyes without causing any irritation.
Then there's the Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Cream, which is a thicker cream that can be used both morning and evening on top of a serum (Racinne has one available from this range too!). It has a thick-ish consistency, and consequently does take a little bit to absorb, but once it has, it does leave the skin feeling velvety soft, and clearly very nourished. It doesn't contain any SPF, which is why you can also use it at night, but if used during the day, of course, make sure to add a SPF on top if outside in the sun. Some may find it a negative, but personally I don't mind the lack of the SPF, as I feel it often makes my skin break out, so I prefer to add a specific SPF on top on the days where I am outside. However, that said, unfortunately I find that this cream is a little too rich for my combination skin for use during the day, especially during the warmer months where my skin generally is even greasier, and for that reason I've been using it nightly, when I feel my skin can tolerate a richer cream. And I have to say that I do love how it makes my skin feel and look the next morning, intensely nourished with lines clearly minimised, and my skin in general soft and smooth, well-rested and looking bright and healthy.   
Next up is the Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion, which is cream intended to use on the next and décolleté area. It has much the same consistency as the Youth Power Cream, and take a few moments to absorb, but unlike my face, I find that it is ok and actually like it is a bit richer as my skin in those areas can tolerate it without feeling congested, perhaps also because I don’t wear makeup on top there. I admit to having neglected these areas in the past, so I am so enjoying using a good cream especially on my décolleté, and it only took a few applications before I started to notice a significant improvement in both tone and texture but also the overall look and feel on my skin, making my skin look more plump, less lined, and generally just healthier and younger too, so I cannot wait to see what long-term use will do for my skin.
Finally, there's the Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Mask, is also called botox in a tube by Racinne and it contains among others Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, and hyaluronic acid to help improve the texture of the skin and to reduce the look of fine lines and dark spots, boost collagen, moisturise and revitalise the skin, while also refining its texture and minimising pores.
The mask is suitable for all skin types and is to be used on cleansed skin once or twice a week, leaving it on for 15 minutes to absorb into the skin, before rinsing it off. I am absolutely addicted to this mask, as immediately after the first use, my dull skin was glowing and radiant, and simply looked so much healthier too.
All in all I have to say that I am very impressed with these products from Racinne, the golden jar not only look luxurious, but the products are also beautiful to use. And I can clearly see and feel they benefit my skin, making it look overall brighter, more glowing and radiant, and hence younger too. Having used them in combination with the Racinne Lady M, I guess it is difficult to say exactly how much of an added benefit the Lady M has had, over using the products on their own applying them with their fingers.
It does take a little extra time in your beauty regimen to use it, time I have haven’t always got with two toddlers running around my legs - so I admit to some nights only using it for a few minutes before going to bed. But that said, I do enjoy the immediate relaxing effect using the Lady M has, when used on my temples, and the clearly reduced puffiness when used around my eye area, so for that that reason, do my very best to continue finding the time to use it at least once daily. And as for the skincare products, I really love the Mask as well as the Neck Cream and Eye Serum, and will be sad the day they come to an end.
Racinne Lady M - RRP: $59
Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum - RRP: $41 / 10ml 
Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Cream - RRP: $79 / 50ml 
Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion - RRP: $63 / 30g 
Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Mask - RRP: $59 / 75ml
Available from Racinne Online and select stockists
* Products have been kindly provided for consideration, and have reviewed in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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