6 April 2016


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'd know that one of my absolute favourite hair care brands is bhave. As a beauty blogger I naturally trial a myriad of different products, including many great ones, but every time I am finished using a particular product and return to my trusted bhave products, I notice a significant improvement in the health of my hair (check out all my reviews from the Product Directory tab on the blog). So I was naturally very excited when a parcel of newly launched styling products landed on my desk last year.. Yeah, last year. They arrived whilst I was at the Royal Children's Hospital with our baby, and consequently I simply didn't have the concentration or time to write about them until now.. So here goes..  

The new bhave hair styling range includes;
  • bhave Gun Powder Matt Styling Dust
  • bhave Sleek Pomade
  • bhave Flex Styling Paste

The bhave Gun Powder Matt Styling Dust is suitable for all hair types and lengths, and any hair style that requires extra volume and texture.

The Styling Dust is applied to the roots of the hair and immediately gives the hair more fullness and texture. It is perfect for when you want to create a full-volume up-do, or simply a messy no-fuss hair style. And what's brilliant is that it also acts as a kind of dry shampoo absorbing excess oil from the hair at the same time.

The brilliantly designed 'gun' dispenser makes it easy to dispense just the amount of powder needed.

With my long hair, it is often weighed down by the sheer heaviness of the hair, but using this does give it some much needed volume, while also making my hair easier to style as the hair gets a bit of a 'grip' so even something as simple as an elastic doesn't slide out of the hair.

The bhave Sleep Pomade is a styling pomade is a combination of a gel and a wax, giving the hair the hold of a gel, but with the sleekness and flexibility of a wax. It also helps add definition to the hair while controlling frizz. And as a bonus it has been enriched with Red Clover which is known to help fight hair loss!

I don't really use gels or waxes in my hair, but my husband is thoroughly enjoying using this in his short hair, making his hair stay put all day, without making his forehead greasy as he complains about when using most other hair styling products.

Finally, the bhave Flex Styling Paste is a paste that allows you to change your mind with your hairstyle throughout the day, as it is so flexible that you can simply re-work it as desired. The paste gives the hair texture and definition and hold at the same time.

I don't like applying hair styling products to my hair that makes it stiff, as it simply doesn't work with long hair, so I enjoy this flexible paste as it does give me the amount of hold needed for me to style my hair without if 'flopping down', yet while still looking very natural and also very healthy to thanks to the added shine.

I also like using the tiniest amount of this in our little toddlers hair - he is very blonde and has very fine hair, and whenever I style his hair, he has to 're-do' it himself, so this paste also works brilliantly for him, as it allows me to 'fix up' his hairstyle throughout the day when we're out and about.

The Sleek Pomade and the Flex Styling Paste both comes in the cutest little square cube, which stands out from any other hair styling packaging I've seen, it is so simple, yet so stylish at the same time.

For me, the winners of these new styling products are without a doubt the Gun Powder Matt Styling Dust and the Flex Styling Paste, but that said, it only comes down to my hair style, as the Sleek Pomade is also a great product if you require more hold. So overall some great additions to the bhave product range, now all I am wishing for is an actual dry shampoo and possibly a hair spray too...
bhave Gun Powder Matt Styling Dust - RRP: $29.95 / 40ml
bhave Sleek Pomade - RRP: $29.95 / 75g
bhave Flex Styling Paste - RRP: $29.95 / 75g

Available from bhave and selected hair salons and Alive Skin & Hair

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