1 April 2015


I cannot believe that it is already Easter. Ok, Easter has come slightly early this year, but what happened to the first three months of the year! What happened to summer. It seems gone in a blink of an eye. But personally, while I prefer spring and summer, being pregnant, I have not enjoyed the hot summer days, so in that respect I’m happy to see the arrival of autumn, especially now that I’ve got just two months to go before the baby arrives! Another thing that I do look forward to is Easter. Not really because of any particular traditions as with my whole family living in Europe, we usually just have a low key Easter, and enjoy the long break, - but because I do love chocolate, and who can deny that there is just something special and magical about the Easter Eggs and Bunnies.

Cadbury already has a huge range of Easter confectionary, but this year Cadbury also has launched some new exciting products;

The Cadbury Marvellous Creations special Easter flavour have been relaunched, and are available in a combination of Popping Candy, Raspberry Chips and Beanies, all combined with signature dairy milk chocolate. These are sure to be a popular hit with young and old, and especially as you can get them in a bag with small eggs so there’s enough to go around. RRP. $4.69 (110g)

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny is another one sure to be a success, and especially because this year it is available as both a boy and a girl. is back better than ever with the magical arrival of both a boy and girl themed bunny. Out little 21 month old boy already has his eyes on this Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bunny, but I think that it is just a tad too big for the little boy so he will just have to share with Mummy and Daddy!

And by the way, did you know that research has shown that when eating chocolate bunnies most people tend to eat the ears first, saving the feet until the end, while others bite indiscriminately. I personally start at the feet, leaving the cute head for last! How do you eat your Easter bunnies! RRP: $5.50

Next is the huge 420g Cadbury Old Gold Egg, which is also available in Dairy Milk, although the Old Gold is my personal favourite (so this one I’m not sharing!!) The egg comes in a clear box with a cute box and makes for the perfect Easter gift or hostess gift. And as it is so huge, there’s enough to go around for the whole family! RRP: $20 (420g)

Another new launch is the Cadbury Crème Egg Jar – a plastic shell shaped like a Crème Egg that contains a mix of delicious Cadbury Crème Eggs & Cadbury Dairy Milk, including a large hollow 25g milk chocolate egg, a share pack of Crème Egg minis (130g) as well as six Crème eggs (39g).

Another pack that is perfect for sharing, and personally I love the jar, which will come in handy to store chocolate for many Easters to come! RRP: $25.00

Finally there is the new Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack. This pack contains everything you need to give your kids a magical Easter, and with all the work done for you. It contains two share packs of mini eggs, one with Dairy Milk Eggs (95g), and one with Caramello Eggs (95g). It also contains 4 hollow Dairy Milk Eggs (17g), three cute little Easter Egg Baskets for your kids to use when hunting eggs, as well as an activity booklet filled with ideas for Easter activities, chocolate recipes tips and tricks. Absolutely brilliant if you ask me! RRP: $12.00.



The Cadbury chocolate is available from leading supermarkets, discount department stores, independent grocery stores and petrol and convenience stores.

And don’t forget that if you live in Melbourne, the annual Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic will take place at Werribee Mansion on Good Friday, April 3. The event will support the Good Friday Appeal, with Cadbury raising over $1million for the cause to date. Click here for more information

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So there you go, a delicious and mouth-watering selection of Easter Eggs and Bunnies for Easter. Yet again Cadbury has outdone themselves and launched products that will appeal to everyone this Easter! 

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