14 April 2016


Today I'd like to talk about the Luxcurly Lux Natural Hair Styler. I received this months and months ago for trial, but as mentioned a few times now, before I knew it, our little baby ended up in hospital where he was to stay for over 4.5 months, which simply put a hold to most other things in my life, including my little blog. But now I'm ever so slowly catching up, and time has come to cast my verdict on the Luxcurly.  
Luxcurly is Sydney based store, selling auto-rotating curling irons. There are a few styles available, where I tried the Luxcurly Lux Natural which is a 28mm round barrel auto-rotating curling iron ideal for those with thick or medium to long hair. 
The styler features;
  • Ceramic- and tourmaline-coated barrel with PTC heating for steady, even heat distribution
  • LCD temperature display and control buttons to allow users to adjust heat levels
  • Temperature adjustable from 100 degrees to 220 degrees
  • Automatically turns off after 60 minutes
  • 360 degree long two and half-metre long cable to make styling even easier
The large 28mm ceramic coated tourmaline barrel makes it possible to style the hair both with tighter curls, as well as more relaxed looser ones. And the styler has a left or right button for curling in or out.
I am not very good at styling my very long thick hair, as it not only takes forever, but having a baby and a toddler, also means that I simply haven't got the time to dedicate to doing it. But I have to say that once you get used to the Luxcurly, it is very simple and quick too.
The styler heats up quickly, and the fact that the barrel rotates automatically at a good speed and you don't have to manually wrap your hair around the wand does make it easy. But if you wish, and you don't push either the L or R (left or right) buttons to make it rotate, you can also use it manually in a traditional way if you prefer.
I also love the fact that it has a very long rotating cord, so you don't have to be stuck in just one place in front of a power point to do your hair, but you can move around a little easier. I also love that it has a build-in stand that protects your furniture from burning once you're finished, as well as the fact that it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes as I'd admit to forgetting to turn off hair stylers on several occasions!
I don't really like too tight curls, but prefer a looser more natural look, so I found that leaving the hair in the wand for just a few moments was sufficient to achieve this more voluminous look.
Overall I enjoy using this Luxcurly styler as it is so quick and simple to use, perfect when you like me is always strapped for time. And love the casual look with some much needed volume that this styler creates in no time!
Luxcurly Lux Natural Hair Styler - RRP: $119 
Available from Luxcurly
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